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Falling for a...Freak?

Novel By: Abby Merie Cullen

As Tabatha grows up, she relizes she's differant. After she drinks/eats she cries bloody tears. Blood pours out of her eyes making her have, bloody tears. At age 14 she runs away and meets Mr.Tall, a circus of freaks. There Tabatha makes tons of new friends, she doesn't relize it but she's falling in love with Evra, The snake boy.

P.S. This is charaters from Cirque Du Freak. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 18, 2009    Reads: 157    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

I never thought of myself as differant. Sure, I was a little differant. But I never knew why my parents hated me. They loved my older sister, Arianna. She WAS perfect, no flaws. At age 14, I relized why I was a outcast. I cried blood. I packed my duffle bags and silently left, I was scared to death, but I didn't belong there. A lot of people thought that too. I ran away and lived like anyother freak who was alone. I kept looking, and looking and looking. I finally found a freak show. The man relized I was beautiful and also a freak but kept me and there I made some great frinds.

Mr.Tall put me in the same room as Evra, the snake boy, this is how my life now went...

I sat crossed legged on Evra's hamic as he dug around for something. "Evra? What you looking for?" I asked getting down. He had short-long greenish yellow hair and green eyes, and he had green,yellow, and gold scales. He was super thin and he only wore shorts. "Tabatha? Have you seen Eve?" He asked hitting his head on the selves. "Nope, I think she said she was going to see Mr.Tiny. Why?" I asked sitting next to him. How do I sit next to him and feel totally ok? I was in love with him. Hard to belive? I know.

"M-Mr. Ti-Tiny?" He was paler then usual. "Yeah...Evra what's wrong?" I put my arms around him and hugged him. He smiled and hugged me back. I blushed dark red and smiled. He pulled back and smiled. "You're a wonderful girl, and you're really pretty." I blushed even darker and let him go. I walked out the tent and saw somebody watching me. I walked over to the bush and looked at the girl. I gasped when I saw who it was. My annoying perfect sister. Arianna. "Tabatha?" She asked pretty shocked.

"ARIANNA?!" I screamed. Evra was by my side in seconds. "Why are YOU here?!" I asked shocked and hurt. "Mom and dad said we would come to see it. AND here we are, I can't belive you ran away! Mom and Dad were heart broken! And you abandoned me, and I miss you so much! Come Home!" She was shaking my shoulders now. "You're lieing. Mom, Dad they HATE me. You think I wanna go back to a life where I'm an outcast? At least here I have friends, and acually I do belong here." I took Evra's hand and she smiled.

"You only think you belong. Well you don't. You're a sweet girl, and staying with a real bunch of freaks will make you one. COME HOME! You're almost 15 you can't stay here forever. Can you?" Could I? Stay here and maybe get togther with Evra, OR go home and well become an outcast. Evra wins! "Go home. Stay for the show, but go home after. I have a life here. I love my NEW family. And that's how it's gonna stay." I pulled Evra along and stopped to look in a mirror. I had that perfect black hair, and those perfect blue eyes. But I saw red streeks on my cheeks.

"Tabatha? It's okay, you don't belong here, but we all love you. And we would all be upset if you left." Evra whipped the blood off my face and smiled. "Even you?" I asked looking into his eyes. "Even me. I love you Tabatha, don't forget that either!" I smiled again, then hugged him. "I'm glad you love me Evra. I really am." He let go of the hug and went to the Wolf-Man's tent. I didn't likeWolf-Man that much so I went to my tent I shared with Evra. "Hey Tabatha? Is that you?!" A voice from behind me said. The voice sounded like my Father.

"uhhh, NO! I'm the Amazing Bloody Cries!" I giggled and walked into my tent. "Tabatha? W-what are you doing in here?" Arianna asked sitting on my bed. "This is my tent, well mine and Evra's....Why are you here?" I looked at the baby she was holding. "Why are you in here with her?" The baby was I now relized was My younger cousin Martha. I glared at her and BOOM! My mother came out from behind the curtin we used as a closet. "Tabatha you're coming home." She said angerly. "NO! EVRA! MR.TALL! HELP!" I yelled. They both came running in and pulling me to the side.

"What's wrong Tab?" Evra asked shielding me away from my mother and Arianna. "They're gonna take me away Evra. Please don't let them. Please." I was crying again and holding onto his shoulders. "I won't. Look what and Who give you the right to hate your daughter THEN come here and tell her she's coming home...ONLY because she's here?" Evra went off. "And who are you?" My mother asked back. "I'm her Best friend." He took my hand and pulled me out of the tent. "What's wrong?" I asked him. "Nothing much. Just wanted to know get away from in there. And do this." I furried my eyebrows togther and watched him.

I wasn't sure what was going on when he kissed me. I felt his tongue slidding into my mouth. I folded my hands behind his neck and we of corse, Made out.


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