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Making Master Jealous

Novel By: abejita9

He dominates her, she submits and they both love it. But is it really him that has her on the palm of his hand or is it the other way around?
Bitter sweet short romance story about a Master and his girl.

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Submitted:Dec 17, 2010    Reads: 3,302    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   


"Master, I'm so bored." She sighed; she rested her head on his lap tired of tracing figures on the fabric of his jeans. His hand didn't stop caressing her head, tangling his fingers in the soft wavy hair; but his eyes didn't leave the page from his book.

"Hmm, why don't you go out?" he offered; his voice deep as always.

"Out where Master?" she asked lazily as she closed her eyes enjoying his petting.

"I don't know, out darling. You know, with friends. It's been quite a while since you've gone out and had a little fun" he said turning for the next page.

"Who am I gonna go with?" her eyes searching for his, but no such luck. His glasses reflected the white page of the book with the hundreds of tiny little words typed into it. That damned book…

"I don't know darling, you tell me?"

She frowned.



She bit her lip before slowly getting up off her knees and gently slid herself on his lap. This made him finally look up from his book and calmly pay attention to her; as always, very serious-SO like Master… She gulped before her hands went to the sides of his head. He watched intently; she was acting without permission but he was curious as to see were this was leading. Her hands stopped at his temples, her fingers gently sliding his glasses off. He looked very sexy with them, but she liked him way better without them.

Placing them on the table beside them she turned her head back to him and found a pair of green eyes finally paying attention. Her head slowly hanged low, making her long brown hair hang beautifully at her shoulders. Her hands made tiny fists resting on her spread thighs. She knew how interrupting him like that could earn her a punishment, he saw the fear in her eyes. Yet the big honey like orbs adorned by fan-like lashes never left his; her pouting lips trembled, tempting him to take them.

She was displeased, he could tell; she made her point loud and clear.

"Aren't we a bit spoiled, darling?" he finally broke the silence

Her brows pushed together as she bit her lower lip. She slowly leaned forward, touching his lips with hers, planting a gentle kiss-the burning sensation feeling amazing; then she tucked her head between the space where his neck and shoulders meet, arching her back just like a kitten, sliding her arms around his neck.

He chuckled.

"Does somebody feel need for attention that badly?" he whispered into her ear.

She nodded into his neck. His hands snaked to her back, one of them playing with the tips of her hair-he really loved that.

"Hmm, you're so greedy, darling." He grinned.

"That's not fair Master, you haven't even looked at me at all" she accused sitting back up. "Then you suddenly send me out…" her eyes were no longer on his; a twinkle in them. She crossed her arms in the sexiest way "Why don't you want me today Master?"

"Only because I send you to have fun I'm so badly accused, darling?" he smiled darkly leaning back into the comfy leather chair. "I just want you to have fun is all?"

"But I don't wanna go Master… I wanna stay here… with you." She said softly.

"Come" he said.

She leaned down on him once more. His lips found hers and quickly dominated them. She moaned softly as his tongue went deeper into her mouth. His hand wrapped tightly around her, pressing her against him as humanly possible.

Her little nipples felt hard even through their clothes. He pulled back leaving her breathless. He reached behind her, groping her delicious ass. She immediately wiggled herself against him. He turned her around, sitting her so her back was to his chest, and slid her straps down her shoulders. Slowly he uncovered a pair of full, perky breasts already very excited. One hand began to tease them, pull them as the other wondered down to her hips. Tugging on the dress, he lifted her hem up to her waist revealing a nice pair of pink g string panties, with simple lacy patterns. He smiled as his fingers went down and found a very wet, slippery spot in the very center, where her pussy would be.

She moaned when his fingers rubbed over her panties, feeling wet all over. He tug on a nipple as his hand spread her legs wider. He pulled on the strings on either side of her hips and stripped her of it.

She felt the cool air hit her warm pussy as his finger spreading her puffy lips. Suddenly he slipped a finger inside her wet hole. On instinct she tensed feeling her pussy send shivers up her spine connecting to her nipples. His finger was fast, in and out, in and out.

"You've been a bad girl, darling" he whispered.

His thumb flicked her clit side to side. It was swollen, fully hard with excitement.

"You're very hot and horny, aren't you?"

She moaned loudly, throwing her head back into his shoulder as he pinched her clit. She wiggled, rubbing herself on him. She looked so sexy like this; his own cock was raging hard, unbearably horny. He adjusted his hard on from outside his pants and found a wet spot in them, he chuckled.

"Looks like you even got my pants wet darling" he groaned as her ass rubbed on him, "You're such a dirty girl…" "Touch your pussy for me" he said

Shaking, she replaced his hands with her own, spreading wide apart her pussy and finger fucking herself on his lap. Meanwhile he cupped her breasts and squished them together. He twisted her nipples then pulled them out; she was in a frenzy furiously rubbing her pussy.

He felt her tremble, her hips buck. She was close. Her moans only became sexier by the second. He smirked. Before his cock made him change his mind he better follow what he had planned for her. He took her arms on each of his hands and pulled then gently, leaving her pussy empty and needy.

"Master…!?" she cried out frustrated. She was so close…

He took one of her fingers into his mouth and licked away her delicious taste.

He turned her over again, so she could be facing him. Her cheeks were hot and red, her eyes watery with need, her breathing still raged.

"Why…?" she whined.

He chuckled, "Because that was your punishment for what you did. You are not to cum till I let you know again darling."

Of course he knew this was blowing it out of proportion, seeing as he really did neglect her today. But he couldn't help take advantage of the situation. She was motionless for a moment, her cherry lips slightly parted.

He lifted her chin with his fingers gently, "Is that understood?" he said seriously.

"Yes Master…"

"Good" he said while standing up, taking her in his arms, "Go call one of your friends and make plans darling, I still think you should go out more often, it's not that healthy if you stay locked up in here all the time."

She frowned as he put her down, fixed her clothes and patted her softly on her ass.

"Now" he urged. She nodded and he kissed her tenderly on her forehead.

He sat back in his buster chair, hand in book sliding on his glasses; he found a comfy spot and calmly resumed reading-Betterget rid of the hard on, he thought. She watched him for a minute, stupefied at what just happened. Master was so sly, leaving her like that. Seeing as he wasn't about to talk to her anytime soon, she slowly turned on her heel and headed to her room before he got angry.

Feeling her finally walk away, his eyes secretly looked up from his book and watched her as she disappeared out the door. Her feet looked like they were being dragged by an invisible force rather than her walking, her little ass swaying to the beat of her hips, her arms locked behind on her back twirling the end of a strand of hair; a habit he seemed to notice, and the little dress he had bought her, it framed her body perfectly- she was definitely perfect. Except that spoilt attitude, the constant need of his attention, her manipulative ways, and the way she stands up to him-yet those were the things he loved the most about her; though he always won, he loved her for trying. But apparently, she was oblivious as to how much he really cared, but for now, that was ok, he thought. Being the smart, sour/sweet girl he knew she was, he was sure she could turn the tables on him anytime if she knew and if she really wanted.Maybe one day… but not anytime soon-he smiled darkly.

She slumped herself on the bed on her back. Her pussy ached, that was so mean of him. She wanted so bad to cum, she almost masturbated but decided not to. If he found out he would be very displeased with her, after all It was a punishment; secondly, having an orgasm without him wasn't as fun and exciting… She sighed. Phone in hand she began searching one by one on her contact list. No. no. no. no. no. no-

Doesn't Master understand I don't have anyone to go with? She thought.

One number, however, picked her interest. Alex. He used to be best friends with her. That is, until things got romantically complicated and in the end she rejected him. Soon after that he found a girl friend, and she focused her everything on her Master. After that they stopped talking almost completely. She missed him though, terribly much. So she didn't know what came over her as she pressed his number; a few rings later his voice greeted her.

He heard her footsteps getting closer. He sipped a bit of his coffee and put the mug down again. She entered gracefully as always: she had the yellow mid thigh sundress he had given her; the nice cleavage accented her breasts perfectly, the thin straps made her look even more delicate. The dress went well with her long hair, which was now perfectly coming down her shoulders and back, with a natural shine and wave; her fringe was naturally swept to the side, a yellow little bow on the side of her head gently holding back a strand of hair. Her makeup he noticed was neutral, just the way he liked it. She was also wearing the pair of earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet he had given to her on her birthday. She was absolutely stunning.

"Lovely, darling." He said extending his hand to hers.

She walked towards him and gave him her hand as he pulled her onto his lap again. He slipped his hands under her dress cupping her tender ass.

"And what kind of panties are you wearing for me?"

She grinned at him, slowly getting up from his lap she stood in front of him and began to hike up her little dress over her waist.A little white thong greeted him. He smiled.

"Perfect." He smiled as he pulled her into him again, but not releasing the plumpness of her exposed ass.

"So inform Master where you're going darling, and with whom" he said

She smiled sweetly.

"I'm going out with Alex."


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