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I know you'll never see this, so i write it here...

By: elmoshurtside

Page 1, He made me cry...

I know that you'll never read this, thats why im writing it here, but i want you to know that you hurt me. You say you wont come see me because your pissed at me. Over what...A fucking shirt. This is rediculous. get over it. you should be proud but no you only have complaints. it hurts, and yet i do what you say. ALWAYS! i try so hard and give up so much, and get nothing back except for more fights. Its stupid. Im so tired of trying and never getting anything to show for it. Its like you dont even care how hard i try, or what i give up for you. I have change almos everytuing about myself, and given up almost everytihg i enjoy for you. not for me or because i wanted to, but for you. I have become a different person for you, idk why i do it, but i do. It sickens me that you dont even fucking notice.

It also sickens me that i sit here crying just to write this.

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