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Love is Mean

By: Laura Turner

Page 1, Perhaps I am more bitter than I realised.

Love is mean. Love is so incredibly mean. When I first fell in love, 

people that resented love bewildered me. I laughed at them; they didn't know love, 


But love is sneaky. Love welcomes you in, sits you down and makes you feel safe.

Love waits patiently for months on end while it gains your trust.

Don't be fooled. Love is merely biding it's time.

Love nurtures you, love brings you on, changes you.

Love overwhelms you, controls you, becomes you.

Then one day, love leaves.

Love leaves in the middle of the night, in the blink of an eye, and watches you from a distance.

Love watches you clean up the mess it left behind.

This is love.

Love is so incredibly mean.

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