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The sparkle in her brown eyes...

Miscellaneous By: jmurch

I wanted to write a hybrid writing piece based on my favorite subject. However, this is a subject I have rarely touched upon, the subject regarding the woman I love.

Submitted:Apr 21, 2012    Reads: 684    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

A twinkling eye can mean many things. The one that is twinkling at me right now is the tantalizing, dark brown which takes time to remind me…I do know what love is. Her sparkling eyes tell me a tale of how lucky I am. They remind me I am only a man in the presences of beauty, and they remind me I am human. They repeat to me a story of the love she feels too.

Her eyes can send me away with a glare, or call me back into the arms of her love with a flirting glance. They can quietly ask me a question with words or silently tell me to be quiet. They ask me my dreams, and they sing to me their own inner secrets. They show her soul and all of her goodness within. Her eyes have nothing to hide. They quietly tell our family the love this woman feels for us all. They also discipline without yelling or abusing. They only tell the children they made a mistake, and it is okay…She still loves them the same. The eyes express excitement and content. They express sorrow and sadness. Rarely do these eyes express greed or hatred. They only gaze out reminding me…I do know what love is. These eyes ask me to dance for eternity with her; they ask to have and to hold. They can show a smile above her lips, but they can break a man's heart when tears flow out in sorrow. They brighten like a glowing sunrise when we kiss.

These eyes contain worry well; they also tell me not to worry. They call me to the bedroom so we can be together passionately as one, but they can send me away in anger. She does not have to speak. Her eyes sing her songs well. They, occasionally, stare out vacant in thought, and I often hope I am in those thoughts. She is only hearing the vision of her dreams. Her eyes can see beyond every bad memory I may pretend to hide. She can gaze at the horizon, or find pictures in the sky. She can look back with those deep brown lights of hope and ask, wasn't this grand, honey…wasn't this grand? She can trace the wrinkles around my eyes or pinpoint the dimple in my smile. Her eyes miss nothing. They follow the path of shadows forming my body in a darkened room and it doesn't matter if I have flaws. She sees me deep from within. When I look back at her eyes, I know I am with her, and we gaze into our souls together. They never stop reminding me…I know what love is. I am lucky to have these eyes leading us to the horizon. I am lucky to have her leading us to our dreams.

When we walk down the aisle together, will she still gaze at me the same way? Can I remember to stand tall before her eyes; will I still be able to comfort? Will she watch us through our remaining lifetime, and will she watch us grow old together? Does she gaze out and wonder if my eyes see the same as her eyes see me? Can I look deep into the reflection of me staring out of those stunning browns and know I am in the shadow of a beautiful rose staring into heaven. Do her eyes see how much I love her? When I gaze into her eyes, do we dance in the stars tonight? Every time I see the glimmer of her eyes, I am reminded of the fact…I know what love is. I see it in her eyes as we lay close to each other every night. I am reminded when I feel the warmth of her gaze kissing sunlight into my heart.

It is true, twinkling eye can mean many things. The one that is twinkling at me right now is a reminder of the love I feel for her. Her eyes remind me of every love song I hear, and how the grass would only dry up in the blue of a world without her. I want to feel the warmth of her gaze. I want her to tell me secrets without speaking. I want her to read me like a book. I want her to read the words of my greatest love letter without me ever lifting my pen. I want her to watch her complete me in the ocean of my heart. Her eyes never stop loving me. I am a lucky man because she reminds me…I know what love is. She reminds me because she stares me in the face now, and she is smiling. She is the truth about love for me. She is hope, dreams, life, happiness, and yes, sometimes sorrows. It is her eyes which tell her story. I have found, honestly, her eyes are a story worth reading. No other story will ever read better.


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