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Don't Leave Me...

Miscellaneous By: W and C 4 eva

Wyatte came back to me.I love him and he loves me.I find my dad i thought was dead.I'm afraid he might leave me again.He loses his hearing and becomes deaf from a car accident.My whole world is in a blur.

Submitted:Nov 1, 2010    Reads: 88    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

I'm home alone when the door bell rings. I quickly jump up from where I'm laying silently. I fast-walk to the door. Outside I find my best friend Wyatte. "Oh hey Wyatte", I say surprised. "Hey Nikki… Nice clothes", he says sarcastically while I hug him. I look down, and then I realize what he means. I'm in my pajamas with my monster feet house shoes. I look back up realizing another thing.
"WYATTE!!!!!", I scream. I haven't seen him since 1st grade and now I'm in 6th. I start heavily sobbing. I hug him and he picks me up. I start cheering,"Yeesssss!!!", finally when we both know it's time he lets me down. "But? How did'ya? Are you? WHAT!?!?!?!?", I wait until I can finally make out words,"How did you get here?", I question curiously."Umm by a plane?? Duh-hurr!", He jokes sarcastically."You here to stay???", I ask."Don't worry I'm moving here for permanent.". "Good!", I say, "Don't leave me again."
Ok now here's the question I'm really curious about."How did you figure out where I lived?", I raise my eyebrows in question. "You haven't moved and I have a good memory. Plus I've been thinking about you ever since I left!"I finally realize we're still outside, "Oh please come in", I offer turning and ushering him inside. We both walk in and take a seat on my carpeted stairs.
I lean over and lay my head on his lap, and hug him. He strokes my arm. It seems weird since we're just friends but I miss and love him."You know Nikki?","What?". I wonder what he has to say."Umm well I was just wondering, well like cause we are like best buds just would you mind, well will you go out with me?". Oh my WOW! Will I go out with him? La DUR!!!
"Will this answer it?" This is the moment. I slowly kiss his naturally soft lips. While we're still kissing I sit up and position myself so that I wrap my legs around my legs around him. This moment is perfect. Suddenly we stop kissing. There is a look in his eyes of love and surprisement. I guess it's in my eyes too. "Wyatte, I've been wanting to tell you this, I,I,I, I love you!!", I admit.


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