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Touch Her

By: Epic Maddness

Page 1, Bored writing is random erotica

Her green eyes sparkles even with no light in the room. It was as if they were illuminated by a power, a connection she had with this newly found catch.

Lara, a sexually frustrated college student, hadn’t engaged in any sexual relationship-or any relationship at all for that matter- in six long months. No, that doesn’t seem like much, but when you are a sexually frustrated lesbian in a city full of women waiting to be plucked, it is.

I wonder if I should kiss her-maybe-maybe not-but she has been caressing me all night! Lara had been squirming all night at the soft caress of Nele’s fingers running across all of her milky white “special areas”.

Nele, a sexually frustrated college student as well, knew that is was time she found someone to bond with in life. She had been so determined to shut the world out because of her sketchy past; she hadn’t even had a steady conversation with a real person in about 5 years. Her brief sexual encounters with women often ended in an awkward silence and a lonely morning.

“Do you like it if I touch there?” Nele asked as she slowly ran her tan finger across the nape of Lara’s neck.

“Uh-Um… Ye-yes I do…” Lara’s body trembled as one-by-one Nele’s fingertips touched her body. Did I come off as unsure when I stuttered? Why is she slowing down? A panic settled over her as Nele removed her hand from heat of her body.

“Are you sure it is okay for me to touch you? You seem a little uncomfortable.” Nele was unsure if she was doing things properly. Oh my God, what if I offended her? What if she thinks I’m lousy at this? Though she may have come off as carefree, Nele hadn’t pleasured a woman sexually more than a handful of times.

“No-No! I promise it is okay, I just haven’t been touched there in a while…and…and it triggers a certain reaction in my body.” Lara felt herself rambling, often what she did when she felt she was ruining a connection. Oh, just great Lara, now you’ve done it. Just say you have to leave and walk out the door before you turn red! A speech she had gone over one too many times in her head.

Before she could go on with her rambling Nele was already at it again. Lara tried to control her trembling, but as soon as she realized that Nele was no longer using her fingers-but her tongue-the tremble turned into an uncontrollable vibration.

“Is this okay? I don’t want to push my limits.” Nele asked in a low husky voice.

The only response that came from Lara’s lips was a fast paced breath and a soft moan. Nele knew then that she didn’t want her to stop; that the pleasure was real.

As she moved lower, her tongue tasted every inch of Lara’s sweet body; every scent of yearning filled her nostrils. Nele soon arrived at Lara’s small but perfect breasts, she paused for a moment to look into the green abyss of Lara’s eyes and knew what she wanted.

“OH FUCK!” Lara’s pleasure cry was louder than she expected, but she knew Nele’s parents weren’t home, so she could be as loud as she wanted.

I’m just licking her nipples; I wonder what reaction I’ll get if I move lower? Nele automatically knew her next move, but she played it slowly as to not cross the boundary-assuming there was one.

Keeping her fingers occupied with Lara’s nipples, she slowly licked and nibbled working her way down to Lara’s navel. It only took Nele a short moment to realize the small ring attached to Lara’s skin and her mind began to wonder, I wonder what else she has pierced.

Nele didn’t allow herself to wonder any longer, she was determined to find out right then and there. Lara hadn’t noticed the momentary glitch in Nele’s mind, she was too aroused. Her body began to tingle, a sensation she hadn’t felt-ever-or at least not in a long while.

*Click* Lara’s pants gently came undone. Her body froze in surprise and she didn’t know where the nigh was taking her…but she didn’t care. She barely knew Nele, but in that moment it didn’t matter.

Before Nele could ask if her invitation was going to be accepted Lara’s hand was pushing Nele’s hand into the loose jeans.

With her index and middle finger together Nele softly started rubbing Lara’s heat. As she expected there was a small metallic ring, it only boosted her interest.

“HARDER!” Lara no longer hid her arousal.

She pulled Nele’s hand harder against her clit and began moaning louder as her dominant had squeezed her hard nipples. Nele felt a strong force pulling her to finish the deed, so she pushed her hand deeper into the moist heat and- with the two fingers that were previously playing with the metallic ball- pushed hard into Lara’s cunt.

“OH FUCK, HARDER, FASTER, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Lara had clearly not expected how well this meeting was going to go.

Nele-being turned on by Lara’s entirety- obeyed each and every command she was given, until Lara finally burst. The evidence was hot and sweet on Nele’s fingers as she pulled herself back up towards Lara’s tender lips. As she placed a gentle kiss upon Lara’s lips a chill ran through her body, then Lara whispered:

“Your turn…”   

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