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All The Right Things In All The Wrong Places

Novel By: AbigailxWritesx

random chapters from a story i am working on. View table of contents...



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The cool breeze coming off the water was refreshing and the sand between my toes was warm. Everthing around me was balanced, tranquil. It was a nice change.
Slowly and carefuly I felt his arms curl around my torso. Chase's body heat radiated behind me. My cool, bare skin did not startle him, however. He had finally become used to the fact that I was always cold.
I leaned back on him and closed my eyes for a moment. Chase's lips kissed the top of my head and suddenly, everything felt just as it should be. I finally had felt right, there, in my best friend's arms. It was at that moment, standing on that very beach, held tight in the one person's arms that I never would have thought about, that I realized something, if not multiple things. Chase, since seventh grade, was never just a friend to me. I had always been in love with him, I had just never uncovered those feelings because I had never looked for them in the first place.
My feelings for Chase had always been obvious to everybody but myself. I was the oblivious one.
The peacefulness gave my mind time to replay countless memories and for a bit, I had become lost in them. I couldn't help but smile on the outside when my heart was on the inside.
Coming to the realization that I was in love with my best friend, I had to act on it. I knew exactly what I wanted, but was it too soon, too bold? I had denied Chase over and over, every time he tried to move in on me. I worried for about four seconds, then I realized that I was not a worrier.
Screw everything, I thought. I had nothing to lose, and since when did I start caring anyway? It felt like I was losing all sense that I once had.
Still locked in Chase's arms, I spun myself around so that I was looking directly at him. His blue-grey eyes locked in on mine and in the corner of his mouth, a small smile turned up. I instantly melted. Never had I felt so vulnerable, but at the same time like I had total control.
I gently lifted my arms up and wrapped them around Chase's neck. His were still tight around my waist. My chin lifted and instinctively, my eyes closed. Our lips met and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. This was everything I had been searching for, and it had been in front of me all of this time.
Chase's lips were soft against mine, but immediately he took control of the situation. He had just been waiting for me to be the first to get things going. I let myself go, and felt happier than I had been in months.
All it took was a little push, which I had no idea as to where it came from.
I suddenly felt Chase pull away. I knew I shouldn't have done that. He would be speechless and embarrassed, I thought. The immediate regret took over but somehow I kept myself mildly composed. Reluctantly, I pulled back. Not wanting to see the shocked look in Chase's eyes, I lowered my head.
A warm hand lifted my chin so that, once again, I was gazing directly into his beautiful, caring eyes. Instead fo dismay covering his face, as I thought it would be, a sparkling smile was formed. Chase's eyes seemed to shine even more in the moonlight, they were mesmerizing.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for you," Chase whispered.
"I know," I contradicted him. He just smiled. I couldn't help but smile back at him.
Deliberately, he pulled me in closer and got back what space had appeared between us when I recoiled.
This time he bent in toward me first. My lips parted with his as he pulled me closer, still. In an instant, everything changed. This kiss, held more passion than I had ever experienced. My fingers tangled in his shaggy hair and his hands ran smoothly about my back.
Nothing else mattered at that moment except us. Perfection is difficult to come about, but somehow I had stumbled upon it.
This time, I pulled away first. I knew I woried him in the same way that he did to me.
"I love you," I told him, feeling completely vulnerable, with my heart on my sleeve.
"I've always loved you, Caitlyn."


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