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Leader of the Pack

Novel By: AnotherLovelessMachine

Makayla is a 17 year old girl that lives an amazing life. Two parents that love her, an older brother and amazing friend. But her life is switched around when she meets 20 year old Jason who's a total motor bike hottie. View table of contents...


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My bestfriend and I climed out of her car as we pulled up to Candy Mountain. The two of us had just finished school for the year, and next year, we'd finally be seniors. "Goin' to party it up!" Kaylee said happily as we entered the store. Little kids filled the place, of course... I was now feeling bad for the parents. "Hey Makayla... Go get some uh... jelly beans, or something," Kaylee said as she rushed off towards the sales clerk.

Oh give me a break! Usually when we're here, Kaylee hits on the clerk here, William. The two of them may as well date! "Yeah, whatever," I said as I walked over to the jelly beans, grabbing a plastic bag on my way over. I lifted up the lid to the jelly beans and grabbed the scoop. I emptied two scoops into the bag. I shoved the scoop back into the jelly beans and grabbed a tag.

As I sealed the bag with the tag I heard laughter from a few males infront of me. I looked up seeing two males there. "Gummy worms!" The one with dark brown hair said with a grin. Even though he looked like a total badass... There's just no way. I rose an eyebrow in his direction and laughed to myself.

I hadn't realized he'd notice me until I was looking right at him, and he was looking at me. Oh well, this is awkward... For some God for saken reason, I couldn't look away. His bright blue eyes were pretty much piercing into my soul. Dear sweet Jesus. "Jason!" His friend called out to him, snapping his fingers in front of his face. Jason, huh?

Jason snapped out of it finally and looked towards his friend. "Huh? Yeah, sorry. Ready?" Jason asked his friend and his friend held up the bag of gummy worms. "Brennen, you're the best," Jason said laughing as the two of them walked off.

What the hell was that!? We pretty much just had this moment, and who knows if I'll ever see him again! All I did was mentally sigh to myself as I walked around collecting more candy like; gummy worms/bears, swedish berries, swedish fish, mike and ikes and anything that would get me through the night.

"That will be $15.67," The clerk, William, said with a killer smile. Oh, how cute. Even though Kaylee looked like she was swooning over him. Which she probably was... Kaylee's slightly insane. Normally when we're here, if we were paying that much, Kaylee would have freaked out. But she had no idea what was going on right now.

Right after I paid, I grabbed Kaylee's arm and dragged her out of Candy Moutain. "Jeez Kaylee, can it be any more obvious that you're pretty much in love with him!?" I said laughing as we got into Kaylee's car. There was no response from her, apart from her blushing.

When I rolled down the window, I heard the same laughter that I heard from inside the store. I looked up seeing Jason and Brennen sitting there on two motorcycles that were parked next to each other. I guess Jason had noticed me as well becasuse there was that same bloody connection as before.

I shook it off as Kaylee began pulling out from the parking space, and left Candy Mountain. It didn't take long before I wanted to see him again, even though I didn't know much about him apart from his name.

A small sigh escaped from my lips and I set the bag of candy next to my legs on the floor. This was going to be a long night of thinking about him.


"Makayla, what's up with you? You've been zoning in and out for the past few hours!" Kaylee finally piped up during "The Bat." One of the best Vincent Price movies in existance. What could I tell her? That there was a guy that I felt highly attracted to at Candy Mountain. Yeah right! Kaylee would never let me live it down.

But what to tell her? I mean, she pretty much just falls for anything. "I guess I'm just a little bit tired, sorry," I said with a shrug and a fake yawn. Kaylee stared at me for a moment before looking at the time. It was around two in the morning, so there's no way she wasn't not going to believe me!

Kaylee removed the candy from the bed, onto the table next to it and smiled. "I guess you're right, let's get some sleep," Kaylee said as she got under the covers. Thank god for her having a large bed. If not, everytime I sleep over she'd wake up with an elbow in her face!

With no response from me, I climbed under the covers as well, facing the wall. This should be interesting to try and fall asleep tonight. With Jason on my mind all night, it'd be a long... Long night.


Someone was viciously shaking me awake, which caused me to groan from being utterly tired, and annoyed. "What!?" I whined into the pillow and Kaylee began laughing. This was no laughing matter! I wasn't able to sleep until around five in the morning. Mainly because of Jason, as well as Kaylee's execessive snoring.

Kaylee just climbed off the bed and tossed a pillow at me, which I guess she grabbed when she got up. "It's two in the afternoon, like seriously Makayla. Your parents have called a billion and one times!" Kaylee said over-exagerating as usual.

In response, I dragged myself up off the bed, and ran my hands back through the nest I call hair. "I'll head home, just to shut them up. I'll be over later," I said as I stood from the bed. Without saying anything else, I made my way down and out to the back gate. I jumped over the small gate and walked into my house through the back door.

That was the best part with Kaylee, she lives right behind me. "I'm home!" I called out, making my way to the table where I could smell food. My mother was always the best cook. I took my place at the table, and smiled over to my mother.

"How was Kaylee's?" My mother asked cheerfully. She could be such a bother sometimes, but I love her so much. It's my mother who's my true best friend. Well, her and Kaylee are tied. I'm pretty sure that I'm tied with Kaylee's mother who's best friends with my mother.

I smiled in response as I added the macaroni salad onto my plate which was the only thing I was in the mood for right now. "It was fun. We went to Candy Mountain, and I saw a guy there," I admitted to my mother with this big grin.

It was at that point that my father walked in. "You better not be talking about boys!" He said jokingly, but I didn't laugh. Sure I'm a daddy's girl at times, but he could be rediculous. "But welcome home, darling," My father said as he took his place at the table.

My mother just laughed, trying to be nice. "Oh, Christopher. Leave Makayla be," My mother said before turning to me. "Now, tell me about this boy," My mother said with a grin, wanting to know everything about my life.

It caused me to blush a little, but of course I opened up to her. "His names Jason, he's got amazing blue eyes! They made me melt. We didn't actually talk, but there was deffinantly a connection there. He drives a motorcycle-" I began to explain, but my dad cut me off.

"I forbid you from seeing him!" My father snapped right away, causing my mother and I to look at him awe-struck. Was he being serious!? I opened my mouth to start to protest, but he stopped me again. "That Jason fellow, is from the wrong side of town and is nothing but bad news! If you ever see him again, ignore him! If you dare ever go near him, I will trap you in this house!" My father snapped, scaring the wits out of me. "I'll be in my study," My father said leaving without lunch.

"Whoa..." I whispered to myself in shock. My father had never acted like that until right now. "I'm sorry mom, but I'm not hungry anymore... I'll be in my room," I told her as I stood from my seat, making my way up the steps.

Well, there goes my plan to find Jason and actually meet him...


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