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Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

By: A3V3I

Chapter 4, Kim pranks Andrew but it doesn\'t turn out the way she planned.

I looked down at him for a second and realized the pants he was wearing were 5 inches too short for him and he looked ridiculous. I burst out laughing and he continued to glare. "Nice pants, what's next a belly shirt?" I said sarcastically. "Where's my stuff at?" He still had a stone glare on his face. "Why do you think I would know?" He threw his head back and laughed. He pointed at me, then him, and then at the hallway. I walked over with him and all the guys were watching. "Do you think I'm some kind of idiot? Where is all my stuff?" He said through grinding teeth. "Ay man you got legs like my sister!" One of the guys yelled and the rest chimed in with laughter. "F*** you!" He said seriously. "Don't take your anger out on them." I said in a sweet voice. "I'll find it, its all in your room isn't it." He started going towards my room. I followed him shouting "You can't just barge into my room!" He went in anyway and then he slammed the door in my face. I opened it and then slammed it behind me. He was throwing my stuff all over. "Hey... HEY! Stop." I yelled again. He was throwing all of nightgowns, underwear, and bras all over the place. I swallowed hard as he made his way around the room, he wouldn't find his stuff, but I didn't want him seeing all of mine. "I'm going to get Chuck!" I screamed at him and he stopped looking around for a moment. "Where is it?" He yelled at me. I smiled. "Why do you keep saying it? There was something in all your junk!" He made 3 long strides and was right in front of me. He was contemplating what to do, hit me, attack me, rape me, or let me win. "I threatened you and you turn right around and do what i told you not to do." He smirked and pushed me down onto the floor with little effort. I opened my mouth to scream for help but his hands covered it before I could even try. My heart beat faster and faster, and the air pushed out of mylungs all at once when he sat on top me.My feet kicked behind him but it was no help. A million thoughts rushed through my mind, as I tried to push myself away from him. My head felt dizzy with lack of oxygen and my eyes watered. He just looked down at me with that predator smile, wide and filled with lust. He watched me struggle against his body, enjoying my discomfort, my weakness. His hand still covered my mouth but my hands were free so I tried my hardest to scrath him, push him away, punch his chest. He threw back his head in laughter and his shirt came untucked revealling a line of brown hair. He stopped laughing when my arms went limp from exhaustion. His eyes burned holes in me, just staring at me, at my body. He took his free hand and started tracing around one of my breasts. I felt disgusted becuse this man was violating me, but also because I almost liked it. Did I not ask for it by teasing him and flaunting my stuff for everyone to see. "Alright, you know what I'm going to save you for later only because I feel bad for you, but you better watch your back." He said and released me from his grip. He stood up keeping his eyes on still, and tucked his shirt back in smirking because he must of seen me looking at him too."Where is my stuff?" He said firmly and like scared mouse I pointed to the chest. I didn't want him to attack me again, because this time he might not spare me. He walked over to it, but it was locked. "The key is under the foot of the bed, that leg..." I whispered and he smiled at me like nothing had just happened. "Thank you Kim, you're such a sweetheart." He grabbed all his clothes and he walked out.

~I hope you liked this chapter, the next chapter will be the kidnapping. I figured I would let you know, since it didn't happen yet and some people might be like WTF where is the island... Soon, soon.

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