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*Character Pictures* The Locket to my Heart

By: Opalene

Page 1, Once tormented and abused Emma is forced to go to a boarding school that only focuses on modelling and makeup. It\'s not her dream come true, but if she wants to stay away from her cruel uncle that\'s the only way. When she arives in Maybelle Boarding School she notices the \'populars,\' the \'good-natured\' and Daniel, Daniel Marks. Soon she gets close to him and finds that he\'s hiding something, something that can even scar her forever.

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Emma Lynn is beautiful, not only from the outside, but from the inside. Her beauty is so rare that she is granted a place at Maybelle Boarding School. All that Emma wants is to graduate in Clifton High University, but when her cruel uncle forces her to go to Maybelle, Emma has no choice.

Likes:- writing, reading, studying, English, vintage collections, anything rare or individual.

Katrice May is one of the so called 'populars' she is like many girls at Maybelle Boarding School, stubborn, glamorous and worst of all bitchy. But, she has a secret, a secret that even her so called friends don't know about.

Likes:- Clothes, makeup, accesories, designer wear, gossip.

Melanie Jones is a popular girl at Maybelle. She has been modelling ever since she got to Maybelle Boarding School. She comes from a very wealthy background and sometimes can be very sly. She has been appeared in many magazines such as Covergirl and Vogue.

Likes:- popularity, makeup, shoes, red lipstick, hair, gossip, magazines, nails, boys (esp. Daniel Marks).

Lucy Skye is a very rich girl, she has been paying for her fee at Maybelle Boarding School. Known as 'Daddy's little girl,' Lucy always gets what she wants. She looks sweet like an angel, but can be very horrible. All she cares about is modelling, boys and definitely shoes.

Likes:- boys, shoes, lipstick, nails, makeup, gossip, magazines, designer wear.

Emily Field is also from a wealthy background. She is a very bubbly girl, but sometimes can be very hideous to others. Many have been intrigued by her beauty. Emily has many boyfriends they seem to be falling for her and Emily is playing the game. Dumping them all one by one.

Likes:- boys, peach-pink lipstick, shoes, gossip, fashion, modelling, magazines, makeup, hair.

Daniel Marks is the targeted guy, everyone wants to be with him. But, there's only one problem he doesn't like these girls, they're all stubborn, girly and just bitchy. Or are they? He has had a very tough childhood that he keeps sealed and now he's focusing on the future. He keeps all his arty stuff in a book, he hides all the pictures from the world because he believes that no one will accept him.

Likes:- art, drawing, painting, sketching, music.


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