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Charecter list for my story ?

Miscellaneous By: CAT WILD

this is just a character list for my new story that will be coming out later on
Cat Wild

Submitted:May 13, 2011    Reads: 65    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Cottee Valentine:18. 5.3 height. Round face, really longbrowny BLACKhair with afront fringe, orange like a sunset eyes, long eye lashes, cute small buttoned nose, rosy cheeks, lushes lips and pale. Medium to big boobs. Small feet and smooth skin. Adventurist. Cottee is one of the popular girls in her school. Her friends are Lavida Lovely, Rosetta Troy, Moniquie Blitz, Jenny Garth, Rhianna Momson and Delany Carteris. And believes in mythical creatures.she likes to run cross country but is afraid her friends will think her weird, she the only girl on the soccer team, is a musician in Delaney's band and loves to paint. She has a little sister named myia. Her mum dies and her dad takes care of them.
Rhianna Momson:17. 5.1 height. Longish face, long death red hair with a front fringe, green eyes, pointy nose, small red lips. Rhianna is best friends with Cottee and Delany and only friends with the popular group. Shes a Goth, and doesn't care what everyone else thinks. She likes to ride horses and read fantasy books. She's a drummer in Delaney's band.
Myia Valentine:12. 4.4 heights. Round face like her sisters, shoulder lengthdark brownhair, yellow eyes, cute button nose, pink cheeks, light pink lips and tanned. She envy's her sister, and likes to play netball and draw. She wants to be in her sisters band one day but her dad won't let her. She has 3 friends but never talks about them to her family.
Delany Carteris:18. 4.8 heights. Bottom back length light brown hair parted in the middle, Dark brown eyes, small nose, light red lips, tanned. In the popular group. She started a band and Cottee is the singer in it, Rhianna is the drummer and shes one of the guitarists. She doesn't live with her family she lives with her aunt and uncle and little brother who's 6. Because her dad and her 3 older brothers got in a car crash and died then her mum went mad and tried to kill herself so yea.
Moniquie Blitz:17. 5.2 heights. Mid back length natural deep dark blue side fringe to the left hair, bright bright blue eyes like the ocean, normal nose, bold pinkie coloured lips, very pale. Friends with the popular group. She likes to read a lot, likes to take risks, backchats to her family because she doesn't have a healthy relationship with her parents, and likes to paint. On holidays she goes away with her friends instead of her family.
Jenny Garth:16. 4.3 height. Shoulder length golden brown hair, rounded nose, golden eyes, shy, rose cheeks, skinny lips and kinder tanned. She's friends with the popular group but really shy around everyone else. She keeps to herself, doesn't like to talk about her family.
Rosetta Troy:19. 6 height. Black hole black hair that's parted on the right side, almost black eyes, very pale, blood red lips. She's in the popular group. She's Goth, wears a lot of black and a bit of blood red. Stuck up at times but loves her friends, lives with her boyfriend because her parents didn't approve of her being Goth. She is in Delaney's band playing the guitar. She loves to write stories about being depressed but that's just a cover up she is always a happy Goth.
Lavida Lovely:17. 5.5. hip length light raven blonde hair, green eyes, red cheeks, light rose lips. She's a slut, bossy, the head of the popular group,she wants Kyle but he hates her and everyone knows it. But shes loved by everyone.
Kyle Busch:almost 19. Almost 7 foot. Goth like past his ears black hair but not that Goth, deep red eyes, really pale like a vampire, palish pink lips, normal nose, voted hotted guy In school but thinks the idea of having awards for it is stupid. Has a crush on Cottee and everyone but Cottee knows it. Loves to read about history, artistic and very adventurist. Plays soccer.
Gabriel Mirino:18. about 7 foot. Short blonde hair, green eyes, tanned. He's one of the most popular guys in school. Friends with Kyle and Sebastian, loves painting and drawing wants to be an artist's when he leaves school. He likes romance movies, he has a thing for Rosetta, he has a puppy names Sammy.
Sebastian Troy:18. 5.6. baldy, brown eyes, skin coloured lips, wears a lot of black. Has a sister named Daniela, he adores her and she wants to be a pianist. He has a thing for Lavida, but Lavida hates him. Sebastian is friends with Gabriel and is jealous of Kyle's popularity.


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