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Novel By: angellynn

Vanessa Stevens Is a 25 year old divorcee. Escaping the clutches of an abusive ex.. Vanessa takes her little girl Heather, as far away from him as possible. Leaving the state of Louisiana, Vanessa's plan was to hide out In Texas, until she felt safe enough to take roots somewhere. Vanessa had a distant aunt In Wichita Falls. Little did Vanessa know.. She would have a whirlwind of trouble, waiting for her,and a romance of a lifetime... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 30, 2009    Reads: 314    Comments: 5    Likes: 7   



The rain was pouring down, hail the size of golf balls hit the fogged windshield, making It almost Impossible for Vanessa to continue driving . She slows her speed, searching for a place to pull over. As she glances back, her daughter Heather was still sleeping. Turning her focus back to the road, A large tree branch suddenly crashes down on the hood of the car. Vanessa clutches the wheel tightly, and trys to control the cars skidding. The car starts to spin and ends up In a large ditch. her head hits the windshield, knocking her out.Vanessa's head rested on the steering wheel, when suddenly a relayed action from the electrical system, caused the airbags to Inflate, throwing her against the headrest. The impact caused her neck to pop.She was tramatized, but was able to hear her daughter screaming, In the carseat...

Vanessa wasn't sure how long she was out, but she had to find the strength to reach Heather. She didn't know If her daughter was hurt or not, so she reaches to unbuckle her seatbelt, but It was stuck. " God No!" Vanessa cried.

Heather was screaming, " Mommy! Mommmmy!" Venessa tried to sooth her, but It was no use. Heather was scared to death. In tears and severe pain, she searches for her purse. Carefully she stretches for It. The purse was lodged between the seat and the passenger door. Vanessa remembered she had a pair of trimming scissors, If only she could reach her purse. Her neck was hurting like hell, but she knew she had to reach It...

Ignoring the pain,Vanessa manages to retrieve the purse. Heather had cried too hard for so long, that she was hoarse. " I'm coming baby," Vanessa assured her little girl. The pain of her not being able to get to her daughter, was more painful than her Injuries. She finally cuts through the seatbelt, and Is freed. She trys to open the car door, but It was jammed. " NO! NO! NO! "she yelled. Realizing It wouldn't budge, She tries to climb over the seat. Reaching the back, she sees that Heather wasn't crying anymore. " Heather, sweety! " Venessa's heart stopped. Taking her In her arms, she prays. " God! Please ! " Suddenly Heather opens her eyes, and smiled. " Mommy, I was scared. Is It over?"

Vanessa burst Into tears of joy, " Yes baby, Its over"... "Its over," holding her daughter tightly...

A ray of sunshine peeks through the cracked glass. Vanessa thanked God for not taking her little girl... As she closed her eyes to the sound of sirens coming towards them...


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