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Novel By: angellynn

Keith Harolds was twentyone, and at the peak of his manhood.Having eyes for a filly named Maria Hernandez. Kept his mind in a tizzy, and his body on fire. Maria had no idea how Keith felt... But when they finally come together on Rattlesnake Mountain. Their passions explode.But their not the only ones on Rattlesnake mountain. Keith and Maria find love,and a whole lot of trouble... View table of contents...


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Keith Harolds was twentyone, and at the peak of his manhood. Having eyes for a little filly named Maria Hernandez, put Keiths mind in a tizzy, and his body on fire. Maria had no idea he felt this way for her, until by chance they meet on Rattlesnake Mountain. It was there they let their passions soar, but they weren't alone...

Trouble was brewing, and Keith found himself in a world of trouble. He knew this mountain better than anyone. But can he handle the evil that lurks in the mountain, and save Maria from the hands of the monsters. Will he be the man he claims to be?

Chapter One

It was mid spring,and the smell of honeysuckle filled the air, as Keith saddled his horse," Smokey." His dad came out," You think you can handle this, i can have someone go with you, you know?"

" Dad, i've got this. I'm not a little boy anymore," Keith frowned.

Keiths parents had a ranch that sat in a valley, just below Rattlesnake Mountain. Several hundred acres, to be exact. Just beyond their ranch, was the Hernandez's place. Their daughter Maria, was a beautiful young woman. Keith had eyes for Maria, and thought about her all the time. But Keith didn't think someone as lovely as Maria, would give him a second look...

Although Keith was masculine, and a damn good sight for sore eyes. Blonde hair, green eyes, and a body to die for. Maria was too smart to fall for good looks.

" After you mend that fence," his dad instructed. " One of the horses got loose, and was headed for the mountain. I want you to check it out. We cant have our horses mixing with the wild stallions, you know."

" Sure dad, " Keith told him, climbing on Smokey, and riding off.

Keiths mom comes out and takes his dads arm. " You have to trust him, papa." She smiled." Give him a chance!"

Keiths dad was protective of Keith, and worried about him. It wasn't that he didn't trust him, its just that three years earlier, Keiths brother went up on Rattlesnake Mountain, and never returned. To this day, no-ones ever found his body.

As Keiths parents go back into the ranch-house. papa turns and looks at the mountain, he had a bad feeling. He thought, " You took Lucas, I pray to God, you dont take Keith," as a single tear falls from his eyes. Papa was too old to handle the ranch chores anymore, and he had only two sons. With Lucas gone, Keith would have to attend to everything. But he was very young, and papa wasn't sure he could handle it all...

The DoubleH was equipped with eight ranch hands, and a foreman. With over three hundred head of cattle, and a hundred head of horses.It was abig job for any man...

Keith had to prove to his dad, that he was man enough to take over the responsibilities, of runningthe ranch. Lucas did it, and he can do it too.

Keith missed his brother dearly, and knew that whatever happened to Lucas up there on that mountain, wasno accident. Keith wanted his dad to be proud of him, like he was Lucas.

After mending the fence, Keith gets on Smokey, and rides towards the mountain. Rattlesnake mountain was huge, a person could get lost in these mountains. But Keith knew the trails like the back of his hand. Looking down at the tracks, he follows them into the mountain. Papa said only one horse escaped, but there are two tracks here. Keith thought, " Someone else came this way, but who?" As he rode deeper into the mountain...


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