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Just an ordinary day?

By: Americus

Chapter 4,

In our meeting with company we talked about how big it was and how and what it was going to be built out of. We were designing it our selves so we drew it out. It was very exciting for us! We each got our own office we decided... It was a long boring meeting but it was worth it. Once we were done we hurried home to clean and get ready for our double date! "Okay ill do the living room and bathrooms, and how would you like to do stables and kitchen? Eh?" I said to Anna. She nodded. When we got home we got into comfortable clothes and started cleaning. I hurried but didn't do a half assed job... Our meeting was half of the day and we got home at 1:30. I wanted to ride a little bit today but couldn't now. Once I was done with my room, bathroom, and living room, it was four. "Anna I'm going to the store for dinner!" I yelled through the house "Okay!" She yelled back. I jumped in my truck and went to the store. I got there in a rush and jumped out and went to get ingredients for spaghetti. I was in an out I thirty minuets. When I got home the house was spotless and I started dinner. After I went up to my room and freshend up. Kevin and John were early witch was fine with me, when they came I was in the kitchen making sauce. I felt strong hands at my waist turn me in there direction " what a lovely surprise!" I said smiling to Johns face. "Hi beautiful." I've been thinking about you all day" he smiled and sighed. "Kevin an Anna are in her room so I can kiss you now, not that I couldn't if they wer---" I cut him off with his nervous talk and kissed him. Long, gentle, and full of love. "John come here and help me please!" I heard Kevin's voice yell "uhhh ill be back!" John whispered and gave me one last kiss. It was a perfec night I had never felt so happy and content. I could tell eveyone was! Four months later I awoke with beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. I smiled and turned away, "morning babe." John whispered as he pulled me close to him. He kissed me cheek and neck then my lips. We lived together, and SO does Anna and Kevin, they are here temporarily. Kevin is building a house but the company that is working for him is not completely done with our clinic so it will be awhile. They seem happy and I enjoy them around. "Uhh. I'm so glad it's summer!" I said to John he laughed "yes me too before we pack for our trip lets eat. Fast. Please make pancakes!" John replied I laughed he was obbsessed with my cooking! Later today me, John, Anna, and Kevin were off to Las Vegas for a horse training convention. "Okay let's take a shower first?" I said he nodded and smiled. We have not had sex. I'm a virgin, of course. But we sleep in the same bed and take showers together. We both want it but were not the type to be together for a little while and have tons of sex. We both wanted to feel right about it before we did it. We already told eachother we loved on an other. We meant it. I'm not saying I don't want him that way I do! Unlike most people we just want to wait. We both hopped in the shower we washed and stood under the hot water. "Your so beautiful." John said as he stared into my eyes. I looked away and blushed. " why thank you your not to bad your self." I replied we laughed and he grabbed my head and kissed my forhead. We got out dried off and dressed. I ran down stairs to whip up a quick breakfast. "Hey morning.' Kevin came In and started coffee. " hey um will you flip these and cook the rest while I finish packing?" I asked "I'll try my best with out burning them!" He replied we laughed an I ran up stairs. "Your done that fast?" John asked "no Kevin took over!" I replied "oh god." He replied, "I'm going to start cleaning out the truck feed horses and haul stuff to my truck." John said "okay thanks." I replied I through all my toiletries in a little bag and brought some simple dresses boots and heels. And my curling iron. Once I was done I carried my belongings down stairs and left them at the door where I saw Anna's. I walked into the kitchen, " hey you look cute!" Anna said "oh really thanks you too!" I replied. I wore shorts and a yellow ruffled tank top with my hair in a up dew! Anna had on a short sleeved v pink top with cuprise and flip flops! I went to look at Kevin's pancakes. "Wow look at that! I'm amazed!" I said "shut up." He said scarcasticly. We laughed and I set them on the table and began to eat in a hurry. "How far is Las Vegas from here?" I asked "umm like 12 hours" John said. "uhh I'm bringing my portable tv!" I said. "who's driving first?" John asked "oh I will." Kevin replied "yes!" John said. Once we were done me and Anna quickly did the dishes and emptied the garbage while John and Kevin finished loading the truck. Once we were ready an driving down the drive way me And John were all set in the back, and Anna and Kevin were in front. I decided to watch a movie. The notebook. I felt romantic for some reason. Me a d John plugged in our ear buds and snuggled up together. It had been about to two hours the movie was about to end and of course it always makes me cry. We both laughed at my tears. I could tell John was uncomfortable, because it made him feel... If you know what I mean. We both were tired and I laid on his shoulder as he did against the window and we went to sleep. When we woke up, the sun was fading and we were on the out skirts of a town, "where are we?" John asked. "Cedar city. Want to stay here for the night and have dinner me and Anna are starved." Kevin replied "sounds good!" I said. As we pulled into town there were two hotels in the whole town that's how small the town was. "I say that one." I pointed at one of the best looking hotels. Kevin pulled in and while me and Anna went an checked in they loaded the bags and we went to our room to get ready for dinner. It was so small and expensive. We decided to share one room with two beds for only one night because of the stuipid price. We walked in a sighed "oh we'll it one night." Anna stated. "yup." I said we picked out our beds and got some money and headed out to a diner of some sort. "well of folks it looks like old halls diner is our only option"John said "I dont care let's get food and go to the room I'm exhausted." Kevin said we went in and grabbed a booth. The waiter came and smiled at Anna and me and it made us both uncomfortable. We all ordered a soda. "well that was acward..." Anna said, "umm ya!" I said taking a drink of my pop. "don't worry." Kevin and johned laughed Once we were finished eating went to hotel and got ready for bed, I went and changed in the bathroom with Anna into pjs and laid in bed and waited for John. He came out in baggy basketball shorts and t shirt. He crawled in and smiled at me and we got under the covers and snuggled. I laid on hajjis chest with his and on my back. We were asleep with in seconds when Anna shut the light off.

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