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Novel By: angellynn

Submission to Unbreakablee's Romance/Love Challenge! I was given the title Leaving Our Past Behind and the character names Remo and Rose.
Rose Swanson hated guys. After being assulted one stormy night. It left her feeling angered toward the opposite sex. That is until she met Remo Romerez. Will Remo's love be enough to bring her back to reality? Will Rose be able to leave the past behind her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 3, 2010    Reads: 154    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   


Rose Swanson loved Remo Romerez. But she was terrified he would feel differently about her if he knew what happened in her past. She didn't want to hide it from him. But it was so horrible, she thought she may lose him. She didn't want his pity. She just wanted to try and put her past behind her. Will their love be strong enough to keep it there?



It was pouring down rain. Rose couldn't hear anything except the beating and poundingof the hail hitting the top of the trailor. She glanced through the fogged covered window pane. The rain was so thick she couldn't see anything.

It was so loud and clashed with the thunder and lightening. She curled beneath her blanket and shivered in fear. Rose hated storms, especially these kind. She had been watching a movie when the cable went completely out.

She pulled the blanket around her shoulders. Tears filled her eyes she was so scared. Suddenly lightening struck nearby and the trailor went black. Terrified, she made her way through the darkness to the kitchen where her mother kept the emergency candles and a flashlight.

After reaching the kitchen, she blindly dug through the top drawer in search of the candles. The candles weren't there. She continued to search for them. She knew now how hard it must be for people who are blind. It is a terrible feeling. After she finally found the candles, she grabbed the kitchen matches from over the stove and lit one of them. It was a relief to finally be able to see.

Rose found the flashlight and started back to her room, when her cell phone started ringing. She ran through the hall as fast as she could to get to it. The candle nearly blew out as she answered it out of breath.

" Rose! Are you alright? " Her mother asked concerned. She knew how scared her daughter was of storms.

" No! " Rose cried. " The lights are out. When are you coming home? "

Her mother explained she was stuck at work. It would be a while before she could get a ride home. " I've called a cab, baby." She tried to calm her frightened child. " Stay in your room and I'll be there as quickly as I can."

She told Rose the weather may stall the cab. It was pretty bad where her job was, and had already started to flood the area. " Be careful with the candles and I'll be there as soon as I can. I love you sweety."

" I love you too mom. Please hurry! "

After getting off the phone with her mother, Rose sat there in the dark and watched the shadows from the candles flame dance across her wall. She began to count the ticktocks of her mothers grandfather clock as time slowly went by.

The thunder slowly made its way out of hearing range, as she fell asleep waiting for her mother to arrive.

Rose had been asleep for about thirty minutes when she was awaken by a noise coming from the front area of their trailor. Thinking it was her mom coming home, she jumped out of bed and raced to the livingroom.

The lights were still out, but she had grabbed the flashlight and clicked it on. She scanned the room, but no one was there. ' Mommmmm! " Her voice broken, as she began to ease her way slowly back to her room.

Rose slowly slid backwards, not once taking her eyes away from the livingroom. She was almost at her bedroom door, when a large shadow appeared in the entrance of the hallway.

She screamed and ran inside and locked her door. The trailor shook as the man ran in full force and knocked the door from it hinges. The door landed with a loud crash across Rose's bed. She yelled for help, but her cries were drowned by even louder thunder.

The man was dressed in black and had a ski mask on to hide his idenity. He grabbed Rose and savagely ripped her clothes off. He threw Rose onto her stomach and plunged himself into her. She screamed in horrific pain.

After he was finished he took Rose's panties and held them to his nose. He stuffed them into his pocket and disappeared into the darkness.


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