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Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

Novel By: A3V3I

KIDNAPPED! Kim is a spoiled rich kid who is used to everyone listening to her, until she meets the incredibly sexy Andrew. Andrew gives her a run for her money and kidnaps her onto an island where he is boss! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 1, 2013    Reads: 1,550    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

"Kim, I hope you have a nice trip. Sorry I couldn't come but you know how the business works. If any of the workers give you trouble just let me know." I mouthed the words as he said them into the phone, having heard his speech many times. "Ok, I will. You try to have fun too. Bye" I put in as much enthusiasm as I could muster. "maybe I'd have more fun if you got a bigger yacht" I mumbled after closing the cell phone and stepping onto the ship with a little assistance. The workers were all walking about making sure everything was shipshape for sailing a whole week. So my dad had listened to me, all the workers were in their twenties with brown or blonde hair! Well except for Chuck, he has been my dads best friend and boat expert for like 30 years. *buzz* I opened my cell phone. "Dude I'm soo sorry I couldn't come with you this week but my dad is making me go all the way to Paris with him to buy my mom a surprise dress. He wants me to pick it out! Ugh so how are you doing?" Text from Lexy BFF. I shut the phone pissed at her for even bothering to apologize. Right left left BUMP! I closed my eyes in frustration and then reopened them to see a guy standing there just 'looking' at me. "What are you looking at Jerk! Don't you know who I am! I'm the daughter of the owner of this yacht." I screamed at a guy in the blue uniform my father made them wear. "You walked into me." He shot back at me and then brushed by me. 'Ugh' I'll get him back. I walked back to my room and laid down on my bed. I had a whole week to do whatever I wanted, mess with whoever I wanted. A smirked appeared on my lips as a perfect revenge came into my head. I jumped up and ran to my dresser and pulled out a designer bikini. Since working out with a personal trainer 4 days a week, I now have a six pack and very nice curves. I tried on the brown bikini and was pleased that it fit me just as it would a super model. Boobs = flawless I smiled and jumped up and down like a little kid. He won't be able to take his eyes off me, and in front of everyone I'll make a scene about what a pervert he is. I grabbed my sunscreen and headed out to the deck. Right right left, I peeked my head around the corner to see a bunch of the *help* working. I didn't see him though. My lips formed a frown now. My feet began walking anyway and soon I was sitting in the sun. 'See man, I told you this is a good job' I heard one of the guys whisper to his friend. I closed my eyes and grabbed the sunscreen. I took a small amount of sunscreen and began to rub my chest slowly with it. I opened my eyes just a crack to see what they were all doing and low and behold they were all watching me. But I had to keep my cool so I tried not to think about them all watching me. After a couple of seconds I heard a guy say "Are your jaws broken" All the workers immediately started going to a different part of the ship. Damn now I wont be able to humiliate him. *thump thump thump* 'Were those footsteps?' I opened my eyes to see him right next to me. "So your a tease, I would of never guessed." "So now you're trying to flirt with me to keep your job, so pathetic." I laughed slightly. "I'm sorry I bumped into you. It was my fault" He told me. I could tell this was a forced apology. I glared at him. "You're too easy; you're just like my dad. You know I fake cried for maybe 5 minutes and then he gave in and let me have a new car when I wasn't even old enough to drive it yet. *HAHA* Are you that easy?" I leaned closer to him and he began to lean in too. Right before our lips were about to touch. I pulled away. He looked at me weird like I had done something unexpected. "That was a test, you are easy, and I am not. What's your name anyway?" I asked him.


"Well if you didn't hear me earlier my name is Kim." I closed my eyes again to soak in the sun. *sigh* "Go get me a smoothie, Pomegranate banana." I closed my eyes and heard as his footsteps walked away. At least now I know I can get him to do whatever stupid thing I want. I got to think of some pranks. Hehe, I'm going to find out which room he is in and totally scare him! I started to get up and then turned around to see the sky was getting dark. It better not rain! I went to the side of the ship and looked in all directions. The land was barely noticeable on the horizon. "Here" He had a smoothie extended in his hand. I took without saying anything, and took a sip. "Obviously smoothies aren't in your expertise" I started walking back to my room. Having a loyal slave isn't fun. *yawn* When I got back to my room I plopped down on my bed and fell asleep for 2 hours.


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