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Deserted on an island with a guy who kidnapped me? WTF

Novel By: A3V3I

KIDNAPPED! Kim is a spoiled rich kid who is used to everyone listening to her, until she meets the incredibly sexy Andrew. Andrew gives her a run for her money and kidnaps her onto an island where he is boss! View table of contents...


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I opened my eyes for only a second before closing them and wondering why I kept falling asleep on the deck. I sat up and openedeyes again taking in the vast ocean around us. oh.......My.........GOD! "Where the hell are we going? Where's the boat?" My mind was spinning around and round wondering why I was on a lifeboat with Andrew. He glanced up at me. "Don't worry we are almost to the island." He smirked. "What island? Is this some surprise from my dad? He knows I hate surprises." I said in a urgent tone. "No, this is a surprise from me to you." His grin grew wider and I wondered what he was up to. "Take me back to the yacht." He laughed. How dare he laugh! "What's so funny?" He kept laughing. "Listen to me!" I screamed. "Why was that so funny?" He controlled himself now. "You don't get it do you?" He kept smiling. My brows furrowed as my mind pulled everything together that he had said. "You kidnapped me!" I screamed! *clap.....clap.....clap* "Oh your such a smart one aren't you." He said sarcastically. "Don't do that." I said frustrated. "Do what? Mock you? I don't have to listen to you anymore. I'm in charge, you have to listen." He studied my face waiting for me to break down crying. I wasn't about to let him win, so I had to annoy him until he took me back. "I know the song that gets on everybody's nerves everybody's nerves.I know the song that gets on everybody's nerves and this is how it goes." He was looking at me with a strange grin. "What would make you understand that I'm in charge? You obey me." He said."I know the song that gets on everybody's nerves everybody's nerves.I know the song that gets on everybody's nerves and this is how it goes." The little boat began rocking back and forth as he got up and came over. "I know the song that gets on everybody's nerves everybody's nerves.I know the song that gets on everybody's..." He reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair. "owowowow!" Iyelped as he lifted me up. My head throbbed from the hair being practically ripped out. "LALALALALALA" I screamed. "Shut up!" "LALALALALALA" *SLAP* My face stung, and my mouth hung open. "Oh H*** NO!" My foot moved so fast I didn't know what happened until I saw him on the boat floor holding himself. "You don't slap a girl! I thought they taught you that!" I started laughing and pointing at him. Ihad the same pleasure seeing him inpain and weakness as he did before with me. He was about to cry, so I guess all thatself defense trainingdid work. "Go on just cry, I know you want to." I said with a satisfied grin. He glared up only for a second and then went back to holding himself. I sat down in the boat again and realized that he really had kidnapped me. I looked around and there was a island about 200 ft away and the boat was heading straight for it. The sun was out so the workers were up but who knows how long we'd been on this raft thing. Hmmm I could throw him overboard but then how would I ever get help, I didn't know how to work this motor raft thing or survive on an island. He just laid there on the floor. "Hey! You! We are about to hit the sand. Like 10feetawaynow" My voice got more rushed with every word. BANG. The motor slowed as we hit the sand and I stood up. I was still in my black lingerie so I grabbed a big jacket he had on the boat and ran onto the island. I saw him get up, and slowly walk over to the dry sand and lay down on his back breathing slowly.He had no intentions on coming after me just yet which made me happy so now I went around the island just wondering what would become of all this. Maybe I can find a place to hideout until they come looking for me, or a weapon to take him out myself. Now Andrew had taken this little game of ours too far.


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