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By: autumnkrice

Page 1, About one of my former relationships


There was once a guy I used to know who I love so much. He was my best friend. And even more than that. He had something of mine that was very special and fragile. He had my heart. He had all of my love. I gave him everything, most of which I can never get back. But I had my head in the clouds. I never stopped to look down and see the reality of everything. I never even tried to make sure that he wasn’t going to leave me, not matter what the situation. I should have known all along. We weren’t compatible, not in any way. We were just in love… Don’t get me wrong, we had good times. Actually, they were amazing. The way he’d look at me like I was the most beautiful thing ever: Priceless. The way he’d wrap me in his arms and whisper, “I love you baby, always and forever.”: Unforgettable. But what I didn’t realize is that I was just another girl in his cycle. Maybe his feelings were real, but sooner or later he had to let me go. And I pray for every girl in his never-ending cycle that they can find the strength to set him in his place. And to any girl out there who has been left heartbroken by him, you’re not alone. To every girl that he will date: Don’t think for a second that he hasn’t already used all those sweet words and sayings on another girl from his past. And honestly, I’m ashamed to be one of them; ashamed to have been another piece in his game.

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