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xXBlood RoseXx

Novel By: Angel BeatZ

One word:

Revenge. She might hate this Kingdom, but will she really be able to kill the man she has fallen for? This might cost both her mothers last words and her own happiness.she is...

The Rose that Glows red at night.

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xXBlood RoseXx



It was long ago. It was late night, midnight, the wind was howling with the wolves and the stars were shinning their brightest .Me and mother were travelling on a narrow road in the pitch black woods. I was wrapped in my mother's fragile arms, sitting there mute; watching her lush brown locks bouncing up and down every time our carriage gave a little bump. Suddenly the carriage stopped. Not sure what was happening I gave out a yelp. Mother's hand covered my mouth. I couldn't help notice how cold they were. I looked up at mother confused. Her blue eyes were filled with concern. She put a finger to her lips to tell me to stay hush. She led me out of the carriage from the far side door. Holding my hand tight she took me behind a couple of trees.

"Stay here Rose…whatever you do don't move from here, don't make a sound, mother will be right back." She gave me kiss on the forehead, wrapped her own cloak around me and disappeared. I stayed there, in the dark, all alone…scared.

The sudden scream made my heart jump. Worried, I stood up hugging the tree trunk. I peeked from the corner of the tree. One of the guards was lying on the forest floor around a puddle of red. He was dead. I covered my mouth muffling my scream. A man all in black with his face covered stood over the dead body holding a sword dripping in blood.

"LET ME GO!!!" I heard mother shouted. I saw her being dragged out of the carriage by another man. She fell to her knees in front of him.

"Oh, I'm not done with you…" Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her up. "…I've only just began!" He laughed. I had to keep myself from running out there; I knew that I was just a little girl. Putting myself out there would just make it worst. But this was killing me. "WHERE IS SHE?!!!!" He yelled at mother shaking her wildly like a doll. Mothers crown fell off her head and the man with the bloody sword picked it up.

"I'll be taking that to inform the Great King of Lanzair that the deed is done." He sneered, pulling one of mothers loose hair strands.

"TELL ME WHERE THAT DAUGHTER OF YOURS IS!!!!" He shouted even louder. Mother kept her mouth sealed. I could see tears falling down her rosy cheeks, I could tell she was in a lot of pain but she kept it in herself, consumed."PRETTY GIRL DOESN'T WANT TO SPEAK, EH?" He let her go. "I think you should handle this one Kingsly," He looked at the other man.

Kingsly walked forward with a smirk on his face. "Get up…" He whispered to mother. She did not wait for him to say it again; she obeyed like a servant would have. He stood in front of her for a moment then bolted forward, making me jump in surprise. I watched with glassy eyes, in horror, as he held mother by the neck. "Okay you filthy women of Martalis, where is that daughter of yours." I could see him slowly tightening his grip.

Mother was turning red as a rose. She chocked and gasped for breath. "The…carriage…" She managed to mumble.

"THE WHAT?!" Kingsly roared.

"She left… in the other carriage before me…" Mother choked out. She was trying everything to free his hand from her neck. Please let her go. Just like that he let her off his hands. She fell to the ground breathing heavily.

"Come on let's go ahead! We might find this other carriage. No matter what we need this girl dead tonight or His Majesty will have our heads!" Kingsly pointed out, looking at the small cracked path ahead.

"What about her? What if she is lying to us just to be spared?" The other man asked. I watched Kingsly as he took something shinny out of his coat.

"SHE WILL NOT BE SPARED!!" He turned around, there was a blood curdling scream and splashes of blood splattered everywhere. It took me long to figure it out; He had just hit my mother. Both men walked past her curled up body.

I waited a few minutes, which to me felt like centuries. When I knew that the men had gone, I ran to her. She lay there motionless around a puddle of blood.

" Mo-mother?!" I shook her softly. Mother's eyes turned to look at me. Right now all that matter to me in this world was my mother. Tears from her cheeks fell mixing with redness. "Will you be okay?" I cried.

"Run, my flower. Please Rose run away," She whispered. My eyes would not leave her pained expression. "Rose run far. Hide that mark you wear. The mark of Martalis will get you…killed." When she said mark I looked over at my left shoulder at the black rose that was burned on my body when I was born. "Remember, you are Rose De Martalis, last survivor of our ruling family, the next heir to the throne. Never share your identity my love." I took every word she said to heart. "Always remember… I…Love…" And my mother lay still; her eyes closed. I never got to hear her last words.

I ran away, clutching only my mother's cloak which was wet from tears. I ran with Martalis strengthening me. I was going to obey my mother's last wish. I wasn't going to let anyone catch me now. I suddenly stopped. Something caught my eyes, something that glowed red in the dark. Curiously I stretched my out my hand towards the light. A small sting made me pull my hand back. I was poked by this; Just a small amount of blood. I thought of mother. Why did she have to die? What has she done to deserve such? Angry at myself I grabbed at the light. I felt more stings and pinches but didn't hold back. It was a red rose, glowing bright at the dead of night. I studied it in my bloody hand. To me it felt as if I was holding my fate in my very own hand.

"Authors Note: Hey everyone! Angel BeatZ here! I'm so EXCITED,I finally got this up! YAY! I hope you enjoy! OH and PLEASE COMMENT!

And if you enjoyed this please "like" it. Thanks for reading!!!!!"

~Angel BeatZ


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