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Lost At Sea: A Romantic Tale

Miscellaneous By: LovelyUndead1220

A young girl named Kate has lived her life through a tragic deal and she never ants to face what she faced before. So in that fact she banishes herself from loving anyone but her young daughter Constance. But when she meets the young and handsome Jeremy Parker she must try to stop herself from falling head over heels for him.
This is not a full story yet just a fragment of what is to come.

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Lost at Sea Kate Phoenix was just a young woman who got married after her eighteenth- birthday to the love of her life, Tanner Phoenix. They had so many dreams that they wanted, a big house, a car, a family. It was everything a person could wish for. They had their ups and downs just like any other marriage, but they always stopped to remember why they were there; together, because of love. In their first year of marriage they moved to a small town called Sea brook that was built by the sea. Kate became pregnant with their first child and they bought a house. Tanner had got a job as a National Guard and Kate stayed home watching their daughter Constance while also working a part-time job at the small cafe. The second year of their marriage Constance turned one and Tanner got a promotion. But after their second year everything went wrong. While out on a search for a missing person who's boat wrecked a terrible storm hit the coast and Tanner's team of guards was lost at sea and killed. A week after his death Kate got the letter and swore to herself and Constance that she would never love again for she didn't want to relive the pain of losing someone she deeply loved. 3 years later.... The big city bus came to a halting stop right outside a small town. "Last stop!" The driver yelled. A tall 22 year old man stood to his feet and quietly walked off the bus throwing his large carrier bag over his shoulder. "Have a nice day sir," The driver said. "You too," The man replied. He stepped off the bus onto the grey sidewalk of his new home, or rather a few feet away from his new home. As the bus drove away he began to walk slowly and quietly to the town just down the road. When he reached what seemed like the entrance a large sign was hammered into the ground. It read, "Sea brook", the letters were a greenish-blue color that glimmered in the afternoon sun. The man looked at the sign, sighed, and then walked away towards the town center. As he made his way to the town center where a giant fountain carved from limestone stood, two young men around the same age stood to their feet and stared at the man. "Jeremy Parker, back from the Navy i see," One of the men said. He was skinny and light-skinned with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He gave Jeremy a charming smile with a small snicker just behind. The man next to him was a tall dark black man who had short black hair and dark brown eyes. "Hey guys," Jeremy replied. "Hey guys? That's all we get? The two most greatest and best friends of your life and all we get is "hey"?" The first man said. "Listen, Matt, you know i missed you guys and everything its-" Jeremy said but his other friend budded in. "Yo, chill Jerr, Matt and i were only kidding, relax." The man smiled at Jeremy with his bright white teeth. "Thanks Clark," Jeremy said with a weak smile. The guys nodded and smiled. "Alright, enough greetings tonight we are going to-" Matt began but Jeremy stopped him right away. "I don't think so Matt i'm kinda tired right now i think i need-" The guys both laughed and rolled their eyes. "Oh, no Jeremy tonight we're going to party at the best bar in town tonight everyone wants to welcome you home anyway," Clark said wrapping his arm around Jeremy's neck. "Clark's right, and you know there's going to be plenty of hot babes at the bar to hook up with," Matt said with a smile. "NO!" Jeremy said loudly but Matt and Clark both pulled on him tightly. "No.... That night... The bar door opened and Matt, Clark, and Jeremy walked in. The bar was brightly lit with colorful lights and loud music filled the room. People played pull and drank beer as well as watching old replay of football games. The guys walked over and leaned up against the bar counter. "Hey Murphy two beers... and, Jerr what do you want?" Matt asked. "Same," Jeremy said quietly nodding to Murphy. "You got it Jeremy, and welcome home," Murphy said with a smile. Teeth were missing from his yellow colored mouth. As Murphy passed the beers down to the guys Matt turned around and faced Jeremy. "What now Matt?" He asked. "So, what do you think?" Matt asked. "About what exactly?" Jeremy asked with a small smile. "Jerr, don't be joking you know...what do you think of the ladies!" Clark exclaimed. "Um, i don't really know yet," He said. "Oh please, there are tons of hot chicks in this bar just waiting to have a one-night stand with a hot guy like you, trust me," Matt said. "I''m actually sat to admit this but Matt's right Jeremy; have some fun!" Clark laughed and smiled over at Matt who jabbed him in his arm causing Clark to wince but he kept laughing. "Just pick one and do your stuff, except no waitresses," Matt said with a charming smile. Smiles were his specialty; if he gave a good enough smile he could get or do anything. That varied from his parents letting his do stuff, getting good grades, and even making it a home run with the girls. Jeremy scanned the room looking at everyone but just glances. "You know what guys i don't think i see anyone..." Jeremy's words faded away as he stopped and his eyes gazed at her for an extra moment. The tall, light-skinned woman had strawberry blond hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile that anyone would die to see. As she turned around Jeremy kept his gaze on her and without even saying anything he made his way towards her. She turned to take the glasses when Jeremy walked into her. She dropped a glass but he caught it in her hand and as she took the glass from, him they met each other's eyes. "You dropped this," He said with a smile. "Thanks," She said. Jeremy stuck his hand out in front of him. "Hi, i'm Jeremy," He said. She reached out and grabbed his hand gently. Her hands were soft like a baby and warm from working in the bar. Her nails were painted the color of the ocean with white tips like the ocean line. "Hi, i'm Kate," She said with her beautiful smile afterwards. As she began to walk away Jeremy followed. Over at the bar Matt and Clark just realized what was going on. Matt turned around in panic. "This is bad, this is really bad," He said. "Murphy, call off Kate, Jeremy can't get hurt," Clark said to Murphy. Murphy turned to see Kate laughing at something Jeremy had said. "But, Kate, she looks so happy over there, "Murphy said. "Yeah, but you know Jeremy he wants a girl for more than just a night he wants a ring..." Clark said. Murphy hung his head low and shook it back and forth with sadness over him. "Your right, that's not what Kate wants," He said. Jeremy continued to talk to Kate while Murphy began to walk over but she didn't even notice. "So, why is such a beautiful lady like you working in a bar for guys that are such low-life's and losers," Jeremy asked still laughing from before. "Well your not a low-life and surely not a loser. But, if you must know i ended up here because it was the only job that i wasn't bothered by people about..." Kate said but then she got quite. "What's wrong Kate?" He asked. "Kate, get back to work if you finish quickly your shift will be over soon," Murphy said. Kate snapped back when she heard Murphy's voice and looked at Jeremy. "Bye Jeremy," Kate said with a weak smile. Jeremy waved goodbye as Kate walked away into the back kitchen. He turned to see Clark and Matt staring at him. He walked over to them with a smile on his face and the word, "Love" written on his face. "Wow," He said. Matt smiled and then punched him quickly in his right arm. "What's wrong with you Jerr, are you crazy," Matt asked. "What did we say about no waitresses," Clark said. He looked straight into Jeremy's eyes with a serious look on his face. Jeremy became confused knowing that the same guys he'd known for almost all his life they were never serious and suddenly now they were. Then suddenly Jeremy became serious too. "Guys come on, what's so wrong with her," Jeremy asked. "I actually like her and you guys don't because she's a waitress." "Jerr, it's not that it's her just-" Matt began but Jeremy stopped him. "Stop Matt, you can't just talk about someone like that you don't even know her!" He said. "Oh, and i suppose you do from flirting with her," Matt said. "I bet i know her better than you," Jeremy said taking a step closer to Matt. "Jeremy if you let me talk i'll tell you that something's wrong with her," Matt said. "Well, what if i don't want to hear it," Jeremy said. "Please, you can't say you love her after ten minutes!" Matt said. "Matt stop now," Clark said holding onto Matt's arm. "I'm not saying i am you are, i like her though," Jeremy said looking at Matt who was staring straight back at him. "Jeremy don't listen to him he's probably drunk," Clark said. "Now you're taking his side Clark? Jeremy just won't except the fact that Kate has issues!" Matt said. In an instant Jeremy turned around and punched Matt straight in the jaw sending him falling onto the counter beside him with a bleeding lip. "Jeremy, not here!" Clark yelled. The bar became loud and everyone had their eyes on Jeremy and Matt. Then Matt stood to his feet and looked at Jeremy while holding his now throbbing chin. "I see how it is Jeremy," Matt said and then he took a swing at Jeremy. The punch landed on Jeremy's jaw almost in the exact place as Matt's. Then the guys got into a full out brawl throwing punches and putting their heads in headlocks. Glasses broke as the guys swung each other around the bar. Other people just stood around and watched while Clark ran and got Murphy. Minutes later Clark was out of the kitchen with Murphy. "Stop it both of you now what is this about?" Murphy asked. Both guys were banged up badly and had bloody lips. Jeremy looked the worst with a split lip that was bleeding into his teeth and what seemed like a broken nose. Matt was just banged up everywhere with bruises all over and a split lip. "This is about Jeremy being stubborn Murphy, nothing out of the ordinary," Matt answered. "No, this is about Matt not knowing how to shut his mouth," Jeremy said to Murphy. Matt put his hand up ready to start fighting again when Murphy walked in front of Jeremy. "Murphy, get out of the way," He said. "Matt, you boys are friends and i can't let you boys get in a fight over something stupid. Just leave, and now that means all of you the bar is about to close anyway. Goodnight," Murphy said. He sent Matt and Clark out the door with the rest of the crowd and he set Jeremy in a bar stool with an ice pack until everyone was gone. Murphy walked by and patted Jeremy on his back with a smile after everyone was gone. "Time to close up boy." "Alright Murphy,hey, and thanks for what you did back there, i'm sorry we cause such a mess," Jeremy said holding a napkin to his bleeding lip. "It's alright but you might want to go to the hospital to get that nose of yours checked out it might be broken," Murphy said as he walked out the door followed by Jeremy. Outside Murphy hopped into his small truck and rove of towards his house while Jeremy took a seat on the step outside the bar. As he say on the step he couldn't help but think about Matt and Kate. Why did he say something was wrong with her? Was it mentally or emotionally? Did he like Kate and not want him to like her? Just at that moment Jeremy heard the sound of the spring-wired back door of the bar open and shut close. Out from behind the building Kate walked out into the empty street holding her light jacket and small purse in her hands. Her hair was curled in tight curls and seemed to bounce every time she moved back and forth looking down the street for cars. Slowly she made her way across the street and Jeremy of course followed. "Kate!" Jeremy yelled. He was a few feet behind her when she stopped to turn around and face him. "Jeremy?" Kate said. Her face was confused but it quickly turned into a smile. He walked closer to her and waved his hand to see her beautiful smile once more. "Hi, Kate?" He said. "Hi...um, what are you doing out here?" She asked. "Oh, just walking you know, good exercise." "Oh, i see." She laughed at the joke, and could tell that that was an excuse made up from Jeremy. "Sit down," She sat down gracefully on the bench behind them and Jeremy sat beside her. He turned to smile at her and she smiled back but then looked confused. "What?" He asked. "What happened?" She asked. She gently lifted her hand up to Jeremy's lip and touched the sore lip softly. Blood dripped onto her index finger from Jeremy's lip. "A fight." "With who?" She dropped her finger form his lip and looked at him with concerned eyes and a serious face. Jeremy let out a small chuckle but didn't look at her. "My friend, Matt." "Why?" "Because," "He's your friend isn't he? Friends don't fight, unless he was drunk." "Well, he was definitely drunk but, um...that wasn't the reason." Jeremy looked down at his cracked bruised hands and sighed. "Well, then why?" Kate asked. She now was even more confused and lost in this stranger's world. "He...he um, said something i didn't like," Jeremy said. He turned his face and held it up so he could see Kate's. "Well, what did he say?" "Nothing important," "Jeremy, you can't start a conversation and then not finish it." "He said, that something was wrong, with..." He paused for a moment. "He said something was wrong with you... and i punched him." Kate stopped moving for a moment and froze. She looked away from Jeremy and she stared down into her hands. "He was right," She said. "No he wasn't your fine. I mean your beautiful, funny, obviously intelligent-" Jeremy said. But Kate interrupted his kind words with her's. "No, i'm not Jeremy... i'm different and wrong and nothing's right anymore," Kate said. "What do you mean?" "I mean i can't love." She stood to her feet and turned towards her home away from Jeremy. "What do you mean by can't love?" Jeremy asked also standing to his feet. "Nothing," "Well, you can't start a conversation and then not finish it," Jeremy said quietly. Kate started walking off towards her house holding her jacket tightly in her arms. "Wait, Kate!" Jeremy set off towards Kate who was already a few feet ahead of him. When he made his way beside her she didn't turn to look at him, she just kept walking. "What?" She said. Her voice sounded angry. "Well, i can't let you walk home alone can i?" He said. He touched her arm gently and she stopped to turn an look at him. Her face was dull and she looked bored. Jeremy smiled at her trying to let her know that he was right; and he was. She smiled back and turned back around. "Okay," She said.

They started off walking towards her house. They headed down from the street to the beach. The dark blue water was lit by moonlight on the midnight sky and not a single cloud floated by. "So you walk down on the beach at night..." Jeremy said smiling at Kate. "Why exactly?" "Um, just because there aren't as many memories down here," Kate said. "It's peaceful." As they made their way down the beach they came across a young woman Kate's age but just a little shorter than her. She was clearly drunk and off-balanced. When the woman caught sight of Kate she smiled and came running. Her run was crooked and she almost fell once or twice. The woman crashed into Kate giving her a weak hug. Kate and Jeremy had both stopped in their tracks when they saw her. "Hi, Kate!" The girl exclaimed. She squeezed Kate tighter until she gave out and her arms just hanged from her body like limp noodles. "Um, hi, Hazel...are you okay?" Kate asked. "Am i okay?! I'm fine! I just got back from the best party ever," Hazel exclaimed. She stared at Jeremy with a weird look on her face. "Hi, i'm Jeremy," He said. "Wow, Kate, nice job," Hazel said. "Um, no Hazel, that's not what it is," Kate said. "I'm just walking her home," Jeremy answered. "Sure you are. Oh, yeah, i'm going there too!" Hazel said. "Okay Hazel, you're coming with me," Kate said. She grabbed Hazel by her arm gently and pulled her beside her. The three of them walked past the empty beach with nothing but them, the sand, and the blue water. The soft sound of waves splashing onto the beach shore was peaceful and calming as they walked quietly. Finally they made their way up to Kate's house. It was a bright white beach house with large windows all around it. The ocean water washed up onto the shore just beside the front of the house. The house was lightly lit on the inside from the windows. As they walked up to the front door Hazel began to try to unlock the door when Kate turned around to face Jeremy. "Um, you have a really...lovely...house," Jeremy said. "Thanks, but it was actually my parents," Kate said quietly. "Well, they had good taste, Kate-" Jeremy began but Kate stopped him. "Jeremy, it was really nice to meet you but..." She said but her words just trailed off. "I got the door open!" Hazel exclaimed from behind. Jeremy and Kate both looked up to see Hazel walking in the door. The house was beautifully decorated from the gap in the door from which Jeremy was looking. Kate turned to face him again and held his arm. "Um, i guess i might see you in town sometime but-" She began but a small giggle stopped her. A tiny toddler walked out of the house all dressed in pink and her blonde curly hair tied up in pigtails with pink ribbons. Kate bent down and scooped the little girl into her arms. The girl looked just like Kate with a small nose, beautiful dark brown eyes, and the cutest smile. The little girl snuggled up to Kate without taking her eyes off of Jeremy.


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