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'Finding Heaven' Character Pictures

By: Lolli Dee

Page 1, Character pictures and summary for my upcoming novel, Finding Heaven! Comment, like, read! <3 Love you all!

Sixteen-year-old Navaeh Thames seems to be a normal Wisconsinite; from cheering for the Packers to enjoying a good squeaky cheese curd, she’s got her state’s stereotypes down to a “T.” But Nevaeh’s normal life is shifted when her mother dies. Having no close family to take her in, she’s shipped out to a different country: England.

Her Aunt Rose and Uncle Thomas are there to greet her at the airport, welcoming her into a new life. A life that Navaeh is desperately trying to reinvent. A life with no populars, no losers, no nerds, no geeks. A life full of people with different interests.

Upon coming to her new school, Heaven’s Help Boarding School, she begins to slowly turn the hierarchy around. And everyone loves it. Well, everyone but the populars.

Cue Dominic West. He’s the head popular. With his killer good looks and his easy-to-get-along-with attitude, he’s got his player profile down to dotting the “i”. And all the girls want him. But the new girl from America is different. She’s screwing up his pecking order and he’s anything but happy.

With the annual Sing Off coming just around the corner, he has to focus more of his time on Nevaeh then he’d like.

Will Nevaeh be able to out play the player? Will Dom manage to put the new girl in her place? Will the Sing Off be as big of a hit as the year before? And, most importantly, will Nevaeh be able to escape her past without burning up?

Navaeh Jacqueline Thames

Dominic Richard West

Damien Robert West

Elizabeth Marie Wolfe

Elane Louise Lohan

Anne Victoria Buttolph

Josephine Lillian Smyth

Alexander James Lee

George William McClellan

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