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Break me & Take me

Novel By: AnotherLovelessMachine

It's a re-write of "Not your average love story" to make it so I'm into it... SORRY! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 23, 2011    Reads: 31    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Icy blue eyes stared at the helpless brunette as she lay on the floor of the cramped tree house. The man smirked demonically to her, the girl that he's wanted since the day she began working in the local coffee shop as a part time job while in college. "Please!" Harlow cried out, wanting to get away from the man that was violating her.

Things weren't going Harlow's way tonight. This man in the mask was terrifying now that she was forcefully stripped from her Elvira costume. The small frame of Harlow Grace was trembling under his cold touch. Harlow reached up with shaking hands, going for the mask. "Don't!" The devil snapped fiercely at her. Harlow drew her hands back in fear, going wide eyed.

Harlow thought she knew everyone that was at this party. Oh was she wrong, maybe. There was no way of telling. The male that was above her was in a tuxedo as well as a golden mask that covered the majority of his face.

The dress that Harlow once had on had been ripped apart where it dipped into the v. It lay in a heap of mess along with the Elvira wig that Harlow had been wearing. The only thing Harlow was left in was her black lace push up bra, along with the ridiculous thong. This is it for the virgin. She knows what's coming for her.

"I love you…" The husky voice whispered and Harlow sobbed. Harlow shook her head, not wanting to believe this was happening to her. Harlow was only nineteen and wanted to wait until she was married before even thinking about having sex! "Look at me!" The man shouted at her as Harlow averted her eyes.

All Harlow wanted to do was wake up from this horrid dream. She wasn't ready for something like this… This is rape. "Don't do this!" Harlow pleaded, but the man with the devilish eyes didn't even flinch. There was no way of him stopping at this point. Harlow watching in fear as the man loosened the black tie that hung around his neck.

Harlow's eyes followed the black fabric with her eyes as it was tossed towards the heap of fabric that was once Harlow's dress. Cold hands gripped Harlow's jaw, forcing her to look back at him. It was difficult to look at him. The man moved down so his face hovered just over the sobbing girls. "Oh shut up," The man said before slamming his lips onto hers.

Rum, that's all Harlow could taste as this devil shoved his tongue down her throat, probably trying to gag her to death at this point! Harlow's body was still trembling from fear, knowing what was going to happen.

Ice cold fingers slipped into the thin fabric of Harlow's thong as the man pulled his rum laced lips from hers. Harlow cried out from the fear of being touched like this, and the uncomfortable feeling she had from the cold radiating off of his fingers.

Tears fell harder from Harlow's glorious hazel eyes as the thong came off in one swift tug. No one could even hear Harlow from inside the party. The music was blaring far too loud for anyone to hear Harlow's pleads. Plus, most people, by this point, were so drunk that they've blacked out.

A smirk still played at the lips of the man that was going to take her any minute. That's what scared her most, the look on his face. Almost looked… Proud, to be doing this to such an innocent girl. Harlow heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and pulled out from the dress pants. Harlow couldn't look at such a man, with such a proud look. "It'll only hurt for a moment," The man said trying to calm the girl.

It didn't quite work that way! Harlow wanted to look away, but she knew that she'd only be forced to look at him again. The only sound from inside the tree house right now, where the soft whimpers of Harlow, and pants landing into the pile of fabric. After tonight, Harlow would be willing to drink an entire container of ray poison if it means she doesn't have to live with this dirty life.

Harlow flinched as the cold hands touched the bare skin of her thigh. Small pale legs were pushed apart just after the man's final article of clothing came off. It was the only piece of fabric that was stopping this man from having his way with her.

Only if it was super glued to his fucking waist… Harlow could live her peaceful life, finish college, become a journalist, and travel the world… But nothing will ever be the same after tonight. "Please…" Harlow tried to plead one last time. A chuckle escaped the man's throat as he braced himself over Harlow.

"Not a chance," The man said with an evil look in his eye. Harlow wanted death to swallow her up now… A sob escaped Harlow's lips and the man rolled his eyes, ignoring the plea's that passed through painted red lips.

Harlow braced herself for the pain that she was about to endure. Her eyelids snapped shut as she felt the man shifting in between her legs. 'Fuck my life…' Harlow thought to herself. "NO!" Harlow cried out in pain as she sobbed yet again. Harlow's upper body jerked up off the floor, ready to push the man out and off of her.

Small hands rested on his chest, ready to get him off. It didn't work out in Harlow's favor. Harlow cried out for help over and over. No one heard the sorrowful cries of the young girl who was being raped in the tree house that she made with her father and two older brothers.

The girl would never be able to look at this tree house the same way. "Stop!" Harlow cried out as the man began to roughly thrust in and out of the small body. Harlow was crying harder than she had been while she was waiting for this form of hell on earth.

Rough, cold hands pinned the small girl onto the wooden floors. All Harlow felt, was pain. The pain from being raped and the pain of her heart breaking. Harlow didn't deserve this. She was always a good kid!

Even without looking at the devil, Harlow knew that there was the look of pride on his face. "I love you," Came out as a whisper through groans as he began thrusting with more force. It felt like Harlow was going to break. This didn't feel nice… Not like she thought it would.

With sex, there has to be love behind it. In this situation, there's just fear. "No you don't!" Harlow cried to him. Harlow didn't even know this man's name. She may have seen him before, but she'd have no idea.

The mask has to go, but with Harlow's body restrained like this, that wasn't going to be easy. "Please…" Harlow pleaded again. Again, it was ignored. Harlow was still crying, but no longer felt the pain. Now she was empty; like she'd never be happy again.

A deep groan came from the devil's throat as he exploded in her. Harlow didn't flinch. There it was; the look of pride from breaking her mind, and her body. "Good girl," The man whispered as he pulled out of the small girl. Harlow lay there, scared of the pain if she were to move. For now, she'd leave it as is. "Have fun with the pain in the morning," The man said as he pulled on his clothing, leaving Harlow there with her body and mind broken.

There was a heavy jacket that landed on Harlow's body, from the scent of it; she could tell it was his. "See you around, kid." With that, the man left her laying there in the tree house, completely emotionless. Harlow let out a shaky sigh as she allowed the darkness to swallow her up.


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