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Wishing among the stars.

Novel By: ahoyxo

When 2 good friends decide to hook up, but it doesn't end well. ( I'm also using the names from the MTV show, Awkward because this is a true story and no names should be mentioned.) View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 4, 2013    Reads: 27    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

You'd never think that one simple mistake could change your life? Could it? Well for this girl it did. My name is Jenna. I made a simple mistake that went overboard and changed my life forever, basically.

It all started back in 8th grade. I had no clue what a "relationship" was, I mean, I had the 3 day relationships, where I would date a guy for 3 days, but that doesn't count at all, plus it only happened 3 times. When you were my age, Facebook, ( the social network) was the coolest thing, everyone and anyone had it and if you didn't, you weren't considered cool. I wanted to fit in, so I had a Facebook.

One night, I was on it, and I got a friend request from a guy named Matty. I have never met the kid in my life, but he was cute though. I know thats not the safest thing to do, but like I said, I was young! Me, being me, I started the conversation, and I still remember it too. I remember him telling me his favorite color was red. Matty was a super cute. He has blonde hair, blueish eyes, tall, skinny, and played soccer. Matty and I talked throughout Facebook for over a year. The reason for that was because we went to, 2 different Middle Schools, and we never could hang out, or never really wanted too for that matter. Matty and I got pretty close, atleast I thought so, I also began liking him too. We talked almost everyday and it made me really happy, I embarrassed myself, and looking back on it now, it makes me laugh how I used to flirt with him, but he did it back! Matty also had a girlfriend though, Sadie. She was "Miss Perfect", everything HAD to go her way, and she obviously had the cute boyfriend. She wasn't the prettiest, or skinnest, and niether was I, but I thought I was prettier and skinner. We both had girl scouts together too when we were younger, so I knew who she was. I was supportive of there relationship and I never tried interfeering with it, and I never wanted too.

Matty and I never met untill highschool, up untill the first couple of days of Freshman year. We stopped talking though. Through facebook, and he didn't have a phone either. Basically because Sadie took over his life. It was sad because Matty and I were pretty close, and he might not of thought so, but we were and it also sucked because, I liked him.

I played soccer, it was my first year, and it started in the spring, also Matty also got a phone. One day, after practice, I recieved a text from this random number, so I texted back.


"Hey! Who is this?"

"Someone (;"

"No, really, who is this?
"We used to be best friends, but we stopped talking, so now I'm texting you (:"


"Yes! (: "

After those text messages, Matty and I talked all the time. We'd also see each other in the hallways, and smile and wave, and he wanted a hug too! I thought life was maybe looking up for me! I thought maybe he wanted to be with me! Maybe my dream was coming true. While, we texted all the time, my feelings for him came back, and they never left. Since I was in soccer, and we never were really good, we never won a game and got one goal. Matty played soccer, he knew the feeling of being stressed out, and he was really supportive about it and always there for me, even if I got moody with him.

Matty and Sadie had broke up, which meant, I stepped in the picture with Matty. Matty and I had a thing! Finally! A dream, coming true! It didn't last long because Matty and Sadie got back together, and that really sucked because around that time my grandma was dying and I needed someone and Matty was that one person who was there for me. Matty and I stopped talking after that.


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