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A letter goodbye..

By: BellaMarieCullen1918

Page 1, They were madly in love, OR better explained, She was madly in love. But he doesnt feel the spark anymore. Months later, she cant handle it, and kills herself. This is the note they found in her bedroom the night she died..:

"Do you know what hurts the most? The feeling of being abandoned. Its like no matter what you did, It was never enough, And no matter what you do to capture their hearts again, Its never seems to work. And then your suddenly left thinking that you'll never be enough. And a sudden sadness captures your heart and never really leaves. Sometimes the things that hold us together and tear us apart are the same things. I loved him, deeply. I thought he was the one. I thought we'd spend the rest of our lives together, forever. But i hurt him, a lot. Then after i realized he moved on, There was just too much emotion and pain inside of me. And the only way to get rid of the pain was to die, hopeing he would realize that i died because i was so caught up in loving him, that when he left me, i was so hurt that i wanted to make you hurt the same way i did. Maybe if i had kept my mouth shut, none of this would have happened. But then again, He isnt and maybe never was really in love with me. So who am i to say, That he still needs me? 

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