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My Femme Fatale

By: nickrobin34

Page 1, If you love someone you don\'t want to,and she happens to hate you,hope this helps.

It has come to an end.Has it?Yes,it has.You were everything.I was everything.We were were supposed to be my shining light.But we got lost in the way.Grace didn’t find us,we were led astray,we were independent;and we used this newly found independence to curse each other,instead of love.
My whole life,I never gave up on love,no matter how much pain it has befallen me so many uncountable times.Why start now?Because I can’t win you?No.Because the ‘you’ I want is buried with the ‘me’ you wanted.Never to come out again.Not fully,anyway.I guess that sometimes,you just have to stop thinking of all these unlikely to happen scenarios and embrace reality.You just have to let go.Give up.Because in the end,you’re not giving her up.You’re giving up destruction.Hate.Sorrow.Death.
I just hope...that somewhere,in some reality,in some universe,there’s a version of us that isn’t as flawed;a version of an same old you and same old me.
The bridesmaids carrying flowers,my groomsmen smiling...a better life.
It took me almost a year to realize the truth.That it’s all gone.Forgotten.Lost in the sands of time.
And even after all,I still wish you the best.After all the breaking cast upon me by your hand,I want you to find the love of your life,in whatever form it may come.
Thanks for the memories.And see you in Venice.

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