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Falling in Love with My Blind Date

Novel By: achi0804

Is it destiny to fall in love during a blind date? and what if your ex-boyfriend is coming back for revenge? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Jason

Being popular and rich wasn't easy. It meant girls all over you. It meant teachers afraid of you. It meant guys being jealous of you. But at the same time it was fun. The disadvantages were advantages. It meant girls always asking you out. It meant no homework because they were too afraid to give it to you. It meant all guys staying away from you. But not all guys. I somehow managed to make real friends, accepting me the way I am. I was a good guy, well I thought I was. I didn't go around playing with girls in parties and clubs, though. I was an honor student, even though it sounds nerdy and stuff. I never fell in love. It was always just liking someone, never going past that stage. But I never expected to fall in love with her. And even worse, during a blind date.

My name's Jason King. I'm a junior at DX Private High, a Korean and American joint school meaning both Americans and Koreans can attend the school. But not anyone can just go there. You had to be rich and had brains. It was the top school in all of America. The school itself occupied almost half of California. We could wear anything we want except for P.E. and we had huge lockers. Our classrooms were as big as a house. The population was half Koreans and half Americans. We also had dorms, if you didn't want to go back home. Even though it was just a high school, it looked like a college. There were many classes and sports. We could choose anything on our schedule and change anything in it. I was in the science major section. It was the best school and yet the worse for me. It was too big, but I loved the freedom. There were too many people, but I loved crowds. I wasn't claustrophobic, but it felt like I was.

I wasn't a playboy, though people think I am. I just liked girls a lot, but I never go past that stage with just anyone. Well I'm not a virgin and I only do it if I feel angry or sexually frustrated. I never ask girls out, meaning they either ask me out or blind dates, which was increasing every day. My best friend, Lee JiHoo (he's Korean, you can tell by his name), was the master of blind dates. He can just walk up to some random girl and ask them out. He was also popular but worse than a playboy. I think he must have dated almost all of the girls in DX, even the ones that I dated. He was the one who was always cleaning up my mess, meaning after I dumped a girl he would date that girl and comfort her in ways I can't imagine. He was worse than me, but he has good intentions. He was the one that approached me in the first place. Just that sometimes he starts to become lazy and annoying. He was talking to me about getting 2 girls at the same time in the morning.

"Hey, Jason. I scored two chicks by the gates an hour ago," JiHoo said, grinning at me. "They're hot and I think you'll like them."

"JiHoo, I need a break from blind dates. There's just too many of them. I wanna settle down to just one girl. And is it another one of those giggling girls? I swear I'll punch them, even though they're just girls," I muttered, frowning.

"Nah, one of them looks like a tomboy but still hot and the other one is just damn sexy. Weird how I don't know her or the other one. They're probably at the art major section. You're getting the tomboy," said JiHoo, "and I'm getting the hot chick."

"Okay, that's fine."

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! All of a sudden students everywhere started to stand up and walk to their classes. I grabbed my backpack and ran out the cafeteria door. Suddenly, BAM! I fell on my butt as all my books spilled out on the floor. Some students smirked at me, but others ignored the mess and just continued to run to their classes. Damn, I'm gonna be late for class, I thought miserably as I rubbed my bruised butt. The person I bumped into also fell down, her backpack at her feet. She was also rubbing her butt as she muttered a curse. I stood up and helped her up, but she refused it. She stood up and I got a good look at her face and body. She was pretty in a tomboyish way. She was wearing cargo pants with a green tank top on, showing off her curves, and a hat that covers some of her face. Not bad, I thought, smiling at her.

"Sorry," she muttered and fled the cafeteria. I watched her run, wondering who she was.

During the whole math class, I couldn't help but think about the mystery girl who made me fall on my butt. Even though she dressed like a boy she was still hot and pretty. The tank top she was wearing made everything better. It was like she didn't care what she put on and still be hot and pretty.

As I was daydreaming, I didn't notice the bell ringing and everybody was already out of the classroom. The teacher was saying something but I didn't notice.

"YAH! JASON! Wake up and get out of my classroom!" yelled Mrs. Park. This jolted me out of my dream, grabbed my backpack, and ran out of the classroom like hell. I didn't wanna get her on her bad side. She was the only teacher who wasn't afraid of me or any other student. That's why she's my favorite teacher.

I ran to my next class: P.E. People were already changing and warming up in the field. I quickly changed my clothes to my P.E. uniform and ran out of the locker room. We were playing basketball, red team against blue team. I was on the blue team. We were tied and there was only 10 seconds left. We needed 2 more points. JiHoo was also on the blue team. He passed the ball to me. I threw the ball and it went through the basket before the clock reached 0. We won!

"WOOOHOOOO!" I screamed and fist pump the air. The other people on my team jumped up and hugged me and put me on their shoulders. At the end, we shook hands and everybody went back to the locker room.

JiHoo grinned at me as we walked to the locker room. "That was awesome, Jason. No wonder you're the captain of the varsity basketball team."

"Of course, JiHoo. Don't underestimate me. I can beat your ass on court, one-on-one," I bragged, giving him a smirk.

"YAH! Stop bragging! I'm as good as any of the people here. I wasn't underestimating you. It's just amazing how you can do anything," JiHoo said. I smiled. Thanks, buddy, I thought. But I'm not what you think I am.

The bell rang, signaling everyone it was recess. Me and JiHoo walked together, talking about classes and girls and just about everything. The campus was filled with people, chatting, laughing, and giggling. Suddenly arms surrounded me and almost crushed my ribs.

"OWW!" I screamed. I looked back and saw Crystal, my "fan". She was one of those girls that I really hated and wanted to punch. Her arms were like steel. It was suffocating me. With difficulty, I pried her hands off me, and JiHoo dragged her away from me. I sighed with relief. I can't wait to go back home. But then I remembered about the blind date. Oh well, it's the last one, I promised to myself.

"Thanks JiHoo. I wish this school banned girls like her. She's so annoying," I grumbled.

"No problem. Hey the date is at that club I always go to. Sweet Lust? Something like that," JiHoo said. "Meet me there at 7. I'm bringing the two girls with me."

"Yeah sure," I muttered.

Finally, the last bell rang. YES! I screamed in my head. Finally! I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. I kept running till I reached the gates, the wind blowing in my face. I reached my house and went inside my bedroom. I jumped on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I wonder what her name is, I thought.

I got off the bed and started picking my clothes. I chose gray skinny jeans, a casual blue t-shirt, my black Vans, and a gray hat. By the time I decided to go with my first choice, it was already 6:45 pm. Oops, I thought. Gotta hurry.

I walked out of my bedroom and went downstairs.

"MOM! I'm going out!" I screamed, grabbing my keys.

"Okay! No drinking or smoking!" my mom yelled back. I rolled my eyes. I would never do something as gross as that. Even though people thought it was cool and stuff, I think it's gross and stupid and disgusting.

I stepped out of the door and cold wind touch my body. Brrrr, I thought, warming up my hands. Should have grabbed gloves. I got into my car and drove to the address that JiHoo texted me.

As I neared the place, I saw colorful lights and people outside smoking and drinking. I crinkled my nose, the smell reaching me. I grimaced at the sight of two people at the corner doing that. Ugh, why did JiHoo decide to go to this place? I thought.

I got out of my car and walked towards the door. The name of the bar, Sweet Lust, was on the door. Through the glass, I could see many bodies dancing and the smell of drunk people reached outside towards me. Ewww, I thought. I'm gonna beat JiHoo's ass later on. I opened the door and walked in.


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