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Phoenix Burns

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

When the goddess of Celestania dies, the kingdom she reigned over is left in the hands of the King. A corrupt man that Nix serves. His protection force disbands and he's left to fight for the cause the fallen Goddess had fought for. He is sent to investigate the appearance of a woman bearing a striking resemblance to the Goddess. Is Nana the clone of the once great Queen Innana, or is she something else entirely? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 25, 2010    Reads: 207    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Celestania, Castle Utopian Flare, Year: 12669

Screams could be heard as fire erupted from the castle, a great blue and white pyre that signaled doom. Nix knew something was wrong, that fire wasn't natural, and it was Goddess Inanna's power. She was the queen of the land, her king was Exodor, and her kingdom was of the entire planet Celestania. Nix was one of the top council soldiers, he manned the Fire Forces, and was at the royal command. He looked up at the fire and saw a large second explosion that reached the sky. He motioned to his troops and ran for the tower, something was wrong, where was the royal guard?

Nix ran his boots hitting the ground fiercely as his troops followed, they ran to the top of the tower and exited right onto the roof where a ring of blue fire was, it was a high pyre and it circled like a blazing cyclone. King Exodor was pressed against the castle wall; all the guards were lying dead around him. His golden robes were covered in soot, Nix ran to the goddess' consort.

"My king?!" He called, "What has happened."

"Her- she - she killed them!" Exodor exclaimed as he stared wide eyed at the fire, it swirled then a break in the cyclone was seen. Nix twisted to see it slowly dissipate, in the center stood a charred woman, her arms were outstretched, her dress completely burned away; Nix's eyes widened, "No."

The goddess had blown herself up, burned her life away, it was the only death for an immortal such as her. Nix moved forward, horror seeped into him she was the goddess; how could she die? He stepped over the hot circle and saw a sapphire jewel lying on the ground by her feet. He gently lifted it and swore as it seared into his hand, it sunk into his flesh and disappeared. He looked at the angry red burn in his flesh and looked to the sky, the sky was blue. As if the death of the goddess meant nothing to nature, when Inanna's mother had burned herself away, the sky had been gray for months, until Inanna had taken her place as queen making the sky blue once again.

How could Inanna be gone?

Celestania needed her…


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