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Gone (Sequal to Off Limits)

Novel By: AnnaSophia27

Grayson and Callie have been besfriends for practically their whole lives. During the summer, they decided to move their relationship to the next level. But now with freshman year starting, Callie is worried that Grayson will find someone else. View table of contents...


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Usually I woke up to the sun in my eyes. But today it was just too early. 7:00 in the morning. The first day ofjunior year. It would be me and my boyfriend, Grayson, together walking into Spring Mountain High. Grayson and I had pretty much started going out around a month and a half ago. Before that we were the bestest of friends. He lives right nextdoor. I opened my blinds and looked out the window. He had the room across from mine in the next house. He had his blinds open. I waved with a flirty smile. He smiled a huge beautiful smile back. He waved a small wave. I motioned for him to call me and I closed my blinds. Right then, the phone rang. I picked it up. "Hey. You told me to call you?" He said. I laughed, "Yeah. I'm just so nervous! It's our first day of our junior year! AHH!" "Calm down! All those girls will be afraid and all the guys'll be jealous of me for having a girlfriend like you." He said. His words always calmed me down. "Yeah, I'm just nervous." I said shyly. What if he found someone else and didn't love me anymore? Highschool could change a nerdy person to a popular kid in a week. It has evil, awkward powers like that. "What's to be nervous about?" He asked. I sighed, "Well, I mean... what if we just drift apart? We just stop liking eachother and you find someone better, cooler......prettier." He didn't like that I sometimes thought this way. He sighed, "Callie, Callie, Callie... I love you. I won't just leave you. I don't like superficial girls like that. With their lipgloss and pink purses filled with chihuahuas. That's not me. Cool it." "You're right. I gotta get ready. See you outside." I answered and I hung up the phone. I put on a robin-egg blue spaghetti strap under a white and blue striped A&E sweater with some jean capris and converse. I combed my hair and left it loose. Itwas the same lengthas it was atsummer camp the past summer.It had grown but I cut it. I grabbed my navy blue messenger bag and left outside. Grayson came out at the same time. "Hey, babe." He said. He gave me a kiss. I faked a smile to him. He saw right through me, "Still nervous?" I nodded my head. He gave another long kiss, "I told you. I love you. No one else. Get that nasty thought out of your head." "It's just 'cause a lot of girls think you're really hot or cute and I fell like I'm just not good enough. Like... there are other girls out there, Grayson. Prettier ones, cooler ones, more popular ones. Why choose me when you have better choices?" I was just thinking that he might find someone else and change and leave me... "CAL! Just stop! You're not ugly, you're not uncool, you're not a loser! You're my girlfriend. What do you want me to say? Here, I promise not to change or be different in any way." He was promising me like we were second grade.I was tired of this going on and on. I didn't know what else to do. My point wouldn't get across to him or anyone. So, I just gave up, "Yeah. You're right. Must just be the jitters." He smiled, "Yeah, see? You're beautiful, great, and mine. So, just calm down. 'Kay?" I nodded my head. This was all just... UGH. He had his arm around my waist. The bus started comingand he took his arm away. "What's wrong?" I asked. "PDA. Public Display of Affection. Stupid but, it doesn't matter." He answered. I nodded my head. The bus came up to our stop. I took a deep breath and got on as soon as the door opened. Grayson followed. We sat 6 seats from the back. There weren't many kids on our bus. All of them were popular, rich brats. I rolledmy eyes. When we first walked on the bus, all the girls were staring at Grayson and the guys were staring at the girls. No one of staring at me. No surprise there. I tried really hard to cover my jealous emotions. Maybe tommorrow I could try to dress like them. That's what I would do. We snuggled in the seat. "Still nervous, Cal?" He asked. "Kinda. It's just something I always do. Worry. You nervous?" "Nah, not really. I'm actually kinda excited." I nodded my head. Just then, a popular girl and her friend popped over our seats. They were both blonde, blue eyes, pink eyes shadow, lipgloss, and one had braces. The one without braces had straight hair and the one with braces had curly hair. Grayson shifted so that we weren't as close but he kept our hands together. "So, what's your name?" The one with straight hair asked. "Callie." I answered. They looked me up and down with a disgusted face. Obviously they weren't talking to me. "I'm Grayson." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Grayson, huh? Cool. I'm Hailey." The girl with straight hair said. "And I'm Hannah." The one with curly hair said. "We're twins." They said in unison. They giggled. What an annoying laugh. Grayson laughed with them. I coughed a little cough to get Grayson's attention, "OH! This is my girlfriend, Callie." He said. Their smiles disappeared. "Oh. Well nice to meet you... Callie. We're freshmans too... by the way... Grayson." The one with straight hair said. She was obviously the alpha twin. I made a sarcastic welcoming smile and they sat back down in their seats. I could hear them whispering.

Hailey: "Why would he choose her out of all the girls in this town? Whatever his reason, he's gonna be mine by the end of the semester."

Hannah: "Not-uh! I saw him first."

Hailey: "Yeah but I called him."

Hannah: "When?!"

Hailey: "Now, DIBS!"

Hannah: "Not fair. Whatever. I'll find myself someone better, hotter, cooler, and... hotter!"

I sighed and looked down at our hands intertwined. I knew it wouldn't last. Something in my mind. It told me 'he's going to change. don't doubt it, sweetie.' I agreed with it. He saw me. He rubbed my hand. I faked a smile. We were here at school. Everyone got up from their seats and got off. I took a deep breath and stepped off. It was a nice school. But Spring Mountain High was full of preps and populars. I noticed one girl get off our bus. A goth. She had black skinny jeans on, a black long sleeve with slits on the arms. She held her books close to her face. She had long hair like mine. Straight, black. She had dark make-up on and her lipstick was black. I wondered what her name was. She seemed like she had kept in emotions. Like me. We just dressed differently. I noticed I was staring at her as she walked off the bus when Grayson called my name, "What's your first class?" I shook out of my thoughts and looked at my schedule full of 5 classes:


2ND:Biology/Lunch MR.ALVAREZ




"Literacy. You?" I answered. "Math. Sorry. Here, lemme see your schedule." He said. He grabbed my schedule and looked at it. He rolled his eyes, "Atleast we math together." He said sympathetically. I rolled my eyes, "Gosh, this sucks. Hopefully, I'll meet a friend. See you in math, then?" I told him. He gave me a hug and walked away. He waved his hand and I waved back. I went to go find my first class, literacy with Mrs. Kantridge. The goth girl was there. She saw me and looked away. She tried to hide her emotions but she's just like me, you can tell on her face that she is nervous. She was assigning seats before you could walk in the room. The goth girl was already sitting down. "Ahh.... Mrs. Thomstone... seat 14." She said while pointing. She seemed nice. I walked over looking for seat 14. It was next to goth girl. I sat down. I was trying to hide my nervous-ness. So was she. "Okay, class. Let me introduce myself really quickly. I'm Mrs. Kantridge, I'm 47. I have 3 kids, a son named Sam, and two twin daughters named Ellieand Emilee. My husband's name is Tommy and I have 2 dogs and one cat. One dog is a golden retreiver named Sonny, he's a boy. The other dog is a girl Beagle named Laila. And my cat is a Calico named Penelope. That's it. Today, we are just gonna get to know eachother with this activity. It's called 'Get to Know You'. Sounds easy. Just ask the partner I give you the questions from the sheet. Easy. I'll set partners." She explained her whole life practically. And the sheet. I looked over to goth girl and saw her looking at me. The teacher paired us up. We looked at eachother. I smiled but she looked away. I wiped the smile off. "Get started!" Mrs. Kantridge. "Hi." I said. She flashed a small smile. "I'm Callie..... whatever let's just start the sheet." She looked at me and said, "Sorry for being so quiet. I just don't like the people here. Or this school." "Me too. All these superficial brats trying to take my boyfriend." "Yeah, I heard them talking about you. You're not worth nothing like they think. I've been told that a lot and I just try to ignore it." "Thanks, you're like the first person to tell me that in a long time." "I'm Erinn by the way." I smiled. She was really nice. "Start on the sheet, girls." Mrs. Kantridge said. "Sorry." We said in unison. We both laughed.

After we finished the sheet, we looked at our schedules. We had all the same classes except for math! We smiled and headed onto Biology.

The day went by quickly. I'd hung out with Erinn all day. I knew everything about her. She was 25% Italian and 75% Native American. Pretty cool. Her skin was almost like a light caramel. She is a vegan. She has a black kitten named Phantom, a white kitten named Angel, and a big Australian Sheppard named Rockie. She lived with her mom because her father had died when she was a 15. A car accident. It was so sad. She gave me her cellphone number and I'd text her later. After the bus ride home, I gave Grayson a hug and kiss and went inside my house. We had no homework. I ran to my room. Today had been an awesome day! I love highschool. I was so tired though. So, I set my alarm for thirty minutes and fell asleep.


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