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D o n ' t F o r g e t - 1

Miscellaneous By: gwenlover123

"He prommised me that when he moved,He would never forget what ever happened between us"-Kennedy

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D o n ' t F o r g e t - 1 ~May 17th, 2004~ Kennedy sat down on the bench right next to her bestfriend, Jasper.The two buddies looked at eachother and both smiled.Then Jasper slowly balanced out:"Listen,Kennedy,I know that we've been friends since we were 3 but,my mom,she said that we are gonna move to New York City for her job and,well,she said that I have to go".He looked down at the mossy green grass that had been one of the things he was gonna miss seeing.He basically missed everything there in North Carolina,but the most that he was gonna miss was.................His Bestfriend/Crush Kennedy.He looked up at her,to see her eyes wet and soggy."But I also have something to say to you...............I really like you,I mean,more then friends".He then lifted her chin up and gave her a little kiss on the cheek,which made her blush a thousand times more than she ever did around him."Don't Forget about me",her soft voice cooed as the two both hugged eachother with a warm embrace.She then looked at him for a last time,shaggy light brown hair,with emerald green eyes,and a little scar moving across his eye.She never knew how he got that.He then looks at her for a last time,Her long,jet black hair and her purple eyes matched perfectly with her sparkling pale skin.Jasper then got up to go meet his mom at the parking lot of the park."Wait"!!!Kennedy yelled and ran across the field to him.She gave him a little heart necklace with two words carved in it.'K+J' were the letters that made the two have butterflies in thier stomach."Come on Jasper,the cars running"!!!His mom yelled from the little lot."Okay",he said running to the car. "H...h..he kissed me" Kennedy stuttered."She.......hugged...me" he said driving off. (Btw,they were both 12 when that happened.) ~December 3rd,2009~ Kennedy's P.O.V. I run across all my clothes and picked out a nice warm shirt with some skinny jeans.I put my hair into a side pony tail and look up at my reflection.Perfect.I then scatter down the stairs to find my mom,dad,little brother,Jack and Big sister,Jenni,sitting down."Mom geuss what"???I say suprised.She looks forward to me."Jasper's coming to visit today"!!!! I screech and ran over to the couch.I flipped on the T.v. and sat there,watching Vh1.The door then knocks slowly."I'll get it"!!! I say and run over to the door.There stands a boy with blond hair and a snake bite on his lip."J...Jasper"? Cliffhanger!! But there is something sad I need to say.There are some storys I will not be continuing.Living on the edge and Cresent school papers will not be continued.I am sorry for all the fans out there but I just can't come up with any other chapters.Thanks for being fans of them.Plz rate and comment after reading. Selena-


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