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The perfect one

By: Misty19

Page 1, Love is something hard to find...but its up to you if u want to find me for u to find that true love u have to go through stages...break ups...heart aches..tears...but at the end u will find that perfect one...everything happens for a reason...

This thing called life...isn't it strange u never know whats coming to you, sometimes good thing come while for others bad things also comes along. My name is Melly and i'm tbe age of 19 now,my whole entire life ive been searhing for this thing called the perfect guy...but I guessed I was out of luck...ive had boyfriends before...who ive hurt and who have also hurted me...ive seen the true colours of some of them....they just wanted what was under the cloyhing but im a smart girl...i never got any kind of intentions to do yhose things..... As my day in high school I would see girls with there boyfriends and I always wanted that...just to experience what is was like but I guess I was to young I was at the age of 16 then...i was still a baby....i didnt know what was a perfect next year I moved to another high school where my mind was far away from mi d was kept only on books....but as my grade level moved up things changed....guys started liking me but I never bothered with them...until I met Chad...Chad was a grade higher than me but he was the most good looking guy ive ever seen...he had the smile the hair the brains...he had everything I liked in a boy...but a guy like Chad he had to be taken ofcourse...he spoke to me once by giving me a comment...from that day I kept thinking of him...but I said to myself im not going to fall for some guy that is not even interested in me. Mo.ths passed by and I had went to check on my notifications on facebook I saw a message and a friend request.....i hear skipped so many beats...Chad had added me on fb I was so excited to chat witn the message he asked me for my number I send it to him without thinking of anything...that same night I got a call from him we spoke on the phone for almost 5 hours....he told me about everything... and he had also mention to me about his break up with his gf....we spoke almost everyday...he would text me all those friendly text would text me good night and stiff like that...i loved everything he did. It was the day of my birthday and ofcourse he was the first to wish me but we didnt really talked that much that day...It was around the morni.g the next day...i went to check my fb..i saw a friend request from another guy his name was Shawn...i accepted him....he then poped up and the first this he said to me was happy birthday...i smiled and replied to him "my birthday was yestetday"...he "lol"...back to me..but I knew I had seen this boy before...we talked that night for a short period but it was really nice...i then told him that I had to go and I told him sweet dreams.... The next day had reaced but Chad still didnt call or text me...i thought to myself probably he was busy or soething the night had reached and still there was no singn of him....i then realised that I love this guy...i was missing him and I was feeling as though something was I decided to send him a text was more than six pages long...all words were true and I told him I that mesage that I love I was about to send it Chad had called I answered....the words that came out his mouth broke my heart into pieces....Chad had went back with his ex what was I to tell him?...nothing at all...i played it all of abd I told him I was happy for him...i then told him I had to go...i hung up the phone and deleted the was the worse feeling ever I had so much feelings and love for him....i still wanted to keep him as a friend but I knew to myself that I love this guy. That day had passed and I had went on fb I ended up talki g to Shawn...he was rwally shy at times...we chat for long this time...i was really happy that I spoke to kept my mi d of things.....the next day after we spoke again but that night I couldnt sleep at all so he decided we talk about school I was like noo I dont want to talk about that its to boring but we still taljed about it...shocking he told me the school he was getting transfered to it was d same school I was attending....we both laughed..and we kept talking that night until morning reached. The day before school was about to re-open he apologised in advanced that he will be to shy to talk to me...i never took him on I just smiled and told him i'll make hom talk.The morning of school had arrived I couldnt wait to see my friends and also my new friend I waljed up the stairs I saw Shawn...i suddnely felt these butterflies...i smiled...he also smiled and went into his classroom....Shawn wasnt lying he was really a shy one.....we never talk to one another the rest of the day...but as soon as I reached home I saw that Shawn posted something on my fb wall calling me shy girl....he always put a smile on my face with it then we use to chat with one another until I was ready to go to sleep.The next week of school I saw Shawn improving he was telling me morning with a smile and I always loomed forward to it...i didnt know what was happening but I felt as doh I couldnt do without this guy he always had me smiling and I always had these buttetflies in my stomach...but why? I didnt even know the reason. It was a friday evening when Shawn had asked me for my number I didnt give it to him but he was okay with it...he just continue to message me on fb.We spoke about life he told me about his gf and I told him about Chad..but Chad was to come to school the other week...Monday had I walked up the stairs I saw both Chad and Shawn...i felt happy to see Shawn but my heart ached when I saw Chad...Shawn left and went inside leaving me and Chad outside...Chad held my hand and he told me that he misses me I looked at him and I adked him wgat about hia girlfriend he then told me that they were over...i told him I was sorry to hear that and we then went down stairs and sat on the benches but I was feeling different...i was feeli.g as though ive hurt Shawn...i felt sad...Chad then asked me what was wrobg and I told him I told him that I like a guy...Chad wanted to kbow who was the guy the same time Shawn passed rite in front of me...the butterflues were still there..i knew to myself that I really lime this guy...Chad then told me that Shawn was a nice guy for me I was really happy to hear him say it...that day when I had went home I send my numver for shawn through the evening he texted me telling me that he had sonething to tell me I asked him what and he replied saying that he lije me alot I was so happy to see that message I also told him the same....we were both happy to know that we had liked ine another he then startex telling me bout how hw cares for me and calling me was like falling in love the first time...but was I?....the next day of school Chad came to me telling me that he was sorry for hurting me and that he wanted to be with me...i was so angry and upset because he knew I felt about him before but he still intended to hurt me....u told chad no but he had told me that Shawn wasnt an innocent guy...he told me that Shawn was a party freak and he wasnt faithful but I didnt take his word for it...i just walked of....i sat on the bench thinking bout all sort of things then my next friend came and told me that a talk was going around saying that Shawn had liked another girl as I was about to go ask him I saw him talking to her by the steps he told me food afternoon but I was I so much anget...i just waljed of...i was angry because he never took time to talk to me in person but he was taljing to the other girl...Shawn wasnt shy to me anymore...Chad then came to meet me and he said to me if Shawn does adk me to be with him by the end of the week he will ask me...i agreed to the bet he made...Shawn didnt know anything about this...that same night Shawn text me asking me why was I so sad I told him the truth and his reason was that he was just talking to her about me...kajol was also my bestfriend so I believed him and I realised he was very shy around me....i never felt this way about a guy not even with Chad....i couldnt sleep I just kept thinking avout Shawn...and I send a text that morning around 2:30 asking him if he was awake he told me yes and I told him I have something to tell you and he was like I also have something to tell you...i said to him" I think I more than just like you"..."i thinj I loce yoy"...he then replued saying that he loces me was the happiest day of my life.. Friday had reached and Shawn didnt ask me yet I was wo deribg why he didnt asj me to be with him...Chad then came and its Friday....i loojed at him and said yes I know...i left and I told him i'll be rite back I went to class and saw Shawn he smiled at me and I smiled back...but he never came to talk..i then went back by Chad and we sat and talked....Chad then told me how he felt about me and how loves me I watched him and he said to give him a chance...i felt so sorry for him...ive decided to go with him....he was so happy but I wasnt happy I knew that I have hurt was after lunch and had to return to class I texted Shawn telling him what I did...but he didnt was now home time and he came a.d called me aside from my friends.. It was the first time I heard him talk to me in person...but he wasnt happy...he begged me not to do him what I have done to him...but I couldnt have done anything I had two guys here...botb if them cliam ms that tbey love me. What was I to think or do?...i told Shawn that I was sorry for what ive done...his eyes filled up wirh tears and so was minds...i then had to leave with my dad. On my way home I got two text one from Chad and the other from Shawn...Chad was begging me not to hurt gim and so was Shawn...i was frustrated...but I followed my heart.....that night I called Chad and told him that I dont love him..i told him how I felt after he told me about his ex....he then told me that i'll regret going with Shawn but I didnt bother with him I knew to myself that Shawn was different...i then called Shawn and I told him how sorry I was and I told him the reason I had went witb Chad he told me that he understands...he then told me that he will never stop loving me and that he wants to be with me...i smiled and he was like would u be my girlfriend I abswered with joy I was so happy and I felt complete I felt as though I made no mistakes I didnt care about anything else...i knew to myself it was true love with this guy... My name Melly and ive decided to write this today just to let you people out there that love is very important we all need it and a good guy is very hard to find but dont worry there are some of them out there and they could be your closest friend....ive experience true love its destiny my relationship between my boyfriend and I was writen above everything happens for a if u have a broken just remember its probably for the best...

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