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The Prince and His Village Girl

Novel By: Ana Rui

A young prince finally met the girl of his dreams. The only problem is: She's not a princess!!! He didn't care but what will his parents approve of this?! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: The Origin of the Two Souls
It all started when Kaz, the prince of the seaside kingdom, is having his 18th birthday with everyone, including his cousin, Tea. Also, started with a village girl named Saya, whose life sucks ass as much as he did.
One day, on this glorious afternoon, in the palace, lived a king and a queen who had an only child. Their son was like any other ordinary prince. He had stunning brunette hair, fair peach skin, fierce cerulean eyes, well-built body, very tall, and a daring smile that causes these desperate women to faint because he's so fucking handsome!!! >sighs< Stopping now. This fine gentleman's name is Kazatin. Kaz for short. Oh, yes! He's a one of a kind. Only problem is that he's suppose to get married a few years ago, but no! He wanted to wait 'til he's 18, and look where he got himself into!
So, at his bedroom, he's getting ready to celebrate with them when all of a sudden, his father showed up.
He's King Kane. Like Kaz, he's a lot like him, only older in his late 50s and well out of shape, but he still has a lot of years a head of him. He has bad news for his son.
"Kaz! Kaz!" cried the king.
"Dad! Is there something wrong?" Kaz asked. He knew something went wrong. This time, he's alerted.
"It's your mother." Kane cried again. He grabbed on to Kaz's manly arm, and rushed him to the living room. He wanted to know if his mom had a heart attack like last year. His father told him, it was a surprise.
They arrived at the living room, and with lights, the birthday theme was the old-fashion Little Mermaid theme, and everyone, who is hiding, is either dressing up like people of Atlantica or people of the seaside kingdom.
"Mom?!" Kaz cried hoping she's all right. "Mom, where are you? Are you hurt?"
"Yes…" hissed a voice. Kane turned on the lights and all of his family, friends, relatives, and the people that he don't know came out from all different directions and shouted "Surprise!!"
Kaz was astonished when everyone including his mother were all right. It was a surprise birthday party he soon never to forget.
"Happy birthday, sweetie!" cried Queen Elva. She had short but long brunette hair, fair skin, and grassy green eyes. She looked slim, but old like her husband. Elva and Kaz exchanged kisses and hugs. He thanked her.
"But I though you were…" Kaz said.
"Hurt?" Elva interrupted. "Not a chance!"
"Well, anyways, the most important thing is that you are safe and sound." Kaz smiled.
Tea, however, came out of the shadows with her evil Ursula look on her face. She applauded in dismay, but really, she's not impressed. She looks a lot like Elva, only eviler and younger.
"Bravo!" Tea said in dismay. "A waste of time."
"It wouldn't be a waste of time if it was your birthday!" Kaz snapped.
"Oh, really?" Tea snapped back. "You wouldn't be so sure if you were to…"
"What?!" Kaz cried. "Were to what?!"
"Oh I don't know…" Tea walked around Kaz, and think what evil plot to do next. Kaz suddenly grabbed her by the wrist.
"If you're trying to fall in love with me, don't count on it!" he hissed.
"Me? In love with you?" Tea laughed. "Why would I fall in love with someone I'm related to? Not to mention you're a sissy boy!"
"I'm NOT a sissy boy!!!" Kaz yelled.
Tea and Kaz argued, until Elva broke them up. She scolded at Tea. Kaz walked, excuse me, STORMED away. Elva glared at her niece.
"What?" Tea cried.
"If you wouldn't make a huge complete fool out of yourself, none of this shouldn't had happen!" Elva cried.
"So? Not my fault he's a sissy boy!" Tea crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air.
"No!" Elva disagreed. "It's your fault he's wiser than you! If I were you, I wouldn't mess a wise man like Kaz."
Elva walked away. Tea didn't care. She still blames Kaz for getting her into trouble. That's why she despises him for everything.
Kaz sat down on the balcony of the bedroom window. He's trying to take out all of his anger before he angers someone dear to him, like his mom. Speaking of that, Elva found her only son, and sat down with him. Kaz didn't look, but noticed that she's on his right.
"Do you think I'm a sissy boy?" he asked her.
"What?" Elva backed away a little. "No! No son of mine is ever a sissy boy! You're just doing this because you're a good man! Why the hell would you say that?"
"Well," Kaz looked at the sky. "I don't want to be such a pretty boy-like that Prince Charming creature from Shrek 2 !"
"Not a chance." Elva disagreed. She wrapped her left arm around Kaz. "Tea's just jealous of your natural talents. That's all!"
"Yeah." Kaz felt better. "I guess you're right."
"Now that we have this settled, we can get back to the party."
"Sure. Why not!"
Elva and Kaz left the bedroom balcony and to the living room hoping there will still be cake left for them to eat.
On the other side, across the kingdom, was this smelly place which we all called the ghetto village. Oh yeah! Not a pretty picture from what I can tell. You see, unlike the kingdom that has guards and security left thru right, this place has no security at all! You're never safe. Not even in your own little home! Anyways, the village has endless random acts of violence: robberies; suicides; homicides; murders; rapes; missing less fortunate souls; people killing; people dying; children hurting; children crying; sex stings; you name it! Poverty has spread everywhere like the Black Plague, and there's little or no technology to provide their needs and ease their lives.
Far from the village, the corn field that separated them, is a small house and a barn next to them. In the house and upstairs was a girl. She was like any ordinary girl. She's Afro-Brazilian with regular milk chocolate hair, dark skin that almost matches her hair, misty blue eyes, slim, but petite. Even standing next to an average man, she still looks like a tiny fairy. Her name was Saya Sayaka. She's very shy and trusts no one. She lives here with her older brother, Ayham Sayaka, and her parents Sayuri and Ryo Sayaka.
Sayuri is a lot like Saya. Her very own mini me, but she's older and well out of shape, and her father? Well, he's a lot like Ayham, but older, brunette, skinny and, sorry to say this, boney, too.
Saya's the youngest in the family and the most difficult, na�ve and curious girl of all time. She's writing a diary with her ink pen. After she's done, she heads down stairs to get a bag of Lays™ Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, and brings it back to her room to watch another exciting episode of Days of Our Lives. Reason why? Her favorite character is EJ. That's all. Sayuri goes to her room to check up on her, only to see her eating in front of the T.V.
"Saya?" Sayuri cried. "What did I tell you?"
"I'm sorry, mom." Saya said softly.
"Well, whatever the problem is," Sayuri snatched the bag away from Saya. "Eating while watching TV is not the answer!"
Saya smiled with chip crumbs around her mouth and teeth. EWWW!
"Anyways," Sayuri handed the list to Saya. "Here's a list of groceries, and remember, Saya, never trust anyone, okay?"
Saya nodded. Her mother left the room. Saya turns off the tube, got dress and head out the door. At the grocery store, she saw her friend Lana, who shops here, too.
Lana is also Afro-Brazilian, only with short black hair and with giant earrings. Unlike Saya, she's the wild, dangerous, out-going type. She loves to party, and wears only the finest dominatrix outfits in stock.
"So?" Lana asked. "Are you going to the bar, tonight?"
"What?" Saya asked.
"You know! The bar? " Lana laughed.
"Oh." Saya said. "I can't."
"Well, why not?" Lana complained. "And don't say I have to do chores, 'cause you always said that last time, and the time before, and the time before that time, and…"
"Lana?" Saya cried.
"What?" Lana cried. "Just saying!"
"Well, anyways, I want you to meet me there, okay?"
Lana gathers up her things and heads out the door and on to the motorcycle. There was a leathered man outside with as the two waved good bye at Saya.
Saya got her groceries together and head home walking. It's either the long cut, which is the safest way, or the short cut, which is the violent way to home. She had no choice, and she's all ready late, so she took the short cut.
Saya went into a world of low-lives. She became frighten and starts to panic. You see, she doesn't want trouble. Trouble wants her. Everywhere she goes! You know what the say about beauty is such a curse-well, Saya is very beautiful, but she doesn't know that.
At sunset, a drunken bastard spotted Saya as she head for home. He whistled at her, but Saya tries to ignore. He finds her sexy, but he wonders if she's great in bed, too. To find out, he stumbles to her, and she got scared.
"What do you want?" Saya asked timidly.
"Hey, baby," hissed the bastard. Saya can tell if he's drunk by smelling his breath. "Wanna get down with me back at my place?"
"Uh…" Saya said. But before she could say anything, the bastard started to make her feel scared.
"Aw what's a matter?" the bastard did the baby voice. "Kitty got your tongue?"
The bastard pushed Saya against the wall trying to force himself on her. The groceries fell, and they scattered everywhere.
"Uh, I'm not suppose to trust strangers." Saya stuttered.
"What? You can trust me." Breathed the bastard. He whispered to her that he'll take good care of her, but before he can do his "magic", thankfully, Ayham arrived on his moped. He jumps in to scare away the creep.
"Hey! You leave her alone!" yelled Ayham. The creep got away. Ayham helped his youngest sister to her feet. "What the hell were you thinking?!"
"I don't know!!" Saya sobbed and screamed. Ayham hugged her tight trying to calm her down.
"Never mind about that! Let's go."
Ayham and Saya gathered the groceries together, and head for home. Sayuri and Ryo were worried. Yes, they sent Ayham to get her when worse came to worse, but does it have to take too fucking long to get here?! Ayham and Saya arrived at night.
"Saya?!" Sayuri cried. She examined her only daughter. "What the hell happened? Who did this to you?"
"No one." Saya whispered.
"What?" Sayuri shouted.
"No one!!" Saya screamed. She ran upstairs and slammed the door.
"What the fuck…?" Ryo cried.
"She went to the short cut." Ayham said.
"What?!" cried both Ryo and Sayuri. Ayham explained what happened to Saya, and know that she's not allowed to take the short cut, but she did and look where it got her! She had no choice! It was the fastest way home, and the safest. Fastest? Yes. Safest? Well, not so much.
"She should know!" Ryo cried. "She should know not to go there!"
Sayuri glared at Ayham. "Anything else?"
Saya stopped crying, and tries to go to sleep, but the shouting kept her awake. She peaked through the wooden bars on the stairs and saw her family arguing. Then, they went their separate ways. Ayham goes up stairs and saw Saya.
"Did you tell them?" Saya asked anxiously.
"Not all of it." Ayham said sadly. "Promise you won't take the short cut, again?"
"But what if I'm late?" Saya complained.
"Nothing. Just don't"
Ayham kissed her good night and went to sleep. Saya went to bed, too. And to put her troubled past behind her… For now.


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