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Just a small story thingie I wrote after I drew a picture.
Mute Ava and her best-guy-friend Damien go out to the lake on an old row boat where Damien confesses he's always thought Ava was beautiful and they spend the whole night in the row boat.

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I cautiously stepped into the old row boat, the paint flaking off and the wood creaking under my feet. Putting my hands out to steady myself as the boat moves, I move to the front and sit down, my closest friend sitting behind me. We both picked up our oars and started paddling in sync. It was foggy on the lake and we could barely see, the vapor twisting and turning in a nonexistent breeze. Water droplets collected on my arms, back, and legs, collecting before running down. The water was cooler than the damp air around us and it felt good. Soon, we broke through the fog as we went under the bridge, moonlight shining on the disturbed surface of the water. Ten to fifteen more boats were on the lake, some older than the one I was in and some so new that the paint still shone. Most had lanterns attached to the front and back to see and be seen in the fog, the lights bouncing softly as the water became mostly smooth again. Crickets were the only noise and I looked up at the moon, letting my dark hair tumble over my shoulders and down my back. Closing my eyes, I breathed in the night's scents, dew on mown grass and damp earth, the smell of new life mixed in. He wrapped his arms around my waist as we sat in the lightly swaying row boat, resting his chin on my shoulder. He whispered quietly so as not to disturb the peace that envelopes this lake, "it's beautiful, isn't it?" I nodded, leaning back against him lightly. He brushed my hair back from my neck and kissed the exposed skin. A tingle shot down my spine and heat shot through my veins. "Almost as beautiful as you Ava." I felt my cheeks redden and shook my head, my dark hair curling and falling around my face, casting it into shadow. "It's true, everyone can see it except you Ava." He pulled me tighter to him and nuzzles my neck gently. He laid down in that row boat with me, watching as the moon set and the sun rose, silent the whole time as he held my hand.


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