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A Call From My Ex

By: Headphones Vocal Method

Page 1, An Essay by HPVM

MY ex from like 4 years ago just called 
me and now i cant sleep, this is pretty 
much what i said. 
I could not explain why we split up.......oh 
no, yes i can lol, you cheated on me! Your 
never know how much i loved you.....oh 
wait yes you did!? I told you everyday! So 
why cheat? You said it was an accident, i 
know if i forgave you we would proberly be 
together but as i explained to you, i hate 
cheaters, i would never cheat and i 
expected you to feel the same. You 
promised me youd never cheat! Your 
beautiful, smart, kind, fun and the mother 
i wanted for my children......but you 
cheated, you was one of three people 
that really new me, you were one of three 
people i fully trusted and you new it would 
damage me and you still did it. I cant 
forgive that. i miss you everyday, every 
fucking day i think about you! Its made 
me avaluate my life and killed me for 
years. I loved you and you took that love 
and pointed and laughed at it.....i know 
your sorry but i made my mind up, i cant 
lie to myself, your everything ive ever 
wanted but the want is tainted. I miss 
and love you still but can we just barely 
be friends and i need people who care 
about my feelings, take care, ill miss 
I cant keep my tears back while i right 
this, i dont know if her calling me was a 
good idea, it brought everything back and 
i cant help thinking if im making the right was nice to hear her voice.

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