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Avril and Jared have been best friends ever they met at a concert venue. Sharing everything, telling stories, sticking together. But when Jared's feelings change, will Avril change her feelings too or stay with her boyfriend, Ryan ?? View table of contents...


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I was getting in the car to head over to Ryan's house. Ryan is my boyfriend of 5 months. We met at a football game. I tried and as the usual gentleman, he helped me up and we hit it off. We are a risky couple. Ryan is a jock and I'm....... well... I'm kind of an outsider. Or atleast to the populars. Since I'm dating the quarterback though, all the preps try and talk to me. I ignore them. Ryan is nice and sweet, but he's a partier and a football player. He is the cute type that shops at aeropostale and abercrombie and hollister, wears khaki beachy shorts, flat short hair, and loves to party. Me? I'm more of the outsider who wears darker colors, skinny jeans, straight hair, and doesn't drink or smoke. He has this silky, short, dark ash blonde hair that he cuts regularly. My hair on the other hand is soft, layered, half way down my arms, and dark (practically black) brown hair. So yeah. You could consider me a scene kid or an emo kid. But, I'm more of the preppy type of scene kids. Not those crazy ones with eyeliner practically packaged over their whole face. I'm the one that loves Never Shout Never and hates wearing all black, but doesn't mind the darkness. The only thing that I hate about this relationship is Ryan doesn't act like a boyfriend.

My best friend in the whole wide world, Jared Gallaway, acts more like a boyfriend than Ryan does. But I'd never date Jared. I mean, hello, he's Jared. Jared and I are practically twins. He is basically a more preppy scene boy. He's almost like a more scene kid/emo kid version of Christofer Drew Ingle, lead singer of Never Shout Never. He shops at hot topic, wears, skinny jeans alot (not the super tight gay ones that posers wear), and also doesn't drink or smoke. Without Jared, life would have no meaning. Life would suck. My life would be over. If we hadn't met that one day at the concert venue, I don't where I'd be.

I started the car and drove to Ryan's.

When I got there, I sat outside for 20 minutes waiting for him to get out of the freakin' shower. Like what the heck, keep your girlfriend outside waiting for you to finish ? This was stupid. I got back into my little black vintage mustang convertible right when Ryan came out.

"Where are you going? I thought you wanted to hang." He said.

"Whatever. You took too long. I told Jared I'd go to the beach with him later." I replied.

"Can't my girlfriend spend time with her boyfriend? Please?" He pleaded.

"Fine. Let's watch a scary movie." I said with a smile. I got out of the car and went inside with him.

As we were watching Saw, Ryan tried to make a move and make out with me.

"Stop, Ryan. I'm trying to watch this." I said pushing him away. He tried kissing my neck. As usual, Ryan was in the mood while I was not.

I looked down at my cellphone. I had a text from Jared that said: Almost ready to go? Where are you?

"I have to leave, Ry." I said getting up.

"Why? You just got here." He said.

"I've been here for an hour and half and I have plans." I replied, walking out the door. Sometimes I felt as if I put too much pressure on Ryan. Like he was trying to make it work, but I wasn't letting him because I was being stingy. He followed me to my car door.

"Will you come back later?" He asked sincerely in the cutest voice.

I couldn't help, but smile, "Come through my window tonight. My aunt won't be home all summer."

"Okay. I love you." He said giving me a hug and a kiss on the mouth. I wrapped my arms around his strong neck and held on.

"I love you too." I got in my car and drove to Jared's. Or as I like to call it, God's palace. Not only is Jared uh-mazing, but he has everything at his house. It was summer so I felt the nice breeze as I drove off. The sun was close to sunset. I had to race to Jared's so we could have time to play in the ocean like five year olds. One thing that was going to make this summer epic was the fact that my aunt wouldn't be here. She is basically my legal guardian, but she always travels so I basically live alone. I live with my aunt because my parents died. When I was about 12, they died in a car crash. It was everywhere on the news. I could see it now:


Gary and Lillian Rosoe were pronounced dead on the scene this morning at the intersection of Jack Road and Lathern Boulevard. 25 fatally injured, yet only two dead. There will be a memorium at the intersection tonight at 6 for the Rosoe couple.

Just thinking about the little segment in the boring, blank newspaper gave me a tear. My aunt picked up a journalist job when I was 15. So I've been alone in that white beach house for 2 years. Though she visits every month for two or three weeks, I still feel alone 24/7. But I met Jared, so I haven't felt so alone. Ever since the accident, its like the world became colder. Darker. More real. Like nobody had a heart anymore. So, I started cutting myself. Jared helped me stop that, too. We actually met in a recovery center when we were only 13. We stayed connected for two years and then, he moved because of family issues and turns out he moved to my neighborhood. Bestest of friends ever since. Now that it was summer, we'd have a real blast. Even if that meant leaving this dump. We lived where all these rich folk live. Both him and I do have more money than the average American, but not like these rich, fancy snobs in this town. The only good thing about California was the beach and the food. Those are the only reasons Jared and I stayed.


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