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Am I In Love With A Fallen Angel??? Pictures

By: Vampirekiss17

Page 1, Can Angels lose their wings??? Can Angels fall from the heavens to the ground??? From what I have heard, wings don’t grow back and yeah they can fall. But it’s their choice. Except, I didn’t get the choice, I don’t even remember. Oh did I mention. I’m a Fallen Angel. Tanya Johnson had always been strange, right from the start. She can run like she\'s flying, heal quicker than she should but she thought it was coincidence until a sexy stranger comes to her door and takes her away somewhere that hours are seconds and life is death. She doesn’t mind that she’s learning about this world of things she never knew but she does mind that it is messing up her perfect life. Everyone loves her and all the boys want her. But this one knows her like no one else does. What is he on about her with wings??? Nah get a life, she thinks. But is it all true???

Heya so this "A'm I In Love With  Aallen Angel???" Pictures!!! i will update it every so often so keep a look out on it!!! I got the idea from Maddie Grey so please don't be angry }=(

Hope you enjoy!!!

 So this is Tanya Johnson, There's a few of her. Sorry, I changed the story to match the photo. I thought it would suite her, don't you???

Okay, in this next one Tanya is a little girl like in her dream.

I thought this picture was perfect for Jasper, comment on the pics and tell me what you think.




Dannielle A.K.A Danny




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