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Family Clan Ranch (Rewritten)

Novel By: Alexis Dawn

This is the story of Colette; she’s a small town country girl that played the lottery, winning the biggest lottery in the state.
Colette took the money she won and purchased the Old Wagner Ranch. Turning the once run down, decrepit ranch into a thriving, envious ranch; The Family Clan Ranch. (FCR)
With the help of her friends and some family Cole was able to work hard to bring the once run down ranch to its present glory. Lynnette, Cole’s mother ran the cook house. Randy, Cole’s best friend from preschool became her right hand man, her foreman. With the help of her ex step mother Elaine, the office ran smoothly. So in fact it is a Family Clan Ranch. View table of contents...


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Cole placed her index fingers along her temple; trying to rub out her migraine that was forming. The last few weeks she has been bombarded with employment applications for summer jobs. A knock at the door drew her attention away from the migraine inducing papers.

"Come in" called Cole.

Smiling, Randy came in with two cups of coffee; he sat one down in front of Cole and sat down in an overstuffed chair to the side of the desk. Cole grabbed the coffee and smiled as she smelt the aroma.

"Smells good, thanks Randy. To what do I owe this visit?" Cole asked while she sipped her coffee

"Just came to see how your fairing. This time of year you always seem to be in a mood and thought I would offer my services to try and avoid our yearly routine." Randy smiled into his cup

"I'm in a mood right before summer because all these city slicker college students bombard me with employment applications. And honestly the only thing they are not qualified for ranch hands. They come from well-educated backgrounds; some even have well connected families around the world. But every time I think about it; I get pissed off because they are looking to be cowboys or cowgirls for the summer so they can brag to their friends about it. Or they are in fear of being cut off from mommy and daddy's bank account so they figure work for the summer and make mommy and daddy proud to keep their money. It never fails, it is every single year. I'm honored that they all want to work for us, and yes during the summer we are able to use the extra help, but come on. I'm tired of the applications, the calls the emails, everything!" Cole stated.

"Now that you have let me in on your mood issue, can I suggest something?" questioned Randy.

"What's that?" Cole eyed Randy intently

"Turn to the modern day assistance that computers and internet can offer."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Let me help you create a database and website for the ranch. We will switch to only accepting applications that were filled out online, and use the database to help sort the applications into different categories, based on how the person fills it out. We only accept a certain number of applications and have a cutoff date."

"I can't ask that of you Randy; you work hard enough as it is."

"Well I have been thinking about a website for a while and have actually created a few templates that I was going to present to you at a later date."

"Really? In your spare time instead of enjoying yourself, you're creating a website for the ranch?"

"Yes, I figured I would create some templates and show them to you. I figured if you didn't like the templates or the idea it was no biggie. You know how much of a computer nerd I am."

"Later if you want, you can bring in the templates and show me how it would work. I think it's a good idea and if it will save me some stress from this crap every year, more power to it!" Cole stated as she waved her hand to the pile of applications.

"No problem will do. Thanks for the coffee, but I best be getting back to work. Don't want the boss to get pissed and fire me for slacking." Joked Randy.

"I won't tell the boss if you don't. Don't work too hard." Laughed Cole.

With a wave Randy left the office. And Cole started in on the applications that promised to make her migraine worse by the end of the night. Thankfully Elaine had sorted the applications into different piles based on age. Someone that's too young could be a liability as well as someone that is up in age. It wouldn't do any good to hire someone just to have a heart attack while working. Cole made every one of her employees have yearly checkups, she loved most of them, and the ones that she didn't love, she tolerated. Her employees were family to her. The ones that she tolerated were like annoying siblings she wanted to smack for irritating her, but she never did lay a hand on them.


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