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Return to Eden

By: Shanitilly

Page 1, One day at college a bunch of us were joking about men, women, and the root of all sin. A guy was claiming that his most recent mistake was due to his insane love for a girl. He was also claiming that all the stupid acts since the dawn of time have been because of women. That night I thought about the conversation. I thought about Eden and love. Then I wrote this.

          ​I'm off to the forbidden land of fairytales. God banished me from my Eden, but I shall not step aside! For I have tasted the forbidden fruit. I have seen that which lies within it's magical borders. How could I be asked to give up something that calls to my soul with such an enchanting song? 

.         And should I pay for my paradise with an eternity in hell there after, so be it! For far worth the pain of eternal flames, is the freedom which I shall embrace in that sinful moment. Tonight I shall hold you in my arms and kiss you one last passionate kiss!

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