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Novel By: angellynn

Brianna loved to dance. It was her whole world. When unexpectly she meets the guy of her dreams. Will she have to choose between her world and her dreams? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 17, 2009    Reads: 238    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   


Brianna couldn't remember the last time a guy ask her on a date. Maybe it was a year ago.She had spent the biggest part of the past year, rehearsing her dance theme.

Her biggest goal was to perform on stage, with hundreds of people watching her. Brianna's life revolved around dancing. It wasn't that she wasn't interested in guys..she definately was interested. She just couldn't find the time to really give a guy all her attention.

" Death Of A Butterfly " Was opening in two weeks.She was excited to have been chosen to compete for the lead part. It was al lshe could think about.She had cut back on eating, and jogged every chance she got.

Brianna slowly made her way towards the scales. One foot at a time, she prayed. " Please lord, let this be good."

She stood there with her eyes closed. She had been trying so hard to lose weight. At five feet two inches tall,she weighed eighty nine pounds. Her dance instructor informed her, to lose at least several pounds. Her ideal weight should be seventy eight to eighty, for her height.

She trembled as she slowly opened her eyes. The numbers on the scale read.. eighty three.

" Yes! "She screamed, jumping up and down. " Just a few more to go. I can do this."

" Brianna! "Her mom yelled. " Dinners ready! "

" I'll be there in a second! "

Brianna wasn't in a hurry to force down her moms meatloaf. She love her mom with all her heart, but she just didn't understand. Dancing mean't everthing to her, it was her whole world.

The two of them barely talk to one another. It was a pass and go type of relationship. Brianna's mom worked all the time, and Brianna spent most of her time at rehearsals.

Brianna threw her tards in the washer, and joined her mom in the kitchen.

" How was your day? "Her mom asked, looking up from a magazine.

" It was ok. "

She sat down. Her plate was very skimpy, a few peas, and green salad.

" Is that all your going to eat? "Her mom asked, concerned.

" I'm not hungry mom, "She told her picking at it.

Brianna could tell her mom was concerned about her eating habits, but she usually just thought Brianna was a picky eater. For some reason, her mom was in her conversation mode.

" Why are you asking so many questions,"Brianna snapped.

She knew her mom was just being mom. But sometimes she just made her so mad. Not being able to eat what she wanted, and doing things with her friends, was causing her to lose her temper.

Brianna finished the dishes, and hung her leotards on the shower rod.

She got in bed, and closed her eyes. All her thoughts were focused on winning the competition.

It wasn't long, she fell asleep. In her dream she was sitting beside this cute guy.They were watching a movie. Brianna looked at him. He was starring at her. His eyes were glazed over, and had a look of desire in them. Brianna moved away from him a little. He moved closer towards her.

" What are you doing? "She asked him a little scared.

" Looking at you, your beautiful." He whispered.

How could she be dreaming, I fshe was telling herself, " Wake up! Wake up! Hes going to kiss you."

Just like that her eyes flew open.She glanced at the clock. Twelve thirty it read.She had been sleeping for three hours. She giggled to herself, and thought. " It took him that long to try and kiss me. Wonder what would have happened If I had slept longer."

There was a big smile on her face, as she fell back to sleep.


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