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Lacey and Bryce have been best friends since middle school and each year they go to camp with their youth group . But what will happen at camp when feelings change ? View table of contents...



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Summer. To me, this was always the best season . The sunshine tans your skin to the prettiest golden and hits the greenest shade of grass while it is still in the bluest of blue sky. The cold aqua pools just waiting to be jumped in so its waves can start as if it were an ocean . The late nights outside with your friends while you chug down a soda . The hot guys with the perfect tan, perfect 6 pack, and beautiful eyes. Yes. Definetly my favorite season . Another thing that made summer better was the sleepaway camp I go to yearly . I go with my youth group and my best friend ever, Bryce . Bryce and I have been best friends and part of youth group since middle school . Bryce and I are like . Brother and sister practically . When someone invites him or me somewhere, they know the other one is going to tag along . Everyone knows we're best friends and everyone knows we're never apart . We practically live stuck together . It's funny actually because we're so close that everyone knows we're not going to date or anything weird like that . Everyone tells Bryce that he looks like Christofer Drew Ingle . It's really funny because they look like practically twins . Just like him, Bryce always wears jeans (mostly skinny or just shorts) and some t-shirt . And I just look. Normal. Light brown wavy locks with swept bangs run down to my mid-back and my eyes are brownish-green . I'm not anorexic, but I am a tiny size . So . Anyways . This camp Bryce and I go to is with our youth group . Group is just a bunch of highschool students that help around town and meet once a week . Each summer, the town gives back and we get to go on vacation to Virginia beach . Just as I was thinking of camp, I realized that Bryce was supposed to be coming over any minute now to help me pack and eat over .

Just as I was running downstairs I heard a knock . I ran to the door and there stood Bryce with a big smile .

"What are you so smiley about ?" I asked, smiling in return .

"I have something for you . I'll give it to you when we pack ." He said, "Hey, Mrs. Debbie. What's for dinner tonight ?"

"Chinese !" My mom replied .

"Yess ! Jesus, Lacey, I love your mom ."

"Hey hey ! That's my wife you're talking about there, Bryce !" My dad said walking into the room with a smile . My dad walked over to my mom and they started practically making out .

"Uh, let's see that gift of yours, Bryce..." I said walking up to my room with him .

When we got to my room, he pulled a box out of his pocket and said, "I finally found one and I want you to wear it all the time !"

"Better not be a thong ." I replied.

"Hey hey, you're mom has enough of those ." He replied while laughing . I hit him with the box and out popped the present . It was a necklace with a shoe to represent my nickname . Since my name was Lacey, he called me Shoelace sometimes .

"Oh my gosh, Bryce. I love it." I said holding it . I tried to put it on and he saw me struggling .

"Give it here, smartie." He said . He brushed away my long hair and clicked it on, "There we go."

"Thank you so much . I freaking love you."

"I love you too, Shoelace."

I took him into my arms and gave him a big ol' bear hug . Bryce's hugs were the best ever . That's just another one of the things he's known for . Another one ? Being amazing at playing the guitar. The smell of his axe was pretty awesome, I'd say .

"Kids ! Chinese is here !" My mom called from the stairs, interrupting the hug . We ran downstairs and ate dinner. After dinner, we packed my clothes . But I couldn't decide which bathing suit to take. This boring pink tankini or this amazing but really showy aqua bikini .

"You have to take the sexy bikini, Lace." Bryce said.

"It shows too much!"

"Uh, you'll get a better tan ."

"I don't know, Bryce. Is a tan a good enough thing to have the possibility of being topless !"

He thought about it, "............ Yeah . Look, you're gonna take that bikini and own it !" He said in a very feminine voice . I giggled and packed the bikini .

"That's what I thought, sugarplummers." He said still with the girly voice.

"Shutup !" I replied inbetween laughs . He chuckled and had to leave .

Camp tomorrow was going to be epic . Me, Bryce, the beach, and summer ! How amazing ! I just couldn't wait to get into that water. And with that thought, I fell asleep at 11:45 rather than 2 am because I had to wake up bright and early tomorrow.


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