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Us Against the World

Miscellaneous By: Lindsey Renea

When someone will stand by you, always.

Elizabeth is about to perform in a ballet and her old love comes to support her. He tries to calm her down because she is so nervous. By doing this, feelings shared between them start to rise to the surface again.

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Elizabeth stood backstage and peeked through the curtain at all of the people. She is nervous. She had practiced for this ballet for so long and now it was finally here. Her heart was racing and she was shaking. She couldn't breathe.

As she continued to watch the other ballerina perform, she heard someone come up behind her. She turned around to see Adrian. She didn't expect him to come.

"Hi," Adrian said.

She took a deep breath, "Hi."

He had flowers in his hand and a certain sadness fell upon his face.

"I didn't expect to see you tonight," she said.

Adrian and Elizabeth had been together for three years but now they were no longer together and hadn't been for almost a month. He had known her better than anyone so they still tried to maintain a friendship but it was hard considering there was still deep feelings between them.

"Well I know how much tonight meant to you so I wanted to try to be here for you," he replied.

"Well that's nice of you but I wish you wouldn't have come. I can't do this. I'm so nervous and I know I will do something wrong. I can't do this."

She put her head down with disappointment.

He stepped closer, "No Liz, you can do this. Look at me."

She looked up at him and stared into his eyes.

"You can do this. I know you're scared but you need to set the fear aside. Go to a place in your mind that makes you feel safe. Go to a place where only you exist and where fear doesn't exist. You are going to be great out there and I can promise you that no matter what happens, you're still going to have a number one fan right here."

She studied him and saw that he was so confident. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, she nodded.

Adrian realized how close he was to her and backed away, "Now, I'm going to go sit down. Remember, a safe place where only you exist and nothing else matters."

He walked away and she was now determined to do well. She could do this.

As Elizabeth walked to the side of the stage to go on, she took one last deep breath. She closed her eyes for only a moment. She was ready.

As Adrian took his seat, she was on stage. She was doing brilliant he thought. He smirked to himself and put his hand to his mouth. He was astonished. Each movement she made was so precise.

As Elizabeth was performing, she was lost in her own mind, ignoring reality. She twisted and twirled but she was in another place. She was in a place where she had been once before.

As Adrian watched her, he felt tears form. She looked absolutely beautiful and he was so proud of her. She overcame the fear and was now performing a beautiful art so perfectly. Each step and gesture was performed so beautifully and she was now invincible.

An hour later, the entire performance was ending. Adrian immediately got up and went backstage to congratulate Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was in her dressing room when Adrian walked in with the flowers. She turned around and gave him such a beautiful smile. He smiled at her in return and came up to hug her.

"You did it! Elizabeth, you were amazing! Absolutely stunning!"

She laughed as they held each other for a moment. Then, he backed away.

"And these are for you," he said as he handed her the flowers.

She took them, slightly brushing her hand on his.

"Oh Adrian, these are beautiful. Thank you so much." Elizabeth put her nose to them.

"You're welcome. Well, I should probably get going. You probably have parties to go to and all that."

She was disappointed when he said this. She wanted to celebrate but only with him.

"Oh, okay. Well thank you so much for coming. It was really nice to see you."

She spoke with sensitivity in her voice and she was looking down at the floor so he wouldn't see tears forming.

"You too Elizabeth."

He then turned around and slowly walked to the door. Before he opened the door, he turned around and said, "Elizabeth you were amazing tonight. You were so beautiful. You were a vision of loveliness and I'm very proud of you."

She continued to look at the floor and smiled.

"Summer Hill," she said. She then looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "You told me to think of a place where I felt safe and I thought of Summer Hill. The place where you first said you loved me. I thought of the water and the tree that we lied under. Summer Hill."

He turned completely to face her, "You did?" His words were spoken with pain.

She smiled, "Yes. And I know you wanted me to think of place where only I exist but the truth is, I don't exist unless I'm with you. You're a part of me Adrian."

Elizabeth started to cry harder and looked away from him.

Adrian didn't say anything. The more she heard nothing but silence, the more she cried. Then she heard footsteps and she stared up. He walked up to her and kissed her. He placed his hand on her cheek and she wrapped her arms around him. The pain that had been felt by the both of them was overwhelming but at this moment, all pain seemed to disappear.

He then put his mouth up to her ear and whispered, "You'll always be a part of me." He then held her.

They both knew that they weren't perfect but they were perfect for each other. There would be good days and bad days still to come but at the end of each day, they knew that they still had each other. They accepted each other for who they are and for all what they are capable of being. In an imperfect world, a lot of good and bad things can happen but to know that you have one person to laugh or cry with and someone who understands means life can be a little easier. Someone to stand beside, always. It was them against the world and they would cherish every moment that was theirs.


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