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(soon to be titled)

By: wisdumb

Page 1, A short journal entry I wrote this evening. I was so proud of it that I decided to find a writing-based social networking site just so I could share it with people that might actually appreciate it.

i dream of kissing you,
but not just at that present moment, to roll over after a nudge on my shoulder to see you standing there by my bed, fresh from the outside’s frigid breath,
but for years on from now. even if the cold hands of time are to take what we have, fold it over and rip it into nothing,
i wont regret all the promises we’ve stitched into each of our brains.
i want to love you beyond human capacity.
when the garden of my soul grows on from the soil of my flesh and bones, i want the remembrance of the softness in your touch and the beauty of your being to be the wild rose bush that thrives on and on inside the crevices of my existence like a wildfire.

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