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Cyber Lover

Novel By: annemarie

This is a prologue to a novel that I started in 2005 but i haven't been able to finish it. This is my attempt to write a romance / horror novel but I just can't seem to be able to finish it. I have a few chapters finished but it needs a lot of work IMO. Or it could be that since I don't write romance normally I don't know if it is any good. Let me know what you think.

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Submitted:Dec 30, 2008    Reads: 222    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   


Jessica Steele now knew that should never have taken that job at Virtuacon. If she hadn't maybe James wouldn't be in a coma. What was she thinking? Maybe?? Everything that had happened up to this point had been her fault. She felt as if she were looking up from the pits of some deep dark despair, watching, as the light of hope receded farther and farther away from her.
She gazed out of the window at the peaceful scene below. It was a sharp contrast to the feelings churning within her. She turned and looked back at the man lying on the hospital bed beside her. She stood beside him willing him to open his eyes. If only it were that easy she thought as she felt a tear run down her cheek. She wiped it away with the back of her hand.
The man lay on the bed; a prone form lying there unmoving. It was James' body but she didn't know if he was lying there, conscious of all that was happenign or if he was really gone. Jessica placed a hand on his head, looking down at him. She had been coming in as often as she could to see if he was getting any better ever since she had learned about the circumstances regarding his accident; If you could call it that.
For days now, she had been sitting by his bed, reading to him and telling him things that she might not be able to if he were conscious, how she felt about him, for instance. She had heard once that people in comas could often hear everything going on around them even if they seemed not to be responsive at all. She hoped that was the case. At least she felt as if she were doing something.
She looked at all the machines that were hooked upto James, thinking to herself that it was all her fault that he was here in the first place. The doctors kept telling her that he had stablilsed and was out of any immediate danger, but she hated seeing him like this with all those tubes coming out of him.
She held James' hand in hers and for a moment thought that she had felt his hand had stirring in hers, but only for a moment. Her heart dropped as she realised that it was just wishful thinking on her part. She thought back to when it had all started. Thinking back all the warning signs were there. Omens saying that she should turn away and not look back. She thought back to that morning. That fateful morning ...


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