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Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

Novel By: A3V3I

KIDNAPPED! Kim is a spoiled rich kid who is used to everyone listening to her, until she meets the incredibly sexy Andrew. Andrew gives her a run for her money and kidnaps her onto an island where he is boss! View table of contents...


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I rolled over to side of the bed to glance at the clock and wiped my hands over my eyes trying to rid myself of sleep. 6:26 pm

No one had wakened me up to eat! My stomach grumbled loudly but I was still in my bikini so I changed into a turquoise tank top and white shorts. When I opened my door I saw Andrew outside pacing down the hallway. Back and forth back and forth he paced playing with his thumbs. I took a long look at him, taking in his strong jaw line now showing his 5 o'clock shadow, muscled body, and thick brown hair. "Weirdo" I said loud enough for him to hear. His head shot up and then he walked hurriedly down the hallway the opposite way I was.

'What did he want?' I thought. *sniff* Yummm! Grilled Chicken with a sweet sauce and roasted peppers on the side, the chef knew this was one of my favorite meals at sea. I guess they were going to wake me when it was done because I saw a worker coming this way. "Ohh! Dinner is ready." He whispered in my direction not meeting my eyes. He was shy, and it was so cute. "Tell them I don't feel like coming out and to bring it to me in my room." I stepped back into my room and pulled my curtains open to see the ocean. The sun was just setting on the ocean and it looked beautiful. *buzz* Text from Lexy BFF 'Hey. U didn't answer my text! What's up?' I was still pissed at her missing our trip so I shut my phone and threw it on my bed.

*Knock knock knock* "Come in I'm starving" But it wasn't the guy with the food it was Andrew. He stepped into my room and began looking around at all of my things. "What do you want?" I said to him. "I just wanted to see if my smoothie killed you or not, and by the empty glass I can tell it wasn't too bad." He smirked at me with satisfaction. I glared back at him. I can't let him know it actually tasted amazing. "I threw it overboard 5 minutes after you gave it to me." He smiled down at me. "What?" I said annoyed. "Nothing." He said quietly and began stepping closer to me. "Why do you like to give me trouble, I'm not a bad guy. " He said as he reached his hand out to touch my waist. I slapped his hand away and walked around him to sit on my bed.

"You can leave now; I don't need anything from you." I said but Andrew had followed close behind me and was standing over me with a weird look in his eyes. His eyes seemed darker and wild, and that scared me, like when you steal an animal's food. Possessive. *Knock knock* It was the man with the food so I had to think fast. I wanted to put Andrew in his place, I wanted him to know whose boss around here and that he can't invade my room and look at me like this. I yelled the first thing that came to my mind. "Eew Andrew! I would never have sex with you on my dad's boat! Get out of here you pervert!" I yelled. His jaw dropped because he knew he would be fired for this. The door shot open and Chuck ran in.

"Andrew you heard the girl GET OUT!" Chuck put the food on the bed and walked over to me. Andrew glared at me and his eyes grew even wilder. The veins in his neck were bulging out, he was furious at me but I didn't care because I had won this battle. I was hugging Chuck. "Are you ok? Did he try anything on you?" Chuck asked. "I am now; I don't know what I would of done if you hadn't been coming over to give me my food. Thank you so much!" I hugged Chuck one last time. "I'll make sure my dad knows about this so he can Thank you properly." I rubbed my fingers together to make the symbol of money. Chuck smiled. Even though he was my dad's longtime boat expert he could use the money. "I'm going to go talk to Andrew, but don't worry just eat something and I'll make sure he doesn't come around you." I smiled. "thank you, oh Chuck what did you say his room number was? I want to make sure I steer clear of there." I asked. "It's room 23 on the next level." I smirked.

"Alright, ooo this smells so good" After he walked out I walked over to the chicken and ate it all very quickly. I was always a big eater with a fast metabolism. I walked over to my pajama dresser and grabbed a nightgown. Not a granny nightgown, a sexy one. It was red with lace on the end and around the cleavage. It cut off maybe 4 inches under my butt so NO bending. My mom and I went shopping at Victoria Secret a week ago. I wore a black thong underneath and no bra. I didn't need one. I looked over at the clock. 7:56 pm. I felt the sudden urge to drink water. I peeked my head outside my door, I have always been afraid of the dark. No one was in site so I stepped outside into the hallway. I knew some people were up but no one should be in the kitchen. The kitchen was a level up so I took the staircase and looked out at the ocean. Pitch black water, it made me shiver thinking of those people who fall off cruise ships at night. Being surrounded by nothing but black water and the thought of what might be lurking around you. Those thoughts occupied my mind from thinking about the black hallways surrounding me.

I opened the door to the kitchen and walked around all the counters till I found the fridge. I had never really been in here before, everyone else always cooked for me. I opened the door to the fridge and grabbed the gallon of water. Hmm. Now I just have to find a... cup.

BANG. I was shoved hard against the counter by someone. The man was a lot bigger than me, at least a foot taller and very strong. I fought to keep a distance between us, but whoever it was grabbed my hands and restrained them behind me. My eyes couldn't find focus after looking into the bright fridge but when a warm hand slid up my thigh I knew who it was. That touch made my whole body shiver with fear and a bit of excitement. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said shocked.

"I overheard Chuck and your dad talking, he's going to take me to court. Do you know how serious this is? I could go to jail for attempted rape! So I figure I might as well get something out of it if I'm already screwed." He was angry and his hand moved farther up my thigh making my spine tingle. "Andrew get off of meii!" I tried to use a threatening tone. No my voice broke! He leaned in closer than he was before making me practically break my back against the marble counter.

"I mean it! My dad will will..." I tried to think but couldn't form thoughts with him putting his hands all over me. One of his hands pinned my arms back, and one moved from my thigh to my lower back. "Will what?" He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him at the same time. I gasped and started thrashing at him, anything to get away. He loved seeing me helpless, seeing me squirm under his power. "You're disgusting" I screamed at him, but he seemed to love my insults, loved that I was stuck in his grip. He bent his head down to meet my neck and took a long sniff of my hair and then he stepped away from me.

"I'm stronger than you, and I'm smarter than you so don't do anything that will get you in trouble." He grabbed my chin and I trembled. He let me out of his grip and watched with joy as I grabbed my sore wrists and coiled away from him. He walked out of the kitchen and I just stood there trying to compose myself enough to walk back to my room. I couldn't let him get away with this. Physically he had more strength then me, but I had the authority of the boat on my side. Everyone on here has to listen to me, including him.


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