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Expect The Unexpected,

Novel By: Alex3315

New story I came up with a while ago, it's a mix between Romance/Mystery.

Bridget Holing, Complicated life, bad bonds with her father. School seems to have an omen for her. Life just sucks. But things start getting odd when her father returns from traveling and announces their moving!. But that's the least of her worries when she starts hearing odd and inhuman sounds around the new house followed by weird incidents. Confused as to what this might hold for her, she tries her best to handle these occurrences. But will she break in the end?. View table of contents...



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'Beep, Beep, Beep' I woke up to that annoying sound that comes from the object we'd all like to kill, my alarm clock.
I grunted and turned around searching for the button that would turn off the dreaded sound. But being in my sleep mode, my hand was flying everywhere except for the stupid nightstand.
I finally managed to find the button and turn it off.
Once that was completed I went onto the next step.. Getting Up. Which might I add wasn't one of my strongest points.
Blinking my eyes a few times to adjust to the light, stretching a bit. Yawning, enjoying the last bits of peace.. And now for the hard part… Actually getting up…
I resisted for a few moments, until I realized I had to. I forced myself up, sitting on the side of the bed; I began stretching my legs out. Once I felt I was actually ready to walk, I got up, and headed to the bathroom, Walking into my bathroom I glanced over to where my clock resided and realized it was past 7:00 am.
Panic-stricken, I hurried and got dressed. Slipping on pants then a shirt, basically anything I could find.

You might be wondering why I'm in such a hurry?. Well I think I can answer that for ya.

My names Bridget Holing. This is the first day of school, and I'm in high school, you do the math.
I'm going into my second year of being a high school student. So I'm at the age of 16. Yes I started my First high school year a bit late, but what can I say, I was held back a grade!. Not for being a bad student or bad grades, but for the simple task of most families. Moving. Yes, my father works as an Athletic Recruiter. For those who have no idea what that is, it's a job where Individuals who recruit for college and professional athletic teams travel extensively while scouting players, attending workshops and training camps, and meeting personally with prospects. So of course we moved around a lot, my fathers a huge sports fan, and even saying 'huge' is an understatement. So moving like every 2 years to a totally different town, and sometimes even state!. Keeps me from doing the schoolwork I needed to do so badly, hence why I was held back a grade. So enough with that boring explanation. Let's move onto details.

My mother is your typical housewife you could say.
Staying home with us kids, cleaning up around the house and cooking. And all those so called things that the typical wife/mother does. I've always somewhat 'Envied' my mother 'Sad yes, but hey, not many have a mother that could just leave, and become a model if she wanted too. She has always been the best mother I could have, and such a brilliant and warm personality that just brings people too her. And beautiful beyond words too top it off. Now tell me who wouldn't be envious of that? But still no matter what, she's there for us through thick and thin. When our father isn't here, we always know she will be.

And I did say 'us' kids. I do have a little brother, a total nuisance of a brother. At the age of 3, you'd thing he'd rather play with his little toy cars and his other drool toys, but noooo. He likes too come into my room and go through 'Every' thing. No joke.

Snapping out of my daydream, I realized it was now 7:17 am.

"Crap! I'll never make it!" Fully dressed, I just had to get my bag and be out the door. Now if only I could make some kind of excuse up.
Running down stairs, I could smell the aroma of pancakes and eggs. By this time my stomach was aching to have food. But too bad that want would have to wait. Running past the kitchen, I said a quick goodbye to my mother and a wave to my little brother and headed out the door.

Since, I had been driving for about six months now; my mother usually let me drive the car on times like this. Yes this has happened three times before, but at the time I was probably only gonna be a few minutes late for school. Not 30 minutes too an hour.

I ran up to the side of my mother's Lexus GS, grabbing at the handle and trying to pull open the door, I realized. I forgot the darn keys.
Turning around I hurried back inside.
Running into the kitchen, I ran into my mother.

"Babe, please don't run in the house." My mother asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Sorry mom, but I over slept and I really need to get to school. So I tried to take your car, but I forgot the keys, so I rushed back in here to get them." I finished inhaling deeply.

My mother sighed. "Bridget, your 16 now, you need to be more responsible. Forgetting that you have school and over sleeping is not responsible. What are you going to do when I'm not here to help you?" My mother calmly stated.

"I'm sorry mom, I promise I'll remember next time, It was a stupid slip today. I've been really off lately" It had been true, for the past few weeks, I had been feeling really off and disoriented.

"Alright, but please for future references. Be more responsible" My mother shook her head. Turning around she headed to her desk. Opening the drawer, she pulled out her keys.
Walking back over to me she threw them too my hands. I caught them without a second glance, thanking her profusely and running back out the door.

Running back to the car, I stuck the key in the lock and opened the door, I jumped inside.
Starting the car up, I made sure I had everything with me. Then I drove off.


Pulling into the school parking lot, I couldn't be happier, the fact that it took me less then 10 minutes to get to school, when I live 35 minutes away. And the fact that I survived. On my way here, I was almost hit twice! Honestly, people these days! it's either they don't know how to drive, or their drinking and driving.

Happy that I was only going to be 20 minutes late, instead of 45 minutes, like I anticipated. I hurried out of the car grabbing my stuff and locking up. I ran as fast as I could through the school parking lot and into the school doors. As soon as I entered the school I slowed down to a fast walking pace. Seeing my class room number, I hurried to get to my class. Opening the door, I was met with the faces of all my classmates and even some empty seats. (Guess I'm not the only one who's late). Along with my teacher, once her eyes hit me I could tell I was going to have to have a seriously good excuse for my absence.

"Miss Holing" My teacher addressed, clearly annoyed.

"I'm so s_" I was cut off by my teacher raising her hand to silence me.

"No need to hear it, take a seat and we will talk later" She pointed to the back.

I looked down too the floor making my way to the back trying not to catch too much attention. As if that was possible.
As I was walking past a few kids I could hear faint giggling.

Finding my seat, I took it quickly.

"Ok, class. Today's lesson." My teacher started, grabbing her marker and turning to the black board.
While I carelessly drifted off into my own state of mind.

My father was supposed to return home tonight. But I had forgotten what my mother told me, as of what time he'd actually be home.
So, I just took the odds of him returning around 7 something tonight.
He had been gone for over a month now, touring around in Africa while we live in America.
So I imagine my mother would be really happy too see him. I just wish I could be just as happy as she, me and my father never really 'Connected' you could say. No matter how hard we tried we both knew that there would probably never be a 'real' connection. Sad but we just never really bonded. He was to busy touring around the world while I stayed home with my mother and then little brother.
So I guess-.
I was snapped out of my (thinking-like-daze) by a snapping sound.
I glanced up too find my teacher above me. (Not looking too happy might I add.)

"Miss, Holing, would you like to express to the class your opinion?" My teacher purposely picked me out. I guess in spite of knowing I wasn't listening.

"Um, I'm sorry, but what is the question again?" I asked regretfully.

"So, you weren't listening?" My teacher raised an eyebrow. No doubt there was a devilish grin playing behind her cold eyes.

"N-no" I stuttered, as painful as it was to admit I had basically ignored my teacher.

"I see, well, Miss Holing, we will definitely talk later" My teacher shook her head at me.

"Yes, Miss Bloomberg" I sighed looking down to my desk. This time the kids didn't fail to let me know they were giggling. My teacher gave a stern look to my class and soon it stopped. But not the accusing stares.

The hours rolled around, and soon school was let out.

I raised from my desk and made the painful walk to the teacher's office, where I knew Miss Bloomberg, was waiting.

I entered the teacher's office reluctantly.
Scared to death to find out my punishment.
1. For being tardy, 2. For totally tuning out my teacher.
Just lovely….

"Miss, Holing." My principle greeted me. Glancing at me from behind his desk.

"Mr. Miller" I nodded. Peering behind him I could see Miss Bloomberg, with her arms crossed. And of course with that death stare of hers. You know that saying, 'If look's could kill, I'd be dead?' Well if looks really did anything, I'd probably be in hell by Miss Bloombergs standards.

"I understand, that you have been very…" He drifted off for a moment. "Delinquent" He finished.

"Yes, sir." I admitted

"I see, well of course you know that this cannot be left detained" He said, while writing on 'What looked to be a file'.

"Yes, sir. I understand" I reluctantly agreed. He finished writing on whatever, and handed it too me.

"Good, please give this to your parents, and meet back with us in a few days. The set date should be on the paper." He nodded towards the paper he had handed to me. "This is the 4th time you've been tardy Miss Holing. We're going to have to sort this out somehow, understand"

I nodded.

"Good, you may leave now."

"Yes, sir" I said as my last words before I walked out the door.
Jeez, I'm pretty sure I've said 'Yes, sir' more in that one room then I have in 3 years.


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