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Young Paris Evens is a 17 year old girl from Malibu who travels to LA for school, now its summer and she meets someone who she fell in love with the first day of summer but he doesn't live in California so will their relation ship survive long distance.
Every summer has a story & Evey summer has romance View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 4, 2010    Reads: 175    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

Chapter 1 Meeting Him

I fell in love on summer brake; he was so sweet, though he lives in Ohio.

People say summer love isn't meant to be it is a fantasy, but this summer, was different I was at the beach in Malibu, just sitting on the rocks listing to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, the sound of children laughing the sound of a happy couple having fun.

Looking out into the ocean I saw someone I knew he was cute by the way he was standing on his surfboard, hovering on the waves and doing tricks, I took out my little drawing pad from my bag, and started sketching him on the waves, it wasn't the best it was just a ruff copy, people say I am an amazing drawer but I don't thinks so...I mean I think I'm good but I'm not that good.

Drawing was something I did to pass the time but I loved photography I had my camera in my bag I reached for it and took it out I out it to my eye and focused the camera and zoomed it in and started to take pictures of him, he was still surfing which was good, I love action shoots.

I put my camera down in my lap and looked around the beach once again I took random photo shoots of random people from a distance so I could play with them on Photoshop and so I could print them off and draw them. It gives me something to do when I am not hanging out with my friends.

I looked back out into the sea threw blue ocean to see if I could see him, I knew I haven't meet him I know I don't even know his name but he seems so cute I know I haven't even looked at him close up yet but that's me I fall in love so easily. But I can't help it, I want to know him, I want to meet that boy....but how.

There is so many ways to meet him adiently bump into him, think he is someone else, well that is all I can think off for now but I better do before I get a call from my dad to come home it was 3.30pm I have been here by myself since 1.00pm with Bree but she left at 2.00pm I live just across from Malibu beach pretty much, its a 2 minute walk, Bree lives 5minuts away from the beach. Our school is in LA so we have to take a bus there school buss to the LA Club then Via Malibu 578 to Malibu beach.

Okay so after going on about nothing I have decided how I am going to meet him the essayist way is to adiently bump into him, that way you sort of don't look to egger to meet them. I got up and climbed down the rocks and made my way over to were he was I went around other people putting my head phones in I saw him just getting out of the water I continued over to where he was pretending I was sending someone a text on my cell phone. And I "adiently" bumped into him.


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