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Complications of Complete (Completed)

Novel By: Ah Zee

Jayle Nerva and Herman Li were best friends during their secondary school years and they were secretly in love with each other. But one day, Herman decides to take the risk and tells her his feelings. Before Jayle could tell her his feelings for him, Herman was taken back to US suddenly.

But fate lets them meet again after many years but Jayle could no longer regconise Herman because he is now renamed as Damien Li.... View table of contents...


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Complications of Complete
Chapter 1
The Past
(Jayle)"I used to have a special friend in my secondary school years. We were very close friends that many people often mistaken us as lovers. We always hang out together, watching the sun set at the top of the school building and we always got into trouble together..."
"Herman!" said Jayle excitedly as she approached towards him. Herman turned around with a wide smile flickered across his face.
"Jayle, what are you doing here?" he asked her.
"How could you not tell me that you are here watching the sunset?" she demanded pointedly.
Herman laughed heartily. "And you're here to resent me for the fact I had not asked you out to watch the sunset together. Sorry," he added. "I just needed to be alone. I didn't know that you'll feel this way."
She beamed at him. "Shouldn't you be in your dormitory after school hours?" she asked him curiously. "I mean you're a prefect..."
"Why ask me?" he said. "You're a prefect too. Shouldn't you be in your dormitory at this hour too?"
Jayle looked away. "We weren't doing anything stupid."
Suddenly there was a scrapping noise at the door. "Shhh," he warned her. "There's someone at the door."
But before they could hide themselves, the door flew open and the discipline master was standing there.
"I could not believe how you prefects could sneak out of your dormitory to meet up after school hours," said the discipline master angrily after he had brought the pair of them to his office. "Mike, how could you be so irresponsible?"
""I'm sorry," said Mike the Head Boy.
"If you must punish, please punish the both of us," Herman spoke up after a long silence. "Jayle and I did not plan to meet up, but we just met up there. Mike might be a Head Boy but he is not responsible for our actions. We have never had the intention to get him into trouble."
"Alright," said the discipline master after a while. "No dinner for the both of you tonight. Herman, you'll be washing the dishes after dinner as your punishment, and you, Jayle, you'll rearrange all the books in the library. I will send a letter to both of your parents to inform them about your punishment."
That night, Jayle dustered all the thick and heavy books in the 'Fiction' section of the library. She arrange them neatly back to the shelves according to the numbering order as she tried hard to ignore the continuous rumbling in her stomach.
"You must be really hungry," said a voice behind her. She wheeled around and saw Mike the head boy smiling nervously at her. He holds out a chocolate box. "For you," he said.
"Thanks," said Jayle as she took the box but she thought of someone suddenly. "Do you think Herman had his dinner?" she asked him. For some reason, she was concerned that Herman might faint halfway washing the dishes.
"Don't worry," said Mike gently. "I've told the cooks to give the leftovers to Herman."
Jayle smiled and did not say anything else.
(Herman) "Sometimes I could not understand this strange feeling. It feels like a sort of yearning. My heart would race whenever I'm with Jayle. She would always be there for me whenever I feel down. It is like she was the only person in this world would be able to make me smile. We do everything together. We still watch the sunset despite the discipline master's warning. I remembered there was a time when we played Dare or Dare game. She dared me to steal the Green Stone in the school garden. I stole it and we almost got into trouble. However we were saved by Mike the head boy who happened to pass by. I gave the stone to Jayle and I would never forget the smile she wore at the time..."
"...Still, I did not dare to admit my feelings for her. What if she refused? This might put our friendship at risk. But whenever I saw her walking with Mike, I had this feeling to punch him on the nose. I made up my mind. Whatever the outcome might be, I can figure it out later..."
"Jayle," Herman started nervously. "I have something to say."
Jayle looked at him and this made him feel even more nervous than the last time he sat for exams. He pulled out something silver out of his pocket. It was a long silvery chain with a small black butterfly attached at the middle of the ring. He took a couple of deep breaths and said, "Butterflies usually symbolizes promises. Promises are beautiful like butterflies if they were kept properly, but once broken, the promise that was made will fly away like a butterfly."
"So," he continued, "I want you to be my girlfriend. I promise you that I will love you and protect you."
Jayle did not know what to say. "I…"
"I'll wait for you," Herman said quickly. "You don't need to give your answer now." He thrust the chain to her hands. "I hope you will consider it.I will put on this for you once you agree."
(Jayle)"I really loved him. From the first day of school when I had accidentally bumped onto him during the opening ceremony, I had already liked him. I didn't expect that he would feel the same way for me one day. I took the Green Stone that Herman had given me and stare at it..."
"Jayle, if you stare at the stone any harder, it will probably start confessing all Herman's innermost secrets to you!"
Jayle almost dropped the stone at these words. Her best friend was standing against the wall with a sly smile on her face.
"Chloe!" Jayle exclaimed. "I almost dropped this stone!"
"You were so concentrated on that stone," said Chloe, winking. "I wonder if it's from Herman."
Jayle did not say anything. Her face turned red with embarrassment when Chloe began to tease her.
"Don't," Jayle muttered, embarrassed.
"Alright," Chloe said, suppressing her laughter. "Here's a piece of advice: you must tell the person you love how you feel or you might regret it one day."
Chloe left the dormitory, leaving Jayle doing some thinking. Chloe was right, she thought. Herman had always treated her best and this time, he had told her how he felt for her. She'd regret if Herman goes out with another girl. Jayle dashed out of the dormitory and looked for Herman. He was not doing his duty or at dinner. She looked every sign of him wherever she goes and that she was too distracted that she went crashing with the discipline master.
"I'm sorry sir," she said quickly. "Did you see Herman?"
"Herman?" said the discipline master, surprised. "He had left the school with his grandpa just a moment ago…"
"He had left," she repeated, astounded, "When?"
"Just a while ago in the car park…"
Jayle did not wait for the discipline master to complete his sentence. She ran past him and then to the car park. But Herman was no where around. Her heartbeat quickened as she scanned the car park once more. There was not a single soul there except hers. She stood- rooted to the ground, speechless. Where did Herman go? She wondered as she stared at the gates of the school.
Nobody knew where Herman went. Not even the teachers. He seems to have disappeared suddenly. One week gone, and then another week, and another week and soon he were gone for more than a month. Jayle was confused. She wasn't sure if she was still waiting for him. She looked listless everyday and couldn't concentrate during class. Her marks were getting from bad to worst. She looked so pitiful that Mike the head boy sympathized with her. He tried to cheer her up with ice-creams and chocolates but she was still miserable. Chloe persuaded her to leave this school and start a new life, but they ended up making a deal.
"I promise you," said Jayle stubbornly, "that if Herman doesn't return within three months, I will go. I will leave the school and never stepped here again."
"Three months?" said Chloe incredulously. "Are you crazy? Are you going to spend your Christmas in misery?"
"I don't care," she said. "I have made up my mind I'm sure Herman will return. If not I will go as I have promised."
Three months had arrived sooner than expected and it was Christmas. Jayle was still sitting on the canteen bench, looking listless as she waited for her parents. She left the school rather reluctantly when her parents fetched her. Tears of sadness rolled down her cheeks as she followed her parents out of the school.
Back up the stairs, in the dormitory, the Green Stone was resting on a piece of paper neatly folded into two. It says:
"Though I don't know why you left without a word, but I want you to know that I will never forget you. I will wait for you. I want you to put on for the Black Butterfly as you have promised."


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