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Novel By: angellynn

Have you ever wondered what might have happened, If the Titanic had never sank? Ever wondered what would have happened between Jack and Rose? Join me as I take you back In history, and re-live what could have been. What should have been. Narrated by Rose DeWitt Bukater Dawson. At the age of 80 years old. This story in part is fictional. Character pictures will be added at the end of the final chapter. View table of contents...



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Ever wondered what might have happened if the Titanic had never sank? What about the handsome Jack Dawson and the lovely Rose DeWitt? Ever thought about how much the " Heart Of The Ocean " would be worth today. Join Rose as she takes us back In history to Belfast, Ireland. And re-live what could have been? What should have been? What would have happened If the Titanic hadn't sank?


Rose's POV:

I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was sixty years ago. I was in my early twenties, I think. My mind is'nt what it once was. But I still remember the moment I first stepped foot aboard the Titanic.

It was a beautiful cool day In Belfast. When our car pulled up to the docks, there were hundreds of excited people anxously waiting to board her. She was magnificent! The largest ship I had ever seen. I was a little nervous, but very excited to be part of the cruise. The first cruise she would ever sail.

My fiancee Caledon and my mother Ruth, was to join me. As we settled in our cabins, and being too excited to stay put, I decided to explore the ship. My mother insisted I wait for her and Cal to join me. But knowing him, he was sipping sherry and smoking cigars with his enforcer, Mr. Lovejoy and his wealthy friends. That didn't interest me.

My mother had a worried look on her face, as she sat me down on the bed. She said, " Now Rose. I want you to be nice to Caledon."

I remember giving her an uninterested look, as mind wasn't there in the room with her. " We're broke Rose! " She told me near tears. " I dont know what we will do, if you dont marry Caledon." She told me that, as if it was something I had to do, or else.

I got angry with her, and yelled at her, as I stormed out the door. I wasn't in love with Cal, and he wasn't in love with me. He was just a suck up to my mother. Oh, he wanted me in his bed alright. It was the soul pupose of the cruise. To swoon me into marring him. There were so many thoughts in my mind at that time.

I ran from the cabin in tears. I ran through the deck to the bow of the ship, and stood on the rail. Looking over the edge, I contemplated killing myself. But from behind me, a voice ask me what I was doing? It was Jack Dawson. I recall him saying, " If you jump, I'll just have to jump in and get you." His words were quite honest. I turned my head toward him, and told him he was crazy. " Why would you do that? " I cried.

" Your the one standing on the rail! " He told me, hiding his fear.

I couldn't believe he was talking to me that way. I remember thinking him to be quite arrogant. Although he did take my mind off my troubles for the moment. He was a handsome young man. He seemed quite poor, but he carried himself very well.

While Jack successfully got my attention, I had forgot about being on the rail. My feet began to slip. Jack had removed his jacket and shoes, prepared to jump in after me, should I have decided to do it.

Almost falling in, I fell back, instead of over, and landed on top of Jack. Our eyes met, and for the first time in my life. I felt something spark inside me. Something I had never felt before. I had to admit, it felt really good.

We were interrupted by Caledon and Mr. Lovejoy. They were shocked to find me on top of Jack. I admit it didn't look good. Cal had a jealous look on his face, as Jack and I stood to our feet embarressed. We explained, well I lied. I told them that I was leaning over too far to see the propellers, and almost slipped in. I continued to tell them that Jack was kind enough to save me. Caledon half heartily believed the story, but Mr. Lovejoy noticed Jack wasn't wearing his shoes.

He watched Jack carefully put his shoes on. ' I dont know what was going on here," he whispered to Jack." But your story doesn't add up." I heard him tell Jack that, as he handed Jack his Jacket. I also saw Mr. Lovejoy slip something into the pocket, as Caledon escorted me to my cabin.

Hours later, after I relaxed from the ordeal. I heard a commotion on the deck. I ran out to investigate. Mr. Lovejoy had Jack in a arm hold. I asked them what was happening? They informed me Jack had stolen a priceless necklace, and that they found it in his jacket. Well I knew Jack didn't steal it. It was a set up. My stomach churned to think I was going to marry such a monster.

I couldn't say otherwise at the moment, as they took Jack below deck and locked him up. I remember feeling so ashamed for not speaking up. I thought about i tall night. Jack was so kind to me, and I fell asleep thinking about being in his arms again.


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