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Characters for "Bound By Fate"

By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Page 1, Marek and Marika are the twins of Imirial Parker and the love of her life Lolek. Many years after his death she moves to Oregon where she lives a normal life with her two beautiful kids. Old friends resurface as some old enemies come back to haunt her. Will she be faced with the choice of saving one child while the other dies? Is there more to these children then even she could expect? Will romance blossom after all this time?

Alright this was to be the story that I was to write but Iwanted to do the prequal to it first. Here is a bit about the story. Imirial Parker is 35 now and living a normal life of a herb shop owner with her two children Marek and Marika. Her twins arefourteennow and know only so much about their mother's past. An old enemy emurges from the shadows to haunt Imirial and throw her back into memories that she would sooner forget. Could she be made to choose between her two children to see which lives and which dies? Could there be more to her children than meets the eye? Will Imirial allow her heart to feel after all this time?All Ican say is find out.


Imirial Parker (age 35)

Marika Parker


Nora Lynn

Charise (AKA Cherry) ((Couldn't find a better way to describe her)


Male Characters:

Merek Parker

Kieve Caius Lake

(Back Tatt)



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