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The Book of Genesis

Novel By: amandaatmidnight

Trapped in a sudden whirlwind of responsibility after an accidental pregnancy, teen parents Genesis and Arion struggle to keep their family alive and well, while combatting the many obstacles which threaten their marriage, and even their lives. View table of contents...



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"and you think my high school dream was to be a homebound teenage mother married to a professional lazy ass?" The wine glass in her right hand exploded into shards against the wall, missing Arion's head by a near half an inch. "A lazy ass? A lazy Ass? That's just real fucking low Gen. I'm the one out slaving away on construction sites in 97 degree weather so you can go out and waste all of my hard earned wages on unnecessary shit!" "Oh you mean unneccessary shit like diapers for your child? Tell me what you suggest I should substitute. I'm so interested to hear the opinion of an outsider, considering you carve out about fifteen minutes for your daughter every day so you can hardly be called a parent." Skillfully wielding another glass, this time aiming more for whatever was in reach rather than her husband, Genesis launched it against the entryway to the kitchen, watching it anguish as its many pieces danced in all directions. "You know what, you're right. When we relocate to the homeless shelter I'll have more than enough quality time to spend with our baby! How does that sound? And stop it with the goddamn wine glasses! Those were a gift from my mother and you're gonna wake our baby!" " I just feel like a single parent Arion. Even when you're home, your mind is always somewhere else and you barely say a word to me over dinner, and that isn't how it's supposed to be- this isn't what you promised me!" The tears that she had fought so hard could no longer be contained, and they spilled down her cheeks. "I didn't sign up for this. I gave up my future, my friends, my family, a career, to marry you and raise this child TOGETHER- but I may as well live completely alone because you're so damn vacant! I'm your wife, you're supposed to love me, we're supposed to be a team." Collapsing onto the floor, Genesis rested her body against the oak cabinetry and leaned her head into her hands, letting the tears fall as they may, no longer keeping anything inside of her as the shards of class were scattered amongst her feet. Every last bit of resolve that he had so desperately clung to seemed to be wearing out. "Last night, I bet you didn't know that I spent two and a half hours over the stove, with a crying baby strapped to the front of me, changing diapers every thirty minutes, putting every ounce of energy I had left into cooking your mother's recipe- your favorite dinner from back home. I couldn't wait for you to walk in the door. I fed the baby, I put her to sleep, and then I sat up waiting- because you're the highlight of my day. But instead, you went out to the bar with the guys, staggered into the apartment at two in the morning, nearly woke the baby, and passed out on the couch." Arion's face was clouded in guilt as he recalled the blurry events of the previous night, and awakening to a rush of polar water on his face and a dull ache in his back. "I may as well be married to a single frat boy." "Genesis look at me, baby, come here, look at me," Resting on his knees, he grasped her face in his weathered hands and kissed her lips softly. "You're right, about everything. Sometimes it's just so much. You can;t imagine the pressure that is constantly placed on me to be the provider. It feels like our expenses will constantly be higher than my salary and there's nothing that I want more than to give you and our daughter the world; so the thought of never being able to bring in enough income just drains me sometimes. I feel like I come home an have nothing left to give, or I just feel so damn guilty that I hardly have a word to say. You are the most beautiful, courageous, loving, gentle, independent, respectable woman I have ever known; and the thought of losing you and my gorgeous little girl kills me inside. Please understand that I'm trying to hold everything together- I might even take the evening shift at Daryl's and then come home around one, catch some sleep and head out to the jobsite in the mornings. It wouldn't allow for much sleep, but it would allow for a hell of a lot more leeway in our budget, and hopefully then we could have a little extra for the baby, and maybe even for the two of us to get out one night a month. How do you feel about that?" "Honey, I can't let you work yourself into the ground; I love you so much, and I just miss how easy things used to be, how easy they were supposed to be. I wouldn't change a thing, because it brought us the most incredible gift we could ever ask for, but lately it just feels like we're living such separate lives. At the end of the day I'm so worn out, and I don't have a single adult to talk to all day long, I'm a virtual shut in, so by the time you come home I'm just expecting too much from you. There you are out in the blistering sun all day doing hard labor with hardly any breaks, and you come home exhausted to a nagging wife. I'm so sorry. I must make you completely miserable." "Don't you ever say that. I married you because I love you more than life, and I want to spend every day for the rest of my life committed to you and to our daughter- and sometimes that's going to mean sacrifice and long days and aches and pains, but it's all relative. In the end, providing for the family that we created is what I vowed to you that I was going to do, and I will do it." With a touch as gentle as a breeze, he caressed the ring around her finger- an heirloom which had been passed down to him from his own mother; long since deceased, a smile playing across his lips. "It makes me happier than you can ever possibly imagine every time that I see you wearing this ring. My mother would have loved everything about you; just as I do. You two are so much alike, and as much as I wish that you could have known her, I know that she brought you to me. It was only because of her death that I met you by chance, and wrestled you into love with me. You are my miracle Genesis, and I vow to be a better husband to you to from here on out, and a more dedicated father to our daughter. You just have to understand that sometimes that dedication isn't going to look the way that either of us would like for it too, and this is one of those times. So we're going to persevere, we're going to keep on loving each other, and we're going to continue to provide our treasure with a stable home. " Engulfing her in his arms, Arion brushed the tangled tousles of hair from her face and wiped the remnants of baby powder from her cheek and forehead. "You need rest, come on, let's get to bed sweetheart." "But what about the glass? I need to sweep that up before someone hurts themselves." She sniffled. "I'll take care of it first thing in the morning okay? You don't need to worry about it. Now come on, don't be stubborn." Playfully lifting her petite frame into his arms, he pressed his lips to her forehead, and gracefully delivered her to the bed, where he cuddled up beside her and wrapped both arms around her tiny waist. "This is all I need," She whispered. The hum of her rythmic breathing was soothing, and as he held the power button on his worn down cell phone, a notification appeared. Curiosity got the better of him, and pausing for a brief moment, he wondered who would be sending him a facebook message after midnight, none of their high school friends stayed in touch and as far as he knew, his family members all had his cell phone number and would call if they needed to get ahold of him. At the sight of the name on his screen, he felt himself tense up, and he was temporarily frozen. This couldn't be happening, he hadn't seen her in years, and she had supposedly landed some modeling contract in New York- there would be no reason for her to contact him. Even so, a seering guilt filled him as images of her eyes and her body came to mind- she had been his first- his first love, first time, first everything. She was exotically, intoxicatingly beautiful, with dark wavy strands that fell to her waist and always bounced in the slow breeze. Her deeply set eyes could only be described as sublime- with flecks of grey and violet, dark and never ending; yet piercing and soul seeking. In a moment of haze, he furrowed his brow and peered at the beautiful woman sleeping beside him, knowing that these thoughts were altogether unfaithful. The message itself was simple, too simple. Nova would never have that few words to say- she was always so full of language and words simple seemed to flow out of her. The few times they had spoken since she moved lasted hours; her asking about every last detail of his life and delving into every personal detail of her own. They had always sworn to each other that once they had both graduated and were pursuing careers, they would meet again and get married at the nearest courthouse. It was naive, but it made goodbye that much easier. They were barely sixteen, and the world had a whole new set of things to throw their way, two of those things included the love of his life- his wife, and his beautiful daughter. But in that moment, something surged inside of him, and the sight of her face was altogether too much, the sight of her simple "How are you" all too overwhelming. To reply, in his mind, was to be unfaithful, and besides that, he loved Genesis with everything that he had; and his love for Nova was young love, it was fleeting love, but it was powerful all the same. It had the ability to bring to his face a grin that he had not possessed in years, and a reminiscient glow unlike that of any he had experienced. Arion had never thought to mention Nova; a figment of his past, to Genesis, and he feared her reaction if he ever had. But to keep this message from her was lying by omission, and he never wanted them to have secrets. As he contemplated how to handle his present situation, another message appeared, this one slightly more Nova-like. "I understand this may have caught you off guard. I just want to catch up and hear how you're doing, I miss you like you wouldn't believe, and since you've never been that into technology, I'm assuming you're not aware that I can see if you've read and ignored my message... I know you're online Arion" Before he could even stop himself, his fingers were typing out letters almost as if he were possessed, and the letters began to form words, and the words somehow formed "It's great to hear from you Nova". Beside him, Genesis stirred, and rustled herself awake. "What are you doing up?" Her groggy voice was full of sleep, and her long piano fingers rested against his shoulder. In a guilty panic, Arion quite literally threw his cell phone onto the nightstand and immediately shut it off. "Nothing sweetheart, just checking an important email, get back to sleep." " I suggest you get some rest, tonight is your shift with the baby, and she should be up again soon." "I know, I know." "I love you", she whispered. The pangs of remorse were gnawing at his insides. "yeah" he replied. Flipping his pillow, he turned the direction opposite Genesis and pulled the comforter up to his shoulder comfortably. He braced himself, for he knew not to expect any sleep tonight.


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